VIDEO: “Chuck vs. Agent X” Promo (SPOILERS)

Oooooh! Big spoilery stuff happens in the NBC promo for “Chuck vs. Agent X”, so hold on to your hats, people.

Ellie finds out!!!! Not only that, but she has big news for Chuck, too! Whose door is that?!? Who is Agent X?! Why can’t I stop using exclamation points?!?!

“Chuck vs. Agent X” blows our minds on Monday, May 2 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. !!!!!!! AHHH! I’m so excited!

  2. I’m with you, Mel!!!! Then again, we both know that I have a tendency towards excessive use of exclamation points! 😉 But this seems to warrant it!

  3. I’ve watched the trailer a few times now is it just me or did the laptop just get a knife thru it an is now destroyed? plus the way they cut the promos ellie might tell them about agent x not knowing about chuck yet

    • Surely Ellie backed up the data, right? Or the knife narrowly misses the hard drive and Dr. Morgan is able to stem the bleeding of the, um, battery fluid. Yeah.

  4. Here comes your “game-changing” mythology change. Knock on door and the first human intersect is:
    1) Stephen Bartowski’s brother, the uncle Chuck and Ellie never knew. Played by Bakula, of course.
    2) The REAL Gregory Tuttle (played by Dalton, of course).
    3) Bruce Larkin, Bryce’s older brother (played by Matt Bomer, of course).
    4) Stephen Bartowski Jr., Chuck’s brother who they conveniently never told us about for four years.
    5) Mama Bartowski’s brother, which is how Mary got involved with Orion in the first place.
    6) Jeff Barnes because, let’s face it, it would explain a lot.

    • My thoughts are that Agent X is Mary Bartowski!!!!! because she is the one who was getting rid of the info on the Laptop, she might of walked in on the intersect while Papa B was making it and downloaded it and no one ever knew that happened exept Mama and Papa B.

      • Pulling for Sarah!

        I’m with you on this one. I think it’s Mama B! Shouldn’t the intersect stay in the family?

      • Daniel McFarland

        It may not be Mama B, both Chuck and his father Orion required the Governor to stay alive.

    • I think you are onto something Maryfrann.. I have posted my spec in the forum butI think 1 and 2 is definitely possible!!!

    • If # 6 happened, that would be the biggest swing in Mythology a show has ever seen! LOL

    • LOL!!! I love these – every single one!!!!!!!

  5. If someone had the intersect in his brain originally developed by Chuck’s Dad it would not have all the self defense programs installed that is in the Intersect 2–they were installed by the Government (per Bryce)–However that fact may be ignored in order to make the new guy as/or more dangerous. Ellie may now be able to reproduce the Intersect if the lap top computer is destroyed. Looks like the remaining episodes will be pretty action filled–hope they are not our last.

  6. Is that a gun? No! Male strippers and dudes being attacked in the woods. So great to have a show the family can watch together!

  7. I am pretty sure its casey’s wife/ alex’s mother who is attacking the men at the campsite

  8. I’m curious as to why Chuck and Sarah are surprised to learn that there was a human intersect before Chuck……didn’t his dad, Steven Bartowski, also have the intersect in his head?

    • Yes steven have Inersect. We find out End of Season 2!

    • That was just a test. And I think he removed it.

      But I think they are referring to intersect 2.0.

    • yeah….thats what I was thinking! We already know Stephen had an intersect. But technically, as far as we know SO FAR, Chuck was the first intersect because he got it accidentally when he was a little kid! (Chuck vs. the ring part 2)


  10. Just to point out the obvious. There cant have been anyone who Had the intersect before chuck since he got it when he was a kid. Im thinking of the season 3 finale ofc

  11. O…M…G…!!!!

  12. I was just thinking the same thing chuck downloaded the intersect when he was about 6 or 7 years old when he walked in to papa b work room so chuck’s had the intersect in his head since a little boy so it may be him then on the other hand who’s door did he and cessey knock on

  13. Great episode with a lot of action and some laugh’s

  14. So is this not the greatest show EVER??? (!!! just to follow form)

    Can’t wait until Agent X (!!!)


  15. i’m so excited bout this episode!

  16. I hope I’m wrong on this, but whoever suggested that Mama B was agent X might be on to something. I did read that in an upcoming ep, that the team was going to have to rescue her in time for the wedding. Was she captured because she is X? Like I said.. hope I’m wrong, would love to see a new character. Someone from Chuch and Ellie’s past.

  17. I have a bad feeling Bryce is going to be back. Doesn’t Sarah say, “There was an Intersect before Chuck?” How would she know — except that she . . . knew . . . Bryce? Plus, I thought there were indications in earlier seasons that he’d downloaded the Intersect.

    Man, I hate Bryce.

      He has a great job on a great show and we would have heard somthing if he was back. If he is back look for the youtube video of me eating my hat.


  19. I think it is one of the following…it has to be right?
    1. Awesome
    2. Bryce Larkin
    3. Shaw

  20. Trying to figure out the identity of Agent X based on the show’s evolving mythology would be fun except for the fact that there have been too many inconsistencies and inattention to certain details by the writers. Still based on what little we can see from this promo there are a couple of good guesses that we can make. First, the neighborhood around the door of the house that Chuck and Casey knock on appears to be rather unpopulated. That would lean more to Papa B. or one of his relatives or possibly even Mama B. since we don’t know where she lives. Secondly, Agent X has been a major threat to Volkoff Industries but he/she would either have Intersect 1.0 or somehow have access to 2.0 since Papa B. told Bryce that he (his team) had changed the “data architecture.”

    As interesting as who Agent X might be even more interesting is what kind of mental/physical shape is he/she in? In other words, does he/she have a governor or is he/she debilitated because of the Intersect? No matter who it is we all know that Chuck is special because he has been the only one so far who can handle it.

  21. Bryce is dead. Matt Bomer is the star of White Collar. He isn’t coming back to Chuck.

    Agent X is either a new character who is related to Stephen or it’s Mary. Wouldn’t make any sense for it to be anyone else.

    • Yeah, but is he dead, or almost dead.

      Where’s Miracle Max when you need him. Or not.

    • Thanks tim. i wouldnt be able to look at bryce the same if he came back. he’s way cooler on White Collar.

  22. does anyone know who wrote this episode? I really hope it was Lauren and Rafe because as is frequently mentioned on here, they write the best episodes! and with an episode as content-heavy as this one looks to be, I hope the writing can keep up with it!

  23. i think that this promo reveals too much. Why did they have to show that ellie finds out. when they show too much it always seems to let us down. i would’nt get your hopes up for a current character to be Agent X.
    1. Bryce…NO
    2. Jill….NO
    3. Papa B..NO
    4. Mama B..Possible but dont think so.
    5. New Guy.YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Is it possible that Agent X and the CIA “Eraser” are the same person?

  25. Agent X is:
    A) Carina
    B) Beckman
    C) Skip Johnson
    D) Bolonia Grimes
    E) all of the above

  26. Agent X is MEEEEEEEEEE…….nah just kiddin 🙂

  27. I wonder if Agent X is the same person who was holding the car and laptop for Ellie.

    Also get out and vote for Chuck at TV Guides Save Our Show

  28. How about Agent X being Grandpa B.? Now that would be pretty cool, especially if the spy world of the Bartowski’s was passed down from another generation and he knows as much about the Intersect as Papa B.

  29. Alright it might just be me but the guy chuck is fencing looks a lot like morgan….

    • that is what I thought… that scene appears as though he was demonstrating the intersect to ellie with morgan ???

  30. Agent X is Morgan!

  31. Does anybody know who the woman with the knife is ??
    Does anyone think it’s someone working for Riley ?
    Agent ” X ” Hmmm Mite be Papa ‘B’ didn’t Volkolf say Agent X
    is the one person he fears most ??

  32. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it were Beckman? Just imagine a demonstration of her vs Chuck, who doesn’t hit girls… ESPECIALLY GENERALS!

    Actually, a more serious suggestion — John Larrocquette. After all, he’s a master spy, and old enough that he could have been the government’s #1 agent at the time the intersect was originally being developed.

    After all, how do we know young Chuck was THE first to get it? Maybe somebody else had just visited and left and that’s why the equipment was all set up to go when he went into dad’s study. Or maybe that was when Mary got it if she’s Agent X… except that she told Devon that the laptop was filled with files about “my mom and dad and agent x”.

  33. It looks the girl that attacks the guy in the woods is Alex. Actually makes sense, but Agent X, I’m taking my chances with Vivian.

    It’s a good reason for Sarah being placed in a hospital

    • cant be vivian the last episode proved that when volkof said he feared this person the most. Vivian was in that episode 2 and 2 would have been connected.. it just wouldnt make sense. and id probably be upset if it were her it doesnt tie anything together.

  34. If you listen real close Chuck says ” Your not the first human intersect, it’s me” and Ellie responds “Noo”. So Ellie is an intersect too. albeit a 1.0

    There are only two likely candidates for Agent X based on whose been around long enough to be the first intersect.

    Mama B
    Diane Beckman.

    • I think Chuck is saying “You’re looking at the first human intersect…it’s me.” Then Ellie says “No”.
      Also, I have only seen this promo once on TV and that was at the end of the Chuck episode last Monday. But have seen promos for The Voice about a thousand times and the Thursday comedy line-up about 500 times. For shame NBC, for shame.

  35. Just curious.. was that Ellie with the knife? TOTALLY looked like it.. and whats with the worried look on their face after they knocked on the door its either someone they know, someone their not afraid of, or not agent X. FML HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!!!!

  36. FiveG sarah didnt say she knew there was a intersect before chuck what sarah did say your saying there was a human intersect before chuck and the look on sarah and chuck faces were priceless i can’nt wait for chuck episode 22 its going to be one off the best episodes ever so chuck fans watch chuck tomorrow night 02/05/11 at 8pm

  37. What about Casey’s ex wife being Agent X? That would be a good way to have Casey be with his wife and kid in season 5.

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