TNT Cancels Men of a Certain Age, Leaving Scott Bakula Free for Chuck’s Final Season?

Scott Bakula as Steve Bartowski being held hostage on "Chuck vs. the Living Dead"TNT announced today that they’ve canceled Men of a Certain Age after two seasons on the air. While that’s sad news for MOACA fans, we can’t help but hope that means co-star Scott Bakula’s schedule just freed up for the final season of Chuck. Just one flashback episode with Papa B and Mama B? Please?

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  1. I really hope so, and it would also be a great way to get Timothy Dalton back without turning him to the dark side again.

  2. Oooh, we can hope!

    By the way, did any Chucksters watch Source Code and notice Scott was the voice of the father?

    Perfect Quantum Leap reference, but also a little reminiscent of Stephen J. Bartowski.

  3. I was just watching Futurama: Benders game and the Takei vs Bakula scene came up and it motivated me to watch all the episodes with papa B in them

  4. i would love to see Scott bakula in season 5 alive and be his family! WOuld love to see a happy-ending and seeing the parents of Chuck be reunited.

  5. I’d definitely take a flashback with Papa B. but I’m still holding out hope that Orion has once again beat death.

  6. Hi this is ali from the UK i agree with everyone that it would be AMAZING if Scott Bakula came back in to CHUCK for the 5th season.