VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovski in The Killer Elite Trailer

The official trailer for The Killer Elite has arrived! Our own Yvonne Strahovski joins leads Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro in this action flick due for release September 23, 2011. The trailer mostly focuses on the action and revenge quest with the guys, but Yvonne appears a couple of times.

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  1. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like anything I want to go see *pouts*. And I’m not a DeNiro fan. Don’t dislike him or anything. Just don’t really care one way or the other. I’m betting Yvonne’s role isn’t that big, either.

    • Yeah,

      It doesn’t look like my kind of movie either. But have to support anything with Yvonne. I made it through The Canyon (barely).

  2. I agree that the girlfriend role may not be that significant plot-wise, but a part in a film with this cast will certainly help Yvonne’s career. I’ve already noticed in comments at other sites where people are asking who “the blonde” is or misidentifying her and someone else very quickly provides her name and usually some mention of Chuck and the acting abilities that underlie the good looks. (Helpful Chuck fans, perhaps?)

    So I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether the film is any good and what Yvonne has to deal with in it. My prediction? People will be talking about her very positively, and not just those who already enjoy her work.

  3. Outch, That last scene looked painfull from a man’s perspective ! Yvonne looked great eventhough we only saw some flashes of her, I was only waiting for her to show up the whole trailer haha

  4. What is it with Jason Stathom and Chuck actresses? He had a sex scene with Mini Anden (Carina) in his last movie “The Mechanic”. Now he’s getting to make out with Yvonne. Is it coincidence or is he a fan of the show? Guess we’ll know for sure if Sarah Lancaster show up in the next one.

  5. A brief flash of Strahovski getting a snog on with Statham and for a split second it was like watching her with Cole Barker and Daniel Shaw…just that reflexive disappointment that she’s kissing someone other than Chuck. Ha ha guess it’s time to move on. Looks like a guy film with lots of arse getting kicked. Could have used subtitles for some of the dialogue.

    • I’m glad i`m not the only one who felt that way.. i know Chuck & Sarah are only a TV couple, but they are the best TV couple 🙂
      And movie producers should really be aware of how good Zachary & Yvonne look together and for the uncanny chemistry they have both on & off`screen.
      They should cast them together in a romantic`comedy or something 🙂 i`m sure that will gain more viewers then “Not Another Statham action movie” 🙂

  6. ultimatechucklover

    I was disappointed in the trailer i was expecting Yvonne to be like a bigger part. That’s what everybody made her sound like. I hope i will get a chance to see this movie. I really like action movies and DeNiro isn’t bad either. I hope she will get her chance to show that she has talent, maybe that will happen in another movie or TV show? And yes i am talking about Chuck. 🙂

  7. Hi All,

    I think Yvonne is just the eye candy in this movie which is a pitty considering her role as Sarah in Chuck. When i see her an action movie I will expect Sarah all the time I guess. I hope When Robert Duncan McNeill said that the Chuck Characters will live on – Heres hoping for the Chuck Movie!!!

    I’ll probably Go and see Killer Elite when it comes out in Sept.

    Heres a question: Is this a remake? because the Original Killer Elite was made in 1975!! It probably is.

    Apart from that, I wish Yvonne and the intire Cast of Chuck every auccess for the future!!

  8. Her movie career had to start somewhere. I thought the part would be slightly bigger than just a few seconds but at least she’s in it. I may go see it simply because she’s in it and the plot looks somewhat decent despite not being a fan of Statham much at all.

    • I agree but i don’t think a good way to start your “movie career” is to do nudity for a few minutes part in just another Statham action flick.
      But maybe i`m wrong and her showing her body uncensored will bring her huge popularity 🙂

      • 1. She’s not nude, she’s wearing a bikini which she’s done multiple times on Chuck.

        2. This is the PREVIEW, not the entire movie. Obviously you haven’t checked out any of the photos of Yvonne filming on set, wearing layers of clothing. Her role is more than “nudity for a few minutes”. Give the woman some credit.

      • 1. I know that, but i read she`s also going to have a topless scene & a sex scene.

        2. I hope you are right Mel, cause it will be a shame for her to do those sort of things for a small role. Even though i don’t see how she`s going to get a big amount of screen time since she`s playing the love interest and she has no action/fight scenes…

        It would be nice if you could keep us posted on details regarding her role in this project.. if you have the time & knowledge of course 🙂

      • Well you seem to be the expert here, Adrian. She has no action/fight scenes, is topless and has a sex scene? All news to me. But what do I know?

      • She said in a interview that her character in “Killer Elite” is not like Sarah Walker and she`s not involved in the action scenes
        She described her character : “I play Statham`s love interest”
        And how can you be surprised by a sex scene in a Statham action flick ?
        That’s the recipe for all his projects : violence,action,explosions,nudity 🙂
        The only thing new here is that Yvonne Strahovski is the girl who gets naked… she`s not even the first actress from Chuck who`s doing it (Mini Anden paved her way in “The Mechanic”)
        I’m surprised you didn’t knew this things since otherwise you are quite informed regarding “Chuck” and it’s cast.

      • Ah, sarcasm is lost on the Interwebz.

        I’m saying YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE. Don’t assume you know what her role is based on two split-second glimpses from the preview.

      • where did you hear Yvonne was going to be naked in this movie?? There is nothing about it on the web, and I really doubt she is going have a naked sex scene with Stratham since they did not show any glimpses of it on the preview like they did when Mini Anden had the sex scene in the mechanic.

  9. Go Yvonne, Go! Those who’ve observed that in moving from T.V. to “The Big Screen,” you have to start SOMEWHERE, you’re right! Yvonne may not have a MAJOR role, but she’s in a flick with some pretty “heavy weight” actors, and I’d be willing to bet it’s going to do well at the box office – so she’ll get some good exposure, even if it’s not “a lot.”

    Actually, this is the kind of an action type movie I’d go check out. I loved the “Bourne” movies, The Losers, and a number of those other action flicks. This one looks like it’s got a decent plot to it as well.

    So KUDOS to Yvonne. Hopefully this will be the start of the “bigger and better things” that we all know she has the capability of doing. Yvonne can act. Period! She’ll “pay her dues” and eventually make a name for herself – maybe not a “megastar,” but there’s only so many of those.

  10. To be honest, leading lady is rarely an important role in action movies, but given her role as the central love interest in this I have relatively high hopes for the effect it will have on her career. To even be photographed with actors of this popularity would be brilliant, a small role would be incredible but it seems that she’s been given a decent amount to work with.

    Besides, this trailer was meant to attract entirely young guys, therefore it was filled entirely with the action scenes and her in a pool. Hopefully, the movie won’t be ENTIRELY like that.

  11. i saw the trailer of killer elite! cheering for Yvonne… 🙂 Hope she wont do any naked scenes… i really like her like her character in chuck, but movie are different.. i want to see her to do more comedy/romantic with cast and crew of chuck… Hope and pray will get to see a movie spin off for our favorite chuck..