Sarah Lancaster Welcomes a Son

Sarah Lancaster Welcomes a Son

PEOPLE reports that Sarah Lancaster is a new mom. Well, mom to a 2-month old now, but still! Sarah gave birth to Oliver Michael Jacobs in Los Angeles on June 29. Congratulations to Sarah and her husband, Matthew Jacobs!

Sarah attended the Red CARpet event on Saturday, September 10, looking absolutely gorgeous as usual. Photos from Wireimage.

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  1. Is that Dorian Brown from Wilfred in the 1st pic??

  2. Wow. She looks great. The good Doctor Bartowski-Woodcomb must be doing some serious sit-ups. :)

  3. Aww yay! Congratulations to Sarah! I love the name Oliver. :)

  4. Congrats to Sarah Lancaster and her family on their new bundle of joy!!! :)

  5. Hope she is doing well. She looks gorgeous

  6. WOW she looks AMAZING for just having a kid!! CONGRATS!!

  7. Congrats to Sarah and her husband on the birth of their little bundle of joy Oilver. Sarah looks just amazing.




  8. Congrats to Sarah and her Husband on their first born. Motherhood obviously agrees with her because she looks so happy in these pics.