If I Was Writing Chuck Season 5, I’d…

When my friends and I are waiting around for something, we sometimes play the “If I Ruled the World” game wherein each person lists the things that they would change if they were in charge of everything. With only 13 episodes of Chuck left and over two more months of waiting around to go, I thought it might be fun to play the “If I Ruled Chuck” game. Yep, time for us all to sound off about how we do and don’t want our beloved series to end. Obviously, like in “If I Ruled the World”, we aren’t in charge. But, just  because we aren’t in charge, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun and pass time discussing our ideas and opinions for season 5.

I’ll get the ball rolling. If I was in charge of season 5 of Chuck, here’s what I would want to see:

  1. Chuck being successful with or without the intersect, because he’s using his brain and his geek skill set. This doesn’t mean that I want Chuck to suddenly turn into James Bond (we saw what happened to his doppelganger in Last Details), as Chuck without his dorky geek creed is not nearly as much fun (how can you beat diffusing one bomb with a juice box and another with a porn virus?). I’d just love for him to be bumbling when it’s okay to be and strong when he has to be. I want for him to be saving the day rather than being saved.
  2. Better integration of the Buy More plots. I’ll admit that I was one of the people who was thrilled when the Buy More imploded and disappointed by its subsequent resurrection and often gratuitous use in subsequent episodes. Now that Chuck and Sarah own the Buy More, though, I see the chance for more seamless reintegration of the Buy Morons into the main plot lines, more like in S1 and 2.
  3. Speaking of the Buy More, how low can Jeffster go? I’m really not sure, but I hope to find out in season 5. I’m hoping for some more outrageous but integrated Jeffster moments ala “Push Mix” and “Couch Lock”. Maybe they finally start using their substantial spying/stalking skills to investigate the new owner of the Buy More or wander into the middle of a mission that only they are suited for? Some of the funnier moments of the show have happened when Jeffster is doing what they do best – horrible covers of popular songs, interfering with Team Bartowski and stalking people. (“I know that dumpster!”)
  4. More strong standalone plots. Although those who read my favorite episodes Friday Five a few weeks back know that I’m a sucker for the mythology episodes, I can’t dispute that some of the most entertaining and fun episodes of the series have been standalone episodes. Seasons 3 and 4 have been heavier on mythology and lighter on standalone episodes than S1 and 2. Thus, it’s not surprising that many fans’ favorite episode from S3 was “Honeymooners”, a stellar standalone episode. I’d love to see more episodes in a similar vein.
  5. Make it a family affair. Now that Chuck and Sarah are freelancing, it would be fun to see Ellie and Awesome get involved in missions when appropriate. Ellie clearly has brains to spare and team Bartowski is likely to need a doctor once in a while. Plus, you never know they might need Awesome to take his shirt off for some important mission…  With cool code names like Hot Mama and Six Pack, how can they be left out of the action?

So, that’s what I want to see. I don’t have a firm plot arc in mind, it’s more just small pieces that I would like to see woven into the final season so we can hopefully recapture some of the magic and lightness of S1 and 2.

On the flip side, there are two things that I really don’t want to see:

  1. Pregnant Sarah. It took the girl 4 years to be able to commit to Chuck. We’ve seen her discomfort around Clara.  Chuck and Sarah need time to get used to being married, uber-rich, and in charge of their own company (and the Buy More!). I don’t even want to see this plot in the finale.
  2. Constant changing of the Intersect “rules”. Papa B spent 20 years trying to get the Intersect out of Volkoff/Winterbottom, but Decker suppressed it in 20 seconds flat with a pair of fancy sunglasses. Earlier attempts by Fulcrum to intersect people were fatal. Chuck nearly died because the Intersect was malfunctioning until he got his Governor, which has not been mentioned since and no longer seems necessary for the latest Intersects. The Intersect previously required updates, but at the end of S4, Chuck was able to flash on current events like Vivian’s mine hideout. I suspect that the lack of a “bible” on the Intersect is due to the constant cancel/renew/new writers seesaw that Chuck has been on since the beginning, necessitating dramatic extensions of previously planned plot lines that haven’t necessarily had excellent continuity outside of the character development. Even though I understand how it has happened, it still bugs me every time the rules change.

So, those are my thoughts. Now it’s your turn. What do you guys want to see/don’t want to see? Any plot ideas?


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  1. Frea O'Scanlin

    Agreed with every single point of this article, and thank you very much for writing it, and writing it so well. Amen on the pregnant Sarah point. A-frickin’-men.

    I’d also like to add that I would like to see a little better integration of the whole cast (aka Josh Gomez seems very lovely, but Morgan is getting way too much screen-time lately), and no more reveals like Hartley Winterbottom, which unfortunately felt very cheap rather than well-plotted and mythology-building.

    • I to agree great points I for most part enjoyed character interactions and growth and believe that is the shows main focus and concur bending what we fans thought were establish rules as with intersect and such. I would like to see more focus on single story idea than need to present numerous story ideas that many episodes seem to have. I think if all characters were used for one main theme instead of multiple parallel stories might have better cohesion.

      I know this is has been Chris desire what needed or maybe personnel challenge but with shows reduced budget lines impacts the quality some. Thanks for sharing

      • I disagree. If you watch the show you see that the storylines and the characters’ growth ave followed closely with the changes and the evolution of the intersect. The writers have been very clever about this- the intersect is much, much more than a plot device.

  2. I want Papa B back, and the whole Bartowski family reunited. I hope it ends on that note.

  3. Scott James Bell

    Spot on 🙂

    You also noticed the Intersect rules. Season 4 was ruined for me by those facts. It seemed to lose some technical accuracy which made me sad. Before we use to have a strong set of intersect rules plus things like Chuck wouldn’t need a full intersect upload at the end of the season. Only a refresh and also the fact that it was only suppressed and not removed. Unless it was 3.0 but still where’s the intersect room required to process the data?

  4. agree with everything here.
    But I just want to point out in S4ep1 when chuck wakes up and Morgan is taking pictures of him, he goes to the desk and grabs one of three watches out of a flash spy-ish case. So I guess they were kinda showing that he still had the governor. And that it was necessary.

    But the intersect rules really frustrate me so much!!!

    • Yep, I noticed that, too. Haven’t noticed it since, though. I’ll have to rewatch the last three eps and see if I can see him wearing it. I don’t remember seeing it on either of the GRETAs, though, or on Volkoff/Winterbottom. Is that what Ellie fixed? If so, they could have made it more obvious!

  5. MyNameIsJeffNImLost

    I agree with your first 6. However I’m completely expecting Sarah to be pregnant in the final. I hope if they do that, it’s done as a flash forward/epilogue several years in the future.

    Volkoff was not suppressed because the technology did not exist until Orion tweaked the Fulcrum Intersect. At that point, they had to dismantle his arms network (with the Gobbler’s eye) before they could deprogram him. When he was put in prison, Mary couldn’t do anything without tipping off Decker & co.

    The Intersect rules don’t bother me nearly as much as they seem to bother most people. The confusion comes from Chuck being sci-fi “light”, without the detailed technobabble descriptions like Star Trek and Stargate. I just assume technology would not be stagnant, so here’s a possible way of looking at its natural evolution:
    -Intersect Test 0.1-drives Hartley crazy.
    -Intersect Test 0.2-handled by Chuck. Maybe provided reboot ability.
    -Intersect 0.3-downloaded by Orion, requires governor.
    -Intersect 1.0-works for Chuck/may or may not have worked for others.
    -Intersect 1.1-supposed to work for more than Chuck, but is blown up.
    -Intersect Glasses 1.0-data update for Chuck. He might get other updates off-screen, but most S4 flashes were for “older” data.
    -Fulcrum Intersect Test Program 0.1-doesn’t do much, but could harm others.
    -Fulcrum Intersect 0.1-drives people crazy (or kills them), but Chuck can handle it.
    -Fulcrum Intersect 1.0 (really Intersect Suppression 1.0)-works for Chuck.
    -Intersect 2.0-abilities, plus is supposed to work for Bryce/works for Chuck.
    -Intersect Glasses 2.0-gives temporary abilities for anyone. Few side effects because the abilities are temporary.
    -Ring Intersect 2.0–based on stolen CIA and Fulcrum tech/works for Shaw, but requires governor sooner. Who knows if this was ever recovered from the subway.
    -Intersect Suppression 2.0–hand-held version in Orion Cave. Works, but Mary couldn’t use it on Volkoff until his network was disabled.
    -Intersect Mobile 2.1–laptop which includes bug fixes from Ellie. It still erases some personality when not Chuck (similar to 0.1, just not as severe). Both Gretas are wearing large watches, presumably governors as Vicki’s watch has changed.
    -Intersect Suppression 2.1–Decker/CIA’s version that was based on Orion’s device (and maybe Ellie’s research).
    -Intersect Glasses 3.0–accidentally downloaded by Morgan/we have no idea what they did, if they require a governor, or if these even worked.

    • Well said, Jeff! I’ve been trying to get the same point across – that the technology has evolved in the last 4 years – but didn’t have the data to back it up. Thanks for doing the leg work. 🙂

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

        I think Morgan having an Intersect for a few episodes has more comedic potential than the drugged-up Chuck in Tooth. I’d even like to see a re-Intersected Chuck combo fight with Morgan a la Chuck and Sarah in Honeymooners and Bryce and Sarah in Nemesis. I know the bromance is overdone, but usually it is still very funny.

        My preference would be for Morgan to have the Intersect for 3-4 episodes, with Chuck re-uploading a little while before Morgan erases it. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Morgan has the Intersect the at least half, if not the entire season. He would give it up so he and Alex can live “happily ever after”, without her worrying about him in the field.

        Another wish would be for Jeff and Lester to accidentally wander into Castle, get scared seeing Casey cleaning guns, and flee to Mexico.

      • Why MyNameIsJeffNImlost? Why you have to send THEM here? Really, we already have too many problems to add one more… 😉

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

        Sorry Amron, I would feel sorry for you. However, Loretta couldn’t make it overseas and I doubt Lester would want to go back to the motherland (except to gamble) because of his cult family, so Canada is out. Mexico is a victim of geography. Maybe they would be attacked by US border patrol dogs when leaving the country. Of course then I would feel sorry for the dogs.

      • Although I don’t want Jeffster to find out about the spy stuff, I do want Chuck and Sarah to come out as the owners of the Buymore. It would be hilarious to see Sarah as the boss intimidating Jeff and Lester. Go Mrs. B.

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

        I like the idea of a few episodes where it is a secret with Jeff & Lester being paranoid, but I love your idea of Mrs. B as the scarey boss.

        Jeff and Lester finding out would be something for the last episode as a way to get rid of them. You’re right that it would not work for them to be part of the spy world, so I wouldn’t want them to know about it for more than an episode. Another option would be for them to get tranq’ed and think it was a dream. That would lead to them being even more irrationally scared of the new boss.

    • So guess who’s the Intersect on the actual Intersect? I’m saying you are.

    • Nice timeline, Jeff!

      It’s not just the techno babble in Star Trek and Stargate series – those shows (well, Star Trek at least) also had very detailed “bibles” that everyone followed that had all the details. I was a huge Star Trek: TNG fan and rarely remember seeing inconsistencies.

      If indeed the rules haven’t changed, but the Intersect has actually evolved, then a few lines here and there would have clarified that point rather than making it look like there are inconsistencies and plot holes. I’d love to know what Ellie actually did to improve things, for example.

      I was really hoping that it would be her that “fixed” Winterbottom.

      Have you noticed whether Chuck was wearing the Governor at the end of S4? I hope we get more explanation of Intersect 3.0 early in S5.

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

        Looks like the same watch:

        I agree a few throw-away lines here and there would help, but this show has never done that. My guess is either they are worried about writing themselves into a hole, or are afraid of plot consistencies (e.g. Casey is a Marine that flies stealth bombers). So instead they play it safe.


      • I’m assuming the writers felt Chuck viewers were smart enough to get the whole intersect thing without have to have it explained (a few throw away lines)to them. Apparently, they should have published some cliff notes.

      • Well, I’m pretty smart by most standards and obsessively watch the show and it seems a lot to me like they made it up as they went along. Maybe we can put it together now, but I wonder if Fedak’s timeline would be the same as Jeff’s above.

        I just would like some continuity from season to season and episode to episode. I’m not against evolution, I just like for it to be clear evolution rather than last minute plot device. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief, however.

    • Seasons one and two started out by establishing a canon where the most important component of the Intersect was Chuck. Not a software upgrade. The writers lost track of this and instead of focusing on the character, started using it as a plot device to work around the problems in their stories. It’s been handled poorly and inconsistenly to the detriment of the characters ever since you could go a drive up window and order a new Intersect with your Nacho Sampler.

  6. Those are great points Cay, and I agree with most of them. As much as I’d enjoy stand alone episodes, I’m not sure we’ll see much of them, since this is the final season, and they’ll want to finish up storylines, esp. the conspiracy story that they brought up in last season’s finale, as well as Morgan’s intersect issue.

    I don’t mind Sarah getting pregnant. Chuck mentioned kids in his vows to Sarah, so if Sarah does get pregnant, I’m guessing it would be in the last 1 or 2 episodes, with a flash forward to see if they had a baby Chuck or Chuckette. And if not, then I hope the finale flash forwards to show that Chuck and Sarah did indeed have kids that were little superheroes with capes.

    I’d like less of Morgan. I agree with Frea that there was way too much of him this season.

    I’d like to see Chuck believing that he doesn’t need the intersect to make him do great things. Although sometimes I do miss his girlish screams:)

  7. All good points. What I’d like to see is the finale of the series being a little open ended, setting up ‘CHUCK vs. The Movie.’ Wishful thinking, I know. I’m in the stand alone plot camp as well, but I have to agree that with this being the last season, it’s an unlikely scenario. One request; get the intersect out of Morgan and back in Chuck by episode 5.02. More NEW music by Tim Jones, please. Last year they recycled quite a bit.

    • Just imagine if we could get all Chuck fans WORLDWIDE to spend 1 or 2 dollar to finance a Chuck movie. Wouldn’t that be awesome!
      I would absolutely do it!

    • Agreed, get the intersect out of Morgan and back into Chuck; but is S5E1.

  8. 1. Guest appearances by a few carefully chosen actors with solid science-fiction/geek/’80s cred. I’m sure there are a few left who haven’t appeared already. 😉

    Oh, and Nathan Fillion, please.

    2. A mid-season (3/4 season?) cliffhanger that will get resolved by the end of the 13. Not too gaping an open end. Okay to leave something fairly uninmportant unresolved in case something miraculous happens and S5 is not where it ends.

    3. As Cay says, emphasis on Chuck solving problems as Chuck with the Intersect to help him out when he needs it.

    • Thom Bray has 80’s geek cred from playing computer Murray Boszinski(sp) on Riptide for 3 years(Would have been longer if NBC hadn’t thrown away the hit show by putting S3 on against Moonlighting when Moonlighting was at the height of its popularity.)Another would be Harry Anderson.

      I would also like to see Cheryl Ladd as Sarahs Mom.
      And David Rache(Sledge Hammer.)as Casey or really Alex Coburns older brother.

    • and a lot of cute husband and wife moments with Charah.

  9. I don’t mind Morgan having his own “hero’s journey”. I just don’t expect it to recapture the sparkle of Chuck’s, regardless of how parallel they attempt to make it. Morgan’s bumbling ineptness lacks the charm of Chuck’s. The “woman-as-growth-catalyst” theme doesn’t play as well between Morgan & Alex as it did with Chuck & Sarah, which is a tall order anyway given the exceptional nature of the Levi-Strahovski chemistry. I’d like to see more of the charm and cleverness of earlier seasons. I just watched “Sizzling Shrimp” from season 1 where Chuck, Morgan and Ellie did the “my four favourite words” bit. When was the last time the writing got that playful? Or that scene in season 2 where Orion’s computer gets confused with the Buy More’s prototype? That episode was never surpassed in terms of a clever and seamless integration of the spy story with the Buy More antics. The show seemed to get into dry procedural and angst after season 2. Which may have something to do with the ratings. “Chuck” drew 6-7 million weekly viewers in season 2. Its “low” for that season was 5.7 millions. Only 4 of the 24 episodes from season 4 scored as high as that “low”.

  10. I agree with most of what everyone says. I don’t want pregnant Sarah (and I’m not even sure if I want to see it in a flash forward in the final episode). I agree that there has been inconsistency with the Intersect rules and understand why that has happened. I don’t want Morgan with the Intersect for very long (a few episodes at most).

    I don’t want more BuyMore plots (although one episode in which Jeffster goes on a mission would be fantastic). I do want a mythology season but only because this is the last season and the opportunity to explore it was created by Decker’s comments. Season 2 is my favorite thus far partially because of a lot of the standalone episodes.

    I believe that if Stephen Bartowski is alive though, then they have to find someway to bring Bryce back as well (I mean they were both shot and we saw them both get shot and it wouldn’t be the first time for either to cheat death). I also do not want a lot of unanswered questions. This is Chuck not LOST. There isn’t that much to answer, so please answer it.

    Finally, my favorite scenes have always been with the Bartowski family at the dinner table. Those were always the best endings to episodes. Since the first time I saw an episode end that way, I have wanted the series finale to end that way, with all of them safe (Stephen and Bryce included) eating together and celebrating family and friends.

    • The precedent seems to be that, as a character, If you get shot and die the first time, you come back to life. Bryce was shot and killed a second time so for him to come back again would be really pushing credibility. Stephen should come back. This would be consistant. Furthermore, It was clear that Bryce still had strong feelings for Sarah before he was killed so a Bartowski family dinner with Bryce wouldn’t be cozy. It would be awkward. I personally don’t need anymore Bryce drama at this point.

  11. 1. What’s done is done, i don’t want guest`stars from the past like Shaw,Cole,Anna,Jill etc. i think they played out all their stories..
    2. I don’t want season5(since it’s the last season) to be focused on Morgan and how he adapts to the intersect.. let’s face it Morgan is good for the show in small doses mostly for comedy.. if they try to focus the show around him then probably they`l loose even the small audience they still have.

    For everyone who doesn’t want to see Sarah pregnant, don’t worry! to have a kid you must have sex first and Chuck & Sarah are clearly in a platonic relationship since season4 episode13 so no worries you can’t get pregnant from half`lip half`cheek kisses 🙂

    Now for what i want to see :
    1. I don’t mind seeing Sarah pregnant in last few episodes, i like for things to move forward and it’s only natural for them to have kids.
    2. I would actually like to see more sexiness in season5, it seems they forgot about passion in the 2nd part of season4 .. if a couple who`s in love and is about to get married kisses the way Chuck & Sarah kissed in the last 11 episodes then the prenup idea is a must do .. cause a divorce is imminent.
    3. I hope they`l do something about Casey`s wife, the man endured 4 seasons without a love interest & since Chuck and Sarah are having a platonic relationship now this way they can bring passion back without bothering Zac & Yvonne .. :))
    4. I hope we`l finally find out Sarah`s mom storyline.. they teased enough about it.

    • Since you want to harp on your perceived lack of passion between Chuck & Sarah, would you like to clarify what, exactly, you want to see between them? Keeping in mind what would be consistent for the show? For example, we’ve NEVER seen a full on sex scene, just a hint here and there and not always between Chuck & Sarah. I’m quite happy with their relationship; it shows growth beyond initial lust and a much, much deeper connection than “passionate kissing” does. They had several loving, affectionate, emotional, intimate moments leading up to their wedding. I didn’t need to see them making out to believe they meant their vows.

      • Oh, I definitely need to see them making out.

      • Couldn’t agree more! Sarah going Phase 3, Chuck at her bedside, Chuck going to Russia to beg Vivian for the antidote, and their vows told a lot more about their relationship than on-screen physical displays would, at least to me.

      • All those things told me they love each other.. not that they are in love. Chuck would of done the exact same things for Ellie,Morgan,Casey etc. does that mean Chuck is in love with them ? there is a big difference between being in love and loving someone.
        Unfortunately they can’t find other love interests for them now cause they are married and it would only ruin the show… But one thing is for sure : Zachary Levi & Yvonne Strahovski don’t have the same ‘connection’ they had in first 2 years of Chuck and that is shown both on & off screen.
        I bet in Killer Elite Yvonne will have no problems in using her tongue when she kisses and we`l see steamy scenes with her & Jason Statham.
        Actors are professionals but they are still human beings and what happens off`screen usually affects what we see on`screen…

      • I disagree. I think their chemistry is just fine, but the story lines have changed from the “forbidden romance” to the realized relationship. I’m fine with how things are, but I will point out that this kind of thing (fans feeling that the chemistry or passion has been lost) is very common anytime shows let their star-crossed leads hook up, thus why many put it off as long as possible.

        As for off screen stuff, I don’t think that you are qualified to judge their off screen relationship and we’re here to talk about Chuck, not the actors’ personal lives.

      • Cay, i know what you are talking about with the realized relationship, this is not the case .. most people like to see them together and didn’t enjoyed the will they won’t they part.
        The point here is when the actors kiss they don’t kiss in a proper way anymore.. If they are finally together it means they can’t use their tongues when they kiss ? cause with other actors that’s not the case.
        As for what happens off`screen i mentioned it only cause it obviously affects what we see on the show.. i didn’t gave any examples or intruded their personal space, they are people just like us and they deserve privacy.
        But when they come to work they should be professionals and for the time they shoot a intimate scene they should sell they are attracted to each other since they play 2characters who are in love.

      • And I disagree. When I’m watching Chuck & Sarah together, I see attraction, affection, and love. What I don’t see, thank God, is tongues. Gross.

      • I honestly don’t under stand where you’re getting this. Are you married? Have you ever been married? The passionate deep kissing fades after lust does. I think that Season 3 and Season 4 showed a more true representation of a couple in love and getting married. I think that their love and passion was greatly shown in these seasons.

    • I agree with the other comments. Chuck and Sarah make an adorable. I don’t think anything needs to change between them. Their sex life has been hinted at (I think the last time something’s been said was at the end of 4.18), but their relationship is more than that. And not being able to have kids, when’s the last there’s been any sexiness between Ellie and Awesome? Besides the Premier’s party when Ellie was already pregnant, it was probably season 2.

  12. The one big piece that is missing is the fact that Chuck married Sarah Walker. Don’t you think that he has a right to know what her real name is? This was my biggest problem with the wedding. They spent every episode from the beginning of the show building up to the wedding and then it was officiated by someone who was not official and Chuck married Sarah Walker. What happened to Sam Lisa that she said was her real name? This is a point that I feel has been lacking since they got engaged.

    I think the last season should be everyone having fun with the new found wealth and romance. Let’s allow Casey to have closure also. He’s earned it.

    • She legally changed her name to Sarah Walker, and now Sarah Bartowski, so if they’d used another name at the wedding it wouldn’t have been legit.

      • When in the series did it ever show that she legally changed her name to Sarah Walker? I don’t recall ever seeing this. It would have been nice if they some how had revealed her full real name in the season 4 finale. Didn’t have to be a big scene, maybe just a shot of a marriage license or some legal document, maybe for the name change, that show her name as Sam (Samantha?) Lisa ________.

      • It was on the prenup, a legal document.

      • Maybe it’s just me but it seems like just having a prenup with the name Sarah Walker on it totally down played the importance of what her real name is or was.

        If it wasn’t a big deal then why did Chuck have such a reaction in Fake Name to hearing her tell Shaw that her real name was Sam? To me this is a fail on both the new writers as well as the show creators by not putting the same emphasis on this topic in season 4 as there had been in seasons 1 -3.

        To resolve the issue of what Sarah’s name is by flashing the name Sarah Walker on a legal document and just letting the fans assume that because they saw this it must mean she changed her name doesn’t cut it for me.

      • Well, it “cut it” for me. The two characters clearly moved on from the “what’s Sarah’s real name” issue a while ago. If they’re over it, why bring it up again?

      • I’m not saying it had to be a big issue and they needed to spend an entire episode on it but I think 3 seasons of wondering what her full real name was merited more than a flash on a prenup of her cover name.

        As a fan of the show one of the questions I’ve always wanted answered the most is what was her full name. I hope they will put a little more thought into this in season 5.

      • You need something more explicit, OK. I don’t think you’re going to get it though. The time has long past and we’ve had comments from both of the characters indicating that it’s not an issue. Seems to me you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration by dwelling on it.

      • I’m with Mel. I wouldn’t be upset if Chuck finally found out her real original last name, but I frankly see it as a non-issue at this point. Much more interested in learning more about her past in general – like about her mother issues…

      • I do agree with Cay that Sarah’s history/backstory is much more important than just her name and this is probably the episode that I would most want to see in Season 5. If they do this episode it would make sense to throw her real name in there as part of her history.

      • Agreed, if it came about in that context, as an organic revelation while we’re exploring more of her history, then great. But Chuck demanding an onscreen revelation is about 2 years overdue at this point.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I would never want Chuck to demand that she tell him. If we are to find out, however it happens, it would need to be organic like you said. Otherwise, it doesn’t fit with the growth of the characters.

      • All of this name game stuff may, in fact, be due to Sarah’s own wishes and Chuck’s respect for her decision. She led an unhappy/unsettled life under her own name and only found true love and happiness under the name of Sarah Walker. Why would she want to give that up? From the scene in the limo, she sounds like she will use her own name, unless she goes for a hyphen.

      • I hope they do not reveal Sarah’s “real” name. I agree, they are over this. Plus, it is a very nice homage to Get Smart. The viewer’s never heard 99’s real name, either during the wedding (her name was drowned out by other noises) or after they were married.

      • It was noted in the prenup – I Sarah Lisa Walker….you have to put a legal name on a legal document.

        Besides as Chuck said in Cougars, “I don’t care who you were, I know who you are – a girl I’d like to share a cheeseburger with”.

      • Legal does not equal real.

  13. I’m OK if Sarah finds out she’s pregnant in the final episode, but definitely don’t want her with a baby bump in the early part.

    Also – get rid of Morgansect. I would rather see no intersect at all, than have it in Morgan.

    Personally though, I expect Chuck will get the intersect back, if not during the season, then in the series finale – although that would be too late, we will probably loose a bunch of fans by that time.

    • I agree–get rid of the Morgansect–the show is CHUCK not MORGAN!!

      • I actually think they’re going to change the name of the show to Bart to Bart. Morgan going to be a superpowered Max like character. all the need is a ‘Freeway’. Bring back the Golden Retriever.

      • I said that several times. I hope we get our wish in S5E1

  14. Here are my thoughts on the ideas listed above (sorry if the last one is long):

    1. From what I’ve heard, I think that was the point of removing the Intersect. He had some moments last season, and it feels to me like they’ve already started slowly moving him away from the dependency he had on the Intersect in season 3.

    2 and 3. Everyone always complains about Jeffster, but these points were well thought-out, not whiny, and correct. The best Buy More plots are the ones that overlap with the main story (I loved the Aisle of Terror and Jeff being psychic).

    4. I don’t think there’ll really be any standalone episodes this season, but I’ve liked the ones they had last season anyway.

    5. I love the scenes where everyone’s together. I think they need to do more of that in the final season. I’ve thought that one of the last scenes should be another big family dinner.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if they skipped most of the pregnancy or if they did it in some kind of fastfoward, but if she were pregnant I wouldn’t want more than one or two episodes about it. Sarah needs to stay in the spy story. An interview I read from Chris Fedak during season 4 makes me think that that probably won’t happen anyway.

    2. If you think about the improved Intersect technology, I think everything makes perfect sense. Like Ellie said, her dad was thinking more about the computer than how the human brain works, so any updated version worked on by someone else (aside from Fulcrum, of course, that was a disaster) is safer for human use. It can go into just about anyone now; the Ring’s version was improved, and Ellie made her own improvements to Orion’s. Volkoff may not be dead after having the Intersect for 30 years, but it’s a different type than all the others, and he certainly is crazy. Shaw needed a Governor; we know that. Rick and Vicki were only in one episode, so it’s harder to tell with them. They didn’t have it long enough to see any problems, so they might have Governors, or the problems have been fixed. Along with the Intersect, the surpressors have improved too. It took until Chuck finally got the 1.0 out before they finally had that technology, and after that it was a matter of finding where Volkoff was. That’s what the beginning of season 4 was about, “finding Chuck’s mom”. And for the updates on Intersect info, there was an Intersect room in Castle in season 4. Once they decided that Chuck would be the only Intersect after 4.19, it’s likely that he was able to walk over there and get an update.

    • I remember reading a an interview with Chris Fedak in the last couple of months where he strongly implied that season five would be more episodic with the continuing storyline moved into the background. He also said at one point how he would like a season five so he could tell the story about a Chuck baby. I’m not sure they could have Sarah pregnant until the end though because they really can’t sent a pregnant woman out on dangerous missions.

  15. I would like to see a singing Chuck episode, maybe a Chuck opera that retells his story. We know Zac Levi can sing and it could be fun and quirky. I was thinking today that Chuck has finally chosen a font for his five year plan! Yay!

  16. Also, this is for Mel….are you going to offer some sort of intervention at the close of Chuck? What are your plans for your loyal Chuck followers after season 5?

    • I was wondering the same thing? How long will it be after the show ends that you go the way of Strahotski.com? My recommendations are; 1. close with the show (or one or two weeks after so that you can give DVD/BlueRay info, likely projects for the actors, etc.; or 2. Follow the cast and crew to their next television/movie lives (a where are they now kinda thing). I’ve sorta done that on my own with the Firefy gang. Have you thought about it any? Just interested.

    • ChuckTV.net will continue as long as there is Chuck-related news to report and fans who want to talk about the show. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere for a good long time. 🙂

  17. Would Like
    1. A Christmas Episode
    2. Jeffster performing
    3. Chuck having the Intersect back
    4. Find out more about Sarah’s past
    5. Chuck’s dad being alive

    Won’t Like
    1. Morgan having the Intersect for more than one episode
    2. Sarah being pregnant
    3. Find out that in the end that everything was an experiment on Chuck’s mind and the four seasons weren’t real.

  18. @Mel : “Since you want to harp on your perceived lack of passion between Chuck & Sarah, would you like to clarify what, exactly, you want to see between them? Keeping in mind what would be consistent for the show?”

    I can do better then that, i`l give you some examples where things changed from past seasons :
    – “versus Family Volkof” romantic scene between Chuck & Sarah, she breaks the prenup he shows her his version of the prenup -> sweet dialogue etc. in every other episode of any other season that kind of scene would have ended with a kiss .. is it wrong to think intimate moments are better when they are sealed with a kiss or any sort of physical interaction ?
    – “versus Agent-X” i think it’s the first time in TV history(and maybe human history as well) when a couple who are about to have their bachelor parties don’t share a kiss before that (you can even look at season2 Ellie & Awesome)
    They could of played that bathtub scene in hundred of ways to make it entertaining,sexy and to sell the idea they are attracted to each other but they preferred to use another chat.

    + many other scenes from this season which could of played out in a exciting & sexy way but turned out to be just other platonic dialogues and pecks.
    So what’s in store for season5 ? whenever they are suppose to have a intimate scene are they going to have a high five instead of a kiss ?:))

    From my point of view : either the new writers didn’t think passion is important in a TV show -> the awesome ratings they had this season..
    Or the actors don’t feel comfortable doing that sort of things together anymore.
    And that would be a shame cause Zac & Yvonne had great moments in this show… passionate,sexy,heart`warming moments that even got the media to talk about their amazing chemistry.
    But i guess for season5 we`l get mostly heart moments and i`m fine with that since the ratings don’t matter no more… they can even re`invent procreation and make a baby just by holding hands 🙂

  19. 1. Holiday episodes again
    2. More standalone episodes (although with the 13 episode last season there really won’t be any time for them)
    3. Chuck & Sarah happy in the end. Not them finally getting over some giant hump in their relationship/life. End it happily.
    4. Morgan lose the intersect
    5. Buy More plots actually relating to the main storyline more (in earlier seasons I felt the two plots were connected where the latest season the plots seemed much more forced)

    About Sarah and pregnancy though. I’d like them to sort of *build* their relationship to the point where Sarah wants a family (she’s mentioned it as early as season 1) but not actually have her pregnant in the show/announce she’s pregnant in the finale. I mean I understand that some people feel that their spy life is the one they enjoy now but both characters have placed emphasis on eventually starting a family at some point. However to do this they would have to actually retire from the spy life (aka solve everything without any loopholes and come to the conclusion they wish to retire on their own through growth in both themselves and the plot).

  20. I want S5 built around the spy legacy. Since it’s the ending of the show, (I expect fan fics will go on for many years), I want to see it all come together through the spy story. Here are my top five:

    1) Sarah’s back story revealed with her mom and her real name included in that reveal. I would like it to be somehow related or tied to her becoming a spy and how/why Graham put her dad in jail to “keep him safe” Maybe even having her back story tied to the conspiracy. And no matter what the case may be Chuck will be supporting her every step of the way.

    2) The conspiracy solved to include Orion and Frost’s part of it. Why they did what they did (abondoned their kids etc.) and have that as a pert of the conspiracy answer.

    3) Morgan was on the verge of leaving the spy game in 4.23 because it was too dangerous for he and Alex. In 4.24 he’s back into it in S5 with the intersect. I’d like to see him need to get it removed or suppressed because he can’t handle it. I want Chuck and Sarah to rescue him by setting forth on a mission to get the suppresion device to save him.

    4) I want Casey to achieve his due. Family and Kathleen, career honors, and be a big winner in the end.

    5) I want Ellie and Devon involved in the spy game. Especially Ellie who pieces together all her dad’s secrets with the intersect and though that answers many questions about the intersect.

  21. I would love it if season 5 had only 1 or 2 writers to write all 13 episodes.

  22. don’t have a top five list per se, but agree with the comments that the romance is lost between Chuck and Sarah. I think phase 3 was the height of last season, and up to then they had good chemistry. Hasn’t been mentioned here, but thought that chuck versus the Suitcase was a good chemistry episode especially when it shows Sarah getting jealous at Chuck’s reaction tot he photo of the model.

    Haven’t heard anyhting about the actors not getting along (Chuck and Sarah) but it would make sense as to why the “chemistry” is now missing. Hope they figure it out at least to keep it from affecting the final season.

  23. The perceived lack of “Charah Passion” is an issue some of us commented on before the ratings decline. Some of us certainly see it differently, of that there is no doubt. Personally, I don’t know of anyone in love who consistently kisses their significant other on the side of the lips or the cheek. They are together now and free to express their love and affection in ways they couldn’t before. Maybe it is story-line dictated by the comfort of finally being together but imo the former supernova chemistry between the two leads has certainly diminished. If I were writing season 5, I would certainly attempt to recapture more of the heartfelt moments of a couple deeply in love.

  24. Bring back Bruce Boxleitner, Timothy Dalton, Linda Hamilton and Scott Bakula as guest stars!!!! Please, please, please!!

  25. I want to weigh in on the name thing. It’s important, because they made it important. They constantly played Chuck wanting to know more about Sarah, and Sarah wanting to keep her past a secret. They made a huge deal about Sarah revealing her real name to Shaw and not Chuck. That plotline was never resolved. It was just abandoned. That seems like poor storytelling to me.

    Likewise, the show made a huge deal about Chuck giving Sarah his mom’s bracelet. It was the show telling the viewers that Chuck was offically in love with Sarah. Now mom’s back in the picture. Shouldn’t they address what should be done? Does mom want her bracelet back? If it was my mom, she would.

    I’m not trying to be hypercritical. It’s just that they need to tie up some loose ends in their story. If they are going to lead us down a path, make events important in our mind, they should resolve those things, one way or the other.

    • Of course Sarah’s real name is no longer important. It can’t be after the way it was revealed. In all honesty, I would have preferred never to have known than the it was done. What should/could have been easily the most intimate moment between C&S (yes, even moreso than DYLM or the proposal or the wedding), and a great moment in television lore, was wasted on a pointless character for no good reason.

      Because of the way the name reveal was handled, you don’t have to worry it will never be mentionned again.

      And yes, I get that her name was always going to be Sarah Bartowski in the end.

  26. All I really want this season is a nice tightly written story that keeps it’s focus on the characters, and not get too sidetracked with this whole conspiracy business. Which is not to say i don’t want them to resolve that story, because I do. I just don’t like it when they overly focus on the plot and negate meaningful character interaction, which in my opinion, is what happened in the majority of the second half of last season. I also agree about the lack of romance. They established a good mix of everything in the first half of the season, and then from cat squad all the way through agent x, the romance completely flatlined. And considering that the Chuck and Sarah relationship is essentially the heart of the show, that was a confusing move storywise.

    • But don’t you think a little of that goes a long way? This is a family hour show. We don’t need to see them having a sex life to understand that it is happening. That’s what fanfic is for.

      This show is about the characters. And when we’re liking them, it works. And when we’re not liking them, it doesn’t.

      One of my favorite scenes from S4 was in Anneversary when Chuck told the bad guy that he if tounched one hair on Sarah’s head…

      Contrast that in Leftovers where he stood there while Volkoff was about to shoot her and do nothing.

      And that’s my main complaint. Sometimes the writers forget who their characters are for the convenience of a scene.

      Give me 13 more episodes of Chuck and Sarah telling bad guys that they better not touch a hair on each other’s head… and the plot stuff won’t really matter.

      It only matters if the character stories fail.

      Example. Seduction is my favorite episode. I loved the characters. But the plot was silly. How did Sasha Banachek get the Cipher? How was Chuck seducing her supposed to get it back? And what did they do with it once they got it back anyway?

      • I can’t help but weigh in on one point. One thing I’ve enjoyed about the Chuck and Sarah relationship is that they don’t assume they have to protect each other. Chuck knows Sarah is a capable agent who can protect herself. If she’s in trouble, then yes, he will be there for her, but otherwise, he doesn’t feel like he has to be the one to protect her.
        In Anniversary Sarah was already captured and Chuck was in a position to save her. She needed his protection. In Leftovers Sarah was just as capable, if not more so, than Chuck to protect herself. Chuck, after all, didn’t have the Intersect. If anything, if he tried to do something, it would more likely have hindered rather than helped.

  27. Couldn’t agree more Morgan has to lose the intersect just to keep the Casey Morgan dynamic intact. It was fun to watch Casey try to keep his cool teaching someone who had no buisness being a spy, and have Morgan try to get Casey to come out of his shell more. A crazy thought what if they reveal general beckman to be sarah’s mom as a way to keep her on the show and as a way to explain sarah’s mommy issues?

    • Beckman being Sarah’s mom is a great idea! I would have never thought of it!

      • I don’t know about this. Sarah obviously knows who her mother so their agent/director dynamic over the last four years would seem strange especially since Sarah wasn’t acquainted with NSA Beckman before the whole intersect thing. Plus, even though in some ways Sarah would be a chip off the old block, I really can’t see Beckman with Sarah’s dad.

      • They never went into detail on how Sarah even got into the CIA/NSA. This would explain a lot of it. Beckman being her mom brought her into the spy trade. It has to say secret as it could cause ramifications in the government, as Beckman could be ousted and seen as favoritism of the team when she backs them up and what not.

        Beckman is obviously career Military, and many many Military people have married crappy people, so I could see her with Sarah’s dad when they were young. Especially since she was wild as shown in the flashback to Berlin with Roan.

  28. Just PLEASE let Orion stay dead. Thanks.

  29. I just think that you really need to keep romance consistently strong for C/S in S5 because no disrespect to Phase Three or any of S4, but Sarah was also ready to run to the Ring Hideout in American Hero to save Shaw until Chuck locked her in. Caring? Sense of Duty? and Morgan shouldn’t be in the spy world much less have the intersect.

  30. Hi Cay,
    Thanks for the idea and you have great points.
    What I’d like to see is
    !. Chuck sing to Sarah in an episode. Maybe they’re undercover and he has to be onstage and sing and she’s out in the audience. of course, love songs!
    2. I would like to see a little more affection between them too, but I just took it that they didn’t show alot (that was okay by me) because of the early in the evening time slot and on Mondays. Maybe if they’re on Friday later they could show a little more. Did you ever watch an episode of Undercover?
    3. I don’t mind Morgan having the intersect for a couple of episodes, but like someone else said I don’t want to see that for very long and I would like to see Chuck get it back.
    4. Definitely Scott Bakula, Timothy Dalton, Linda Hamilton back.
    I like to see Chuck in charge.And I want the writers to all make sense of what they write in explaining all the “conspiracy” as Casey said.
    5. I would try to end it with an idea of coming back with a two hour movie idea or big screen if that’s possibe, but not the flops that X Files ended up with.

  31. I would have at least one episode where Casey is shirtless (well most of the other males have had a turn).

    Only leave the intersect with Morgan for a few episodes (3 or 4 max) then Chuck could have his intersect unsuppressed. Use Ellie’s medical knowledge combined with the data she retrieved to accomplish this and get awesome to act as a personal trainer for Morgan.

    Get Casey a love interest.

    Bring back Anna Wu as a newly trained CIA/NSA agent.

    Tame down the Chuck/Sarah smoochies a bit whilst on missions. Contrast that with there new home lives as a married couple.

    Feature the Buy More characters more prominently.

    Did I mention, more Casey 🙂

  32. Well my thoughts for season 5.

    1. Exposing the conspiracy…Perhaps even making it so it’s what forces Chuck/Sarah out of the spy world in the end.

    2. Sarah’s mother…As well in season 1 they mentioned a sister. Love to know the dynamic that made most of the family so distant for so long.

    3. Jeffster doing a few more musical numbers. Playing to the “there is something wrong with this buy more”. Having Jeffster be a distraction for a Chuck/Sarah/Casey mission would be awesome.

    4. Beckmen trying to help the new spy group and then in turn getting in trouble. Followed by the group trying to save Beckmen.

    5. Bring back Orion, perhaps to the contigent of his persona overridden I.E Hartley.

    6. Nerd out. Morgan and Chuck come across someone they love and are having to do a mission related to the person.

    Bring back the lighter parts of buy more. Pranks and challanges.

  33. I think that S5 has to concentrate on the conspiracy. If Chuck and Sarah are billionaires, the only thing that is believable is that they are on some sort of personal vendetta. Why else would billionaires work in a Buy More and put up with Jeff and Lester? Why do they even need a cover? Everyone knows that they are rich, right? it would be hard to hide the fact that you have a billion dollars.

    The conspiracy has to resolve the loose ends about Frost and Orion, The intersect history, and who were Fulcrum, The Ring, and Volkoff Industries.

    Beckman has to be revealed as a co-conspirator of some sort, or that is going to have to be carefully explained. Think back to S2. Is it credible that, knowing now what we didn’t know then, that Beckman wasn’t aware of Orion’s identity in Predator?

  34. My thoughts for 5th episode:

    1. I’ll leave Morgan the Intersect for a couple missions, but he couldnt handle it, he will have some kind of mental problems or something like that…
    Maybe problems with flashing( like Chuck,before his dad gave him that watch..)

    2.Chuck will help Sarah to find her mom,because Sarah will be sad in one episode, so they try to find her..

    3.Sarah gets pregnant, maybe she is too cute to do that with her 😀

    4.Maybe Jeffster will become famous…

    5.Now more story life about Casey,with his ex wife and so on..he gets married,everybody are happy 😀

    6.In the last episode ( which I hope, you’ll record the 6th part of episodes) they can be show as Chuck and Sarah about 10 years later with family,little kids who run up and down the hause…

    -First many people are just wainting and counting days to see chucks new part
    -WE all love that show, boys all love Sarah(she is soo cute maan)

    And Chuck please go to Europe,and bring Yvonne,Adam and Joshua with you 🙂 specaly Yvonne 😀 You’re lucky to have such amazing actor besides you 🙂

    P.s.: I’m from Slovenia so, I’m sorry if my English is bad 🙂

  35. Morgan and Chuck bond even further in the first four episodes, setting up late Season 5 heavy personal sacrifices (not necessarily actual death, but profound risks, certainly), when Morgan experiences the Governor-less burnout and gains great empathy for Chuck’s burdens with the Intersect, finding out what it was that made the Gretas feel sorry for Chuck, and everyone learns, in layman’s terms, precisely how special Chuck’s DNA and mental architecture is to work so well with the Intersect, that it unlocks a whole new level of neuroscience, which the Awesome’s forge ahead with. Through these intense events and discoveries, the team learns how to untangle the current global web of crime, corruption, and secrets with no deus ex machina involved.

  36. Agree with all of that but in the finale, I’d like to see like some ” years later” with Chuck and Sarah having kids, that’d be cute ^.^

  37. As much as I want Chuck to continue after season 5, it doesn’t seem like a possibility. So here are a few things that would be a cool way to close off the series.

    Intersect: The whole concept of the show was based around the fact that Chuck had a special brain, that he was the only one able to handle the intersect. And although I agree with the idea that the advancement in technology has allowed the intersect to be uploaded into just about anyone, I don’t like the idea of Morgan using the intersect. So it would be good to show that Morgan can’t handle the intersect as well which would bring back the idea that Chuck is special.

    Conspiracy: I thought the idea of a conspiracy within the government was a cool idea. This way when “the team” finds out that they have been played with for their entire life, it would finally give Chuck and Sarah the option to quit the spy game and live happily ever after. (Something they both have wanted to do over the series)

    Ellie: I like the idea of Ellie becoming the new scientist for the team abd expanding on the work her father had done. Maybe she can take the intersect out of Morgan’s and put it back into Chuck’s brain.

    Casey: After all these years Casey does deserve to get back to his family. Maybe after the solve the conspiracy theory, Casey finds out that they wanted him to leave his wife which could drive him out of the spy life.

    Sarah: A lot of people want to know about her past, and although she has never wanted to talk about, I think she would be willing to tell Chuck about it now. Maybe that’s where her mother and any other family may come in. As for the idea of her being pregnant, I think that should be saved for the finally.

    In the finally it would be cool if they all quit, buy an island, and just live together for the rest of their lives

    • Sounds like a great plan, I think I would be satisfied if it all went the way that you suggest! Although I’d rather the pregnancy come a year or two down the road (i.e. a flash forward).

  38. Thanks Cay for your creative ideas for season 5. You have grown in your role at chucktv.net and have definitely hit on a subject that I’ve been thinking about for the past several weeks.

    Here are a few of my suggestions:

    1. Have Papa B’s alleged death be part of the conspiracy that was mentioned by Decker. I think it would be so cool for Team Bartowski to stumble onto Orion near the end of the season or to get messages from him at least by mid-season. That would really stoke the fires.

    2. If Papa B. is still alive, have Mary Bartowski get more involved with the Team. Equally as good, get Hartley involved along with his gun toting mother. However, be sure to leave Vivian at home.

    3. Have Alex get sucked into the spy life by trying to save Morgan and/or Casey with her marital arts skills and possibly have her get caught in the process. Then we could see Casey going all Phase 3 with Chuck and Sarah trying to be the calming influences.

    4. Have Sarah and her mother come face to face as the result of Team Bartowski hunting down the conspiracy leads. I would like to see this meeting heal whatever estrangement has gone on between mother and daughter and possibly lead to contact between Mama and Papa Burton.

    5. Have Chuck and Sarah fear that they have settled into a married rut and the resulting comedy of trying to reignite the flames only to realize what true married love really is.

    6. Have all the members of Team Bartowski end up closer together as they solve the conspiracy by seasons end. My idea of a good finale would be to have Mama and Papa B. together at last, Casey and Kathleen, Morgan and Alex, etc.

  39. I hate the fact that Chuck has again lost the intersect and Morgan now has it. I too agree that Chuck must get it back within the first couple of episodes. I don’t get why he couldn’t just put it back in as he still has his fathers laptop and with the work Ellie did. In season 4 I didn’t like how they made it to easy for everyone to get “Intersected” one of the points of the show is that Chuck is special, as reiterated by season 3’s finale.

    That being said, I am very apprehensive and scared about season 5. I think the finale of Season 4 would have made a great series finale besides the Morgan and Decker parts. To end the series with the wedding and culmination of Chuck and Sarah’s love would have been perfect.

    It scares me what they will do with this love in season 5. I have a feeling they will be throwing in a lot of bumps in the road for Chuck and Sarah regarding their relationship. Part of the appeal of the show was their love, and how it had so many obstacles.

    I’m a man but must admit the last 2 episodes of season 4 had me close to tears in a few parts. The montage and when Sarah collapsed with Chuck yelling “no no no no no..baby” just pulled at my heartstrings. The finale with the flashbacks were very endearing and heartfelt.

    The creator said that they were going to show that “Chuck is the exact person that shouldn’t have the money” or something, and I think this is just absurd. Part of what made Chuck great and was reiterated throughout the show was how smart and capable he was. Why wouldn’t this translate to him being able to run a business and handle money.

    Again, I am very apprehensive and afraid for season 5. Any thoughts?

    • I wouldn’t worry. Everything The Chuck people have done (even the unpopular stuff) has paid off really well. They seem to understand their fans. I have a feeling they’re going to use the last season to have a lot of fun.

  40. I think the sesaon should start with Chuck picking up the glasses from Morgan, putting them on and the intersect reigniting. It should end like Alias (I think) with a flash forward with a couple of kids. In the middle the conspiracy should be found out with Papa B found maybe alive. In any event Morgan should have the intersect deactivated almost immediately. Chuck is supposed to be special and anyone who had the intersect always ended up having it removed just as fast. Besides I love the show Chuck not Morgan.

  41. As far as stand alone episodes go. Here is one I would like to see……

    For all you Comic Book Fans: “What IF…..”

    “What if Chuck never got kicked out of Stanford and went straight into being a CIA Operative?”

    – How would his relationship with Sarah / Casey / Brice / Family / Morgan
    – What type of agent would he have become
    – Would he have ended up with Jill
    – Would he be the intersect, would he be good or part of the Ring

    I would like to see something like this take place in a single episode, but with only 13 this season

    • Chuck has never done a ‘what if episode’. This sounds like an idea better suited for fan fic.

      • Chuck has never done a ‘what if episode’. This sounds like an idea better suited for fan fic

        Yes, chuck has never done anything like this before, which is why I suggested it.