Zachary Levi to Direct Chuck Episode 5.05

Zachary Levi to Direct Chuck Episode 5.05

Zachary Levi told Kevin Smith on his podcast a couple of weeks ago that he’d be directing another episode of Chuck this season (in addition to a lot of other entertaining and interesting discussion; check it out). Rick over at Zap2It now confirms that the episode is 5.05, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”, with Carrie-Ann Moss and Danny Pudi both appearing. Will the geek references fly? We think so!

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  1. It will be amazing episode 5 like the last couple Zac Directed in season 3 & season 2 so well done to ZAC.




  2. Glad that Robbie Mcneill is giving Zac the chance to direct, just like he had the chance to direct episodes of Star Trek Voyager. That was one thing I think ST did good giving so many of its stars the opportunity to direct and get into a different area of show biz. Hope that Zac will continue to act and find something great after Chuck, but he now has the directing avenue too!!

  3. Till now all episodes directed by Zac where nice, Beard & Leftovers so i bet this one is going to be great too, with the guest stars they announced for this episode and with Zac directing it i think the episode will be filled with geek references