SPOILERS: Craig Kilborn to Guest Star on Chuck

TVLine has the scoop on yet another Chuck season 5 guest star, this time former late night host Craig Kilborn. Ausiello reports that Kilborn will appear in the Chuck season premiere as another villain, joining Mark Hamill in what sounds like a bad guy free-for-all. While details about Hamill’s character are scarce, we’re told that Kilborn will play Roger Bale, “a charming yet conniving investor who’s stolen money from some of the world’s most dangerous people.”

Welcome to the Chuck Villain Hall of Fame, Kilborn! We hope it brings you many moments of Zen.

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  1. This guy was an ESPN anchor and a horrible talk show host. How does that resume garner him getting acting gigs. I mean, Mark Hamil is going be an awesome guest star, but Craig Killborn, really?. Why not give a unknown actor some much needed work instead of giving the role to this putz

    • when you start being critic of casting for season5 you should first understand they are working with a lower budget then before.

  2. I have no idea who this guy is. Have I been living in a dark hole? Should I know him? Or is it perhaps better that I don’t?

    • He was the first host of the daily show on Comedy Central. I think he might make a good villain.

  3. another good guest pick up

  4. He did a decent job a few years back in the film “Old School”, where he played Ellen Pompeo’s cheating boyfriend.

  5. Roll of the dice–he may only be there to compliment one of the primary stars–at worst he should be okay.

  6. OK FEDAK? YOU OUT THERE? If this, dude, can get on your show, then I BEG YOU, let me play Jeffs dad!

  7. Been a fan of Kilborn since his ESPN days. He’s pretty cool. I think he’ll do okay.