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Zachary Levi & The Nerd Machine a Geektastic Success

People.com has a front page story on our own Zachary Levi and pfizer viagra female his mission to make being a nerd super cool via The Nerd Machine.

Chuck聽star Zachary Levi wants to change the best way to take levitra world for nerds. 鈥淩eally, everybody is a nerd,鈥 Levi tells PEOPLE. 鈥淚 think a nerd is someone who鈥檚 passionate about something. I鈥檓 a self-proclaimed nerd.鈥

So to make life easier for pocket protector-carrying guys and girls, last year he launched聽The Nerd Machine, a website with goofy videos, message boards and official gear. But it was only when Levi wore two of his Nerd Machine聽T-shirts聽to the聽Teen Choice Awards聽this month that the concept totally took off. In fact, fans crashed the Nerd Machine site that night while trying to buy the cheeky tees.

So where鈥檇 the nerd love come from? Levi used to help design apparel for聽Chuck鈥榮 cast and crewmembers, giving the items as gifts. Soon, though, people outside the show鈥檚 circle asked where they could get the ironic T-shirts, prompting Levi to take his talents public. 鈥淚 decided to make my own brand and call it The Nerd Machine and see if people dig it,鈥 he explains. 鈥淎nd that鈥檚 kind of wow)) online viagra perscription where it came from. I love fun, ironic, cool T-shirts and they鈥檙e easy to make if you put your mind to it.鈥 He partnered with聽Chuck聽prop manager Dave Coleman, who used to have his own apparel company, and a brand was born.

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