Friday Five: Chuck Season 5 Spoilers from Comic Con

The fifth season of Chuck began production this week, after Comic Con, so the cast didn’t have much by way of spoilers to share. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any scoop to be had, though. We’ve got goodies from the panel, the press room, and parties to share with you as we begin to gear up for the new season!

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

  1. Mark Hamill to Guest Star – The announcement brought loud cheers from fans in Ballroom 20 and lots of happy Tweets from fans back home. Hamill will guest in the season 5 premiere, “Chuck vs. the Zoom”, as a villain with a French accent.
  2. Team Bartowski Meets Team Verbanski – Now that Chuck and Sarah are the mega rich owners of their own private espionage firm, and the Buy More, they’re about to learn that privatization = competition. Enter Gertrude Verbanski, owner of a rival espionage firm who goes head to head with the Bartowskis on a few missions. Fedak has someone in mind who he’d like to cast, but refused to name names.
  3. Casey Meets His Match – And her name is…Gertrude. Could it be that Casey rides off into the sunset with Ms. Verbanski? Sounds like it from the tidbits Adam and Fedak dropped, although neither went so far as to say that a Casey/Verbanski wedding is in the offing. Whatever the outcome, we have a feeling this storyline is going to be hot, hot, hot!
  4. An Awesome Date Night – Fedak revealed to that the writers are currently working on a Date Night episode featuring Awesome and Ellie. Did anyone else see the movie starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell? Yeah, that kind of date night.
  5. The Mystery of Sarah’s Mom – Fedak also revealed that we were supposed to have met Sarah’s mother in season 4, but they ran out of time to service that story. The clues dropped in season 4 were leading up to her return, which Fedak is trying to make room for in season 5. We assured him that meeting Sarah’s mother before the series ends was vital. Here’s hoping our vote counts!
With production underway, expect more info to start leaking about season 5!
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  1. They had a record 24 episodes to work with and couldn’t find the time to work Sarah’s mom into the story? I could name 3 or 4 episodes that were far less compelling than that would have been. And how nice it would have been to get the “Burtons” to their daughter’s wedding.

    • Yeah, I’m not buying the ” we didn’t have time” message either. However, it may have been a casting issue; the person they had in mind not being available at the right time. I wonder who they do have in mind? I’m sure they have ideas, or at least a wish list. 😉

  2. All sound interesting, but as a die hard “Charah” shipper, it’d be nice for Chuck and Sarah to have a date night, since I don’t think we’ll be having much lovin for these 2 in the near future, but I do look forward to finally meeting Sarah’s mom.

  3. Mark Hamill on Chuck… Does he work for Team Verbanski? I can see it now.

    Hamill: If you only knew the power of the Verbanski Enterprises. Casey never told you what happened to your father.
    Morgan: He told me enough! He told me *you* killed him!
    Hamill: No. *I* am your father.

    An awesome date night? Who’s babysitting Clara?

  4. 1. i’m a big Star Wars fan so i’m excited about that
    2. classic villain of the season plot
    3. that’s going to be fun to watch, Casey needed some action and i’m glad he’s getting some 🙂
    4. I like Awesome and Ellie but i’m not that excited to see them on a date night, if history is any indicator they are not a very spectacular couple, remember Coup D’Etat and Angel De La Muerte.
    5. it will close the circle for Sarah’s backstory quite nicely 🙂

    Sub Note : Just like Lianne mentioned, it feels like they are sidelining Charah for the final season.. also i think it’s the first Comic`Con when the panel didn’t include a Chuck & Sarah question
    I think that would pretty much suck cause from my point of view the Chuck & Sarah relationship was the pivot of the show since episode 1..
    But maybe people are bored with them and prefer to see more of Morgan,Awesome,Ellie & other characters and less Chuck & Sarah as a couple.

    • “Charah” isn’t being sidelined, it’s evolving. Do you want them to act like they did in season 1? What would be the point of the last 4 years? Also, if you go back and read the spoilers for episodes from the past 4 seasons, you’ll see that we’re often given tidbits about other characters when in fact the episodes still focused on the Chuck/Sarah relationship.

  5. I’d prefer Mark hamills normal voice with a slight craziness like the joker (who he does the voice of)
    The date night with the awesomes sounds kinda fun :p love to see it
    As for the verbanski thing, how come we have never heard about these previously, as a private espionage organisation Is kinda a big deal which the CIA and such won’t like

  6. Please make number 5 happen. Although I’m hoping we also get Sarah’s sister (if there is one – we were never quite sure) – maybe in the same episode with Sarah’s mom.

  7. I orgasm’d when I read the first 2 words: Mark Hamill.