Josh Schwartz Says #NotANielsenFamily Campaign “Is Working”

Chuck executive producer Josh Schwartz Tweeted encouragement to Chuck fans this morning:

Chuck fans — a new episode airs this Monday. Keep up the #savechuck campaign. #NotANielsenFamily is working….

Not sure what #NotANielsenFamily is? It’s a Twitter campaign targeting companies who advertise on the show, either through product placement or commercials. We Give A Chuck is spearheading the campaign, which has generated positive response from the advertisers in the 2 weeks of organized participation. We’ve got a rundown of how to participate posted here.

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  1. It’s nice to know that.

    Let’s save Chuck again!

  2. It’s nice to hear an acknowledgment that it’s working. I’ve seen too many people (Chuck Fans included) that couldn’t stop laughing when they found out about the campaign.

  3. Just realized that you posted it as #NotANielsenFan. It’s actually #NotANielsenFamily

    I get that wrong all the time too 🙂

  4. This quote’s from Yahoo news:

    “The campaign’s progress, whether it succeeds or fails, may provide valuable information on social networking’s sway over the real world.”

    So awesome to be part of history (kindof…in a way…)

    • I agree with you. It’s not important to succeed all the time. Sometimes it is better to initialize a thing & make a way to other for the future needs. The success will speak after that.

  5. Oh my I’m so HAPPY to hear that it’s working!!! I sent in two letters – one in a hurry and the second more professional regarding Non-Neilson Family’s and for letter head I created using the BUY MORE badge with my photo in it and above it put “Save Chuck” in the Chuck colors and below it “Chuck Me” in the Chuck colors *lol I had my friends write letters too!! I am so praying!!!

  6. Glad to hear this. I definitely have heard skepticism about this from other Chuck fans too, and I didn’t even disagree; I was a bit skeptical myself. But if Josh Schwartz himself says that it’s working, then there’s really no reason left for us to be skeptical!! 😉 I really hope Chuck fans can all come together for this one, because if we can’t, then it definitely will not be successful. I have to admit that even I hadn’t actively participated in this yet, but now that Josh himself says it’s working, I’ll definitely be sure to participate in it next Monday.

  7. This is good news. Much better than JS simply saying “it’s a good idea”.

    What would make it even better is, where possible, PURCHASE the advertised items (if you haven’t already and mentioned that in your tweet). There might not be enough activity for any one advertiser to see a noticable spike, as Subway did, but it’s not as effective just acknowledging ads without following up with a purchase. Just sayin’. 😉

    • While purchasing the product is great, advertisers are looking for name recognition and campaign shows that we’re paying attention. We’ve already had several advertisers respond positively AND get additional free publicity in various articles on big sites like and Yahoo. So even if you can’t take a photo of yourself buying an item, join us for the Twitter campaign on Monday!

  8. You know something? I’m just pleased as all get out that we have a better way of showing the network how much we want another season than winning online polls. Don’t get me wrong I love winning polls but this might actually help. 😉

  9. promote chuck and the #notanielsenfamily campaign on

  10. has he proof or is he getting more confident

  11. This is slightly off topic, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Chuck has made the recent TV Guide cover. The cover story was “fan favorites” and Chuck is one of them. Yvonne has a large part of the first page of the story also. The others on the cover were Castle, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, and DWTS. I hated that DWTS was on there. It obviously already has enough ratings and viewers.

  12. really hope it works

  13. For those who want to support the advertisers with a purchase…please take note that the crew at WeGiveAChuck has a new part of their campaign that involves an awesome promotional partnership with SuperShuttles. CHUCK fans (or their friends or family) who book with them now through the end of July (see you on the SuperShuttle at SDCC!) will get a 10% discount. This is a nice way for fans who aren’t on Twitter to participate as well, so please spread the word and even if we don’t save Chuck, we’ll save a few dollars.

    Details here: