Summer Rewatch: Chuck vs. the Seduction

Happy Friday! The Summer 2011 Rewatch continues with a hot, hot, hot kiss in “Chuck vs. the Seduction”. Join Happydayz and your fellow Chuck fans to watch and chat beginning at 8/7c tonight.

SWEET SEDUCTION–Emmy Award winner John Larroquette (“Boston Legal”) guest-stars as the legendary debonair spy Roan Montgomery and Melinda Clarke (“The O.C.”) guest-stars as a sultry but dangerous female spy known as the Black Widow. Chuck (Zachary Levi) must go undercover to retrieve the Cipher from the Black Widow. But in order to get close to his target, Chuck must learn the art of seduction from the suave and sophisticated Roan. Unfortunately for Chuck, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin), Roan is no longer the world’s greatest spy. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) offers Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) some advice for a romantic night with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and Lester (Vik Sahay) struggles to gain respect at Buy More as the new assistant manager. Jeff Krinsky, Julia Ling and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.

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  1. Is this the epi with the Wheel of Misfortune?

  2. Very fun episode overall and you are totally right about the kissing scene .. it’s top3 in my book of kisses from the entire series 🙂

  3. This is my #1 favorite episode. I’m always excited to watch it when I go through my “Chuck Rewatch” every month.

  4. ummmm what channel is this on? I was super busy last week so I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the repeats =*( But now, I have time, and I looked at the NBC schedule, and Chuck isn’t there…… is this summer rewatch on a different channel?

    • Watch on or your own copy of DVD, tape or digital file download from wherever you bought it. We don’t pause for commercials.

  5. DEFINITELY one of my all time favs!! Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette) is a comedic genius (he just won a Tony award for “How to Succeed in Business…”). What a coup to get him on CHUCK. [And then later to have his return in Season 4]. Would be AWESOME is we could hook him for an episode in Season 5!!

    And of course, the “show me what ya got” seduction “audition” for Chuck was one of the funniest scenes in the show’s run. And yes, the Kiss was either 2nd Best or tied for 1st with the “Bryce Bomb” kiss.

    One of the episodes I downloaded and will keep on my iPad for good!! And a GREAT episode to use to introduce “newbies” to CHUCK. You’d be surprised how many people will get hooked and go out and buy the DVDs!

    That’s our “Mission” now once CHUCK ends its run after Season 5. To bring new fans into the fold who never knew about CHUCK or never saw it when it was on the air. Ah, the beauty of DVDs!!