SPOILERS: Intel on Danny Pudi’s Cameo & Hackers

Got a pair of Chuck season 5 scooplets to share tonight, courtesy of TVLine and TV Guide.

First up, a little bit about Danny Pudi’s cameo from Ausiello over at TVLine:

Question: I’m anxiously awaiting the new/final season of Chuck. Got any juicy scoop for us? —Pam
Ausiello: Community‘s Danny Pudi will not be playing Abed when he crosses over to Chuck in Episode 5. “It’s not like Cougar Town,” he tells us. “It’s a different character altogether… It has something to do with Vic Sahay’s character, [Lester], I’ll say that.” And if you blink, you very well could miss his cameo. As Pudi points out, “It’s very quick.”

And shedding a bit more light on the same episode that Danny cameos in, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”, is Natalie Abrams at TV Guide:

Got any scoop on the final season of Chuck? — Aaron
NATALIE: What would happen if the world’s greatest super computer, the Intersect, went up against the world’s most-dangerous computer virus? The team may find out when they cross paths with a former computer hacker who now resides at a commune called The Church of the Eternal Wind. Their barely clothed spiritual leader may seem flighty, but she’s secretly just as cold and evil as Volkoff.

OK, I have to say it…didn’t we already see the Intersect go up a deadly computer virus in the very first episode of Chuck? Is Irene Demova making an appearance in the final season?

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  1. I’m assuming that they mean a virus for the Intersect. Who is the intersect by s05e05? Is it still Morgan? Or is it Chuck?

  2. irene demova, heh =D

  3. At least it wasn’t The Church of the Passing Wind.

  4. If she does appear, she’ll need to be suitably attired.

  5. No, the Intersect didn’t go up against the Irene Demova virus. What are you talking about? Chuck used the virus to make the computer fry (which wasn’t realistic at all, btw, but that’s TV and Hollywood for you. Always stretching the truth with technology). Didn’t even have anything to do with the Intersect.

    • At the Buy More, after he gets Intersected, Chuck had to deal with the virus on customers’ computers, therefore the Intersect has gone up against the Irene Demova virus. 😉

      • I suppose that works. Just not directly the Intersect, but Chuck all by himself. 🙂

      • Sorry Mel but I don’t agree, those are his regular Nerd Hurd skills and not the interesect (he did not have skills in the intersect at that time).


      • Exactly. The Intersect went up against a virus, but it was Chuck’s skills that saved the day, not the Intersect. Can the Intersect 3.0 (or 4.0 or whatever version we’re on at that point) do better?

  6. Maybe this is how they get the intersect out of Morgan. (Please – keeping fingers crossed).