Friday Five: Ways To Support Chuck Season 5

TGIF, people. It’s been a long week, after a long month, after a long semester. Add in the stress of waiting for NBC to make the announcement about whether we get a fifth season of Chuck, and it’s a miracle coherent sentences are still being produced over here. We still have 10 days before NBC makes that announcement (May 16th), but there are things you can do in the meantime to show the purchase cialis on line network Chuck fans are serious about supporting the series.

  1. Participate in the #NotANielsenFamily campaign. More details are here, but in brief: Tweet the advertisers you see while watching Chuck and we choice thank them for their support. Use the #NotANielsenFamily tag and include @NBC in your Tweet.
  2. Take a photo of yourself with an advertiser’s product or at their store and send it to discount cialis online We Give A Chuck for inclusion in their gallery. Advertisers like to see tangible results from their ad dollars!
  3. Go to RewardTV.com on Tuesday and play their Chuck trivia game. The site is owned by Nielsen and the data they collect – including a viewer’s knowledge of the commercials and product placement in an episode – is used by the network and advertisers.
  4. Book your next ride to or from the airport on Super Shuttle using the good choice CHUCK discount code and let that advertiser know that their product placement was money well spent.
  5. Vote for Chuck in the E! Online and TV Guide polls. They aren’t as effective as targeting the advertisers, but it can’t hurt.

Why aren’t we including online petitions on generic levitra sample this list? Because they have zero impact on the network. Spend your valuable time on one or more of cialis price online cialis price the items on that list which are proven to be effective instead!

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  1. Good list, Mel. And if you have the time, go to NBC.com and rewatch the most recent episode. They must keep tabs on how many hits the site gets.

  2. Pre-order Season 4 on DVD through Amazon. That should help WB see how much fan interest is there in that regard. I already pre-ordered mine about a month ago. And don’t forget to watch episodes on NBC.COM. NBC seems to value that more than the we use it other networks do.

    And for those who have iphones or ipads, you can always order/download Chuck episodes/seasons.

    Renewal/Cancel is all about $$$$$$ – and every $$ counts.

    Keeping fingers crossed for another season – and salivating over the next two episodes!

    Keep up the great work Chucktv.net and all you Chuckaholics!!!

    • Warner Bros. doesn’t need convincing to best place to buy ultram produce another season of Chuck – they’re fully behind a fifth season. Our efforts need to focus on NBC and the show’s advertisers. Of course we advise pre-ordering the DVD and downloading eps from iTunes or Amazon, but that puts money in WB’s pocket and NBC doesn’t care about that.

      • But if WB makes more $$, aren’t they MORE likely to give NBC a “better deal” on the licensing fee (is that what they call it??) for CHUCK? THAT, I would think, NBC DOES care about. So whatever it takes for a 5th season of CHUCK to happen, let’s keep doing whatever we can do. And THANKS, AGAIN Chucktv.net for being an organizing force for all the fans to rally around and support our favorite show!

  3. Hang in there Mel. We appreciate all that you do! Chuck and Chucktv.net are bright spots in my week. Thanks for all the fun and laughs!

  4. So the announcement is being made the morning of the last episode? Can you imagine how sad that could watching the finale if we’ve already been told it really is THE LAST episode?

  5. Mel, idea for a future Friday Five if we get a Season 5 pickup that I thought of this episode: Top 5 single episode guest stars/characters.

  6. Hi All, Im an international fan of Chuck! I heard about Chuck in 2007 but couldn’t watch it because it wasn’t on any local network @ the time (still the case). I remembered it last year & started 2 watch it from the begining online. I got the Character straight away – the idea of being put in a situation where one has all the power & none @ the same time really appealled 2 me. I don’t understand the US Network system? If WB is behind Chuck (which they seem 2 b) surelly thats all that matters? Im certain one of buy propecia online cheap pharmacy the other networks could take on Chuck & its cindacation? Can some1 explain it 2 me please? Anyway HERE IS TO SEASON 5!!!

  7. Ah, Sean! I understand your situation because I’m an international fan myself, so I will join your plead… Can anybody explain us what is discount priced viagra the role of WB and NBC on Chuck’s fate? Also, I understand the only thing we, as outsiders viewers, can do is join the NotANielsenFamily and vote on the polls, but nothing more… Am I right?

    • unless we were to levitra professional no prescription travel to the US very soon and use super shuttle, LOL

    • In very simple terms: Warner Brothers makes Chuck and they are happy to make as many seasons of Chuck as they can sell. The buyer happens to be NBC so as long as NBC buys Chuck, WB is glad to produce the show. Therefore, as Mel said, its NBC that needs to be convinced, not WB.

      Its actually a bit more complex because WB does get additional revenue from Chuck (DVDs, product placement, syndication potential, etc.)

      • Thank you, guys! Everything is much clear now… and a lot more frustrating… I’m sorry I can’t help more…

  8. First time poster; but long time lover of Chuck since S1. I have a question –

    Since the viagra canada generic issue for WB seems to be syndication, does NBC benefit financially from that at all? I think Zac said that they need 10 eps for syndication, and 22 for 100 eps, so while I can see WB’s desire to get this, what benefit would NBC have, since it seems that at this point it comes down to overnight canadian viagra money and pilots. I watched ep 22 again and noticed Smart Start cereal, so I sent an email out, to let them know how much I enjoyed seeing their cereal on Chuck AND enjoy eating it as well.

  9. One poll more to save Chuck:
    and that poll may help cause the creator of the poll wrote:
    In a weeks time I’ll be sending the results of this poll to our Network contacts at the major networks.

  10. Almost one week… Can you believe it? This time I’m actually scared that we may fail, mainly because of the fear-mongering on the Internet. Keep Chuck in your thoughts and prayers for this showdown.
    The stakes have never been higher…

  11. does anyone know what time NBC will be announcing the renewals and viagra drops buy with paypal cancellation for chuck. I know its on monday but what time????

  12. Hi all, Ive been looking @ other Chuck related stories & polls sites – ‘the force is strong in this one’ re Chuck. He’s leading alot of/if not all of the renewal polls – NBC might just have 2 brain cells – if they have been tracking Chuck’s Popularity – We live in hope!

    • And they are trying to milk it which is cruel – any1else agree?

      • They’re not “trying to milk it”. May 16th is the first day of Upfronts Week, when each of the networks present their new primetime schedules to advertisers and reporters. This year NBC gets to go first; in previous years we’ve had to wait even longer to www.babynews.de find out Chuck’s fate.

      • Fair enough Mel, aBy the looks of things Chuck & team B have every Chance! DOES ANY1 AGREE?

  13. Will the announcement definitely be at upfronts? In the past years I seem to remember then putting it off yet again.

  14. On hulu’s “The Morning After” they are reporting NBC picked up Chuck for Season 5! Is this true?!?