SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 5.02 Title

SpoilerTV reports that Chuck episode 5.02 will be titled “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit”. Hmmm, I wonder if Morgan has some competition in the beard arena this season.

P.S. Please don’t start Morgan bashing in the comments again. I know there are fans who aren’t happy that he has the Intersect. I heard you. We all heard you. That’s not the topic of this post.

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  1. Maybe Morgan has to pose as a bearded bandit to get the real bearded bandit. He’s already bearded.

  2. receptionitis66

    I actually wasn’t sure if I liked having Morgan as the intersect, but after I saw the Comic Con panel, I think it’ll be interesting/funny to see! Especially if Chuck has finally become a good agent on his own. I always found it strange that he can flash so many times, yet not be able to remember the skills from the intersect when he didn’t have it. Morgan has grown on me since the first season, definitely.

    “Don’t lead with the beard! Let it be a pleasant surprise!”

  3. Yeah, I think there would be a bearded villain that Morgan need dress up like to infiltrate enemy base or something. This should be fun!

  4. Or Morgan himself is the Bearded Bandit. Maybe he has to steal something from the rival spy company headed up by Casey’s new love interest.

    • This is where my mind went too! Sort of along the lines of vs. the Mask (first episode I ever saw!)… can’t wait! 🙂

  5. The first time we saw the Intersect being delivered using sunglasses, there was occular identification and a self-destruct. The second time, the glasses were used for multiple updates of the same skill set to the same guy. We didn’t see occular identification or a self-destruct the third time. Given what’s been said so far, I haven’t heard anything that says Chuck won’t have an Intersect too. Batman and Robin Intersects sounds interesting. Even with $877M, a new start-up company needs all the hlep it can get.

  6. OK here’s my spec – Morgan is the bearded bandit. The intersect has turned him to the dark side and he is using it to do bad things rather than for good and Chuck has to stop him. lol

    Actually, I’m thinking that Team Bartowski needs Morgan to break into a high security area to get some information or perhaps some high-tech spy device the bad guys have developed.

  7. I hope F&S hear the fans!! A couple of episodes of Morgan with the Intersect could be fun–of course the title has to make you think of Chuck’s little bearded friend–maybe Morgan will shave to avoid confusion with a bad guy.

  8. It’s obvious…best friend turns villain…nemesis…like in smallville..Clark and Lex…morgan = lex, chuck = clark kent.