Chuck News Round-Up: Renewal Campaign, Faith on Set, Sleep Sheep Update, & More

We get a new Chuck tonight, finally, and because traffic is usually highest on Mondays and Tuesdays, I figured this was a good time to point out some important news items fans may have missed:

  • SET VISIT: Faith at Chuck This Blog! was on the Chuck set for the last day of filming season 4 (April 7) and has a fun, non-spoilery article about the experience here. She had a chance to talk to Zac who reiterated how important it is to watch live and to let advertisers know that we see their product on the show.
  • RENEWAL CAMPAIGN: And speaking of that, this week’s advertiser targets for We Give A Chuck’s postcard campaign are iRobot (makers of the Roomba) and Flip (makers of the Flip camera). Get details and addresses at WGAC.
  • SLEEP SHEEP: The folks at Cloud B wanted to let Chuck fans know how much they appreciated our support. Our March campaign using the Sleep Sheep went over very well and met the targets they were hoping to reach both in terms of raising their profile and selling their product. They also mentioned receiving postcards (they were part of WGAC’s week 1 campaign) as an added bonus.
  • FUNDRAISER: In non-renewal news, Bailey, aka LilChuckFan, continues her fundraising efforts on behalf of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. KrisWatchesOn made a special video for her – check it out on You Tube.
  • RERUN: And finally, NBC announced that they’ll rerun episode 3.14, “Chuck vs. the Honeymooners”, on Monday, April 25th. That will our last repeat of the season as the next 3 Mondays, part of the May sweeps period, will be all new episodes leading to May 16th’s season finale.
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  1. woodworking patterns

    i tried reading your website from my xperia x10 but it wasnt visible your website supported by mobile browsers?

  2. I’m glad that our beloved Team Bartowski will finally be able to catch up on their sleep!! Perhaps we’ll see them “out & about” more frequently!!

    • Part of me wishes we would get a new Chuck episode every week of the year, but I guess we do need to give them some time off. I wonder if any of the cast have some movie gigs lined up for the hiatus.

      Hopefully Yvonne’s movie “The Killer Elite” will hit the box office this summer.

      Also lets hope we see them all back for S5 of Chuck.

  3. Yay for Honeymooners! It got a winning grade in my book just for the way Sarah said “Hi ya’ll!” LOL!

    • I always enjoy seeing the Charlesesez.

      What kind of parents would name their kid Charlie Charles? Would that be the same kind of parents that would name their kid Michael Carmichael? lol

    • I liked southern Sarah saying “I made an oopsie.” The later scene in castle with Chuck and Sarah trying to explain their “holiday” and Beckman saying “It’s about damn time” still makes me smile.

  4. Chuck fans should be promoting Chuck in such a way as to get thousands of new Nielsen viewers interested in watching the show. The sleep sheep and Irobot campaigns aren’t exactly ways to attract Nielsen viewers, but they are ways to attract advertisers.
    Hopefully the TV guide cover of April 18th will help promote the show.


    I just read a news article that Cisco is quitting the Flip to focuse on other things because they feel the company is trying to do to many things. If you support the effort of the post cards at least send it to the companies that aren’t stopping a product line like the Flip. The article just came out this morning and thought I would let chucksters know since we want to focus our efforts on products that will have a payoff vs products that are getting canceled.