SPOILERS: Get Ready to Meet Sarah’s Mom!

TVLine just confirmed that Chuck is casting the role of Sarah Walker’s mom to be introduced midway through season 5! We’ve been expecting this for a while now, given Fedak’s comments to us at Comic Con, so it’s exciting to see that it’s happening at last.

The character’s name is Emma and she’s described as “a beautiful blonde who is, in essence, a walking hug.” Sounds like she’s a very warm, loving woman, which makes Sarah’s emotional status from the first 3 seasons even more interesting.

So now comes the question: who should play Emma?

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  1. Two word: Shelley Long

  2. It’s funny that of all the actresses listed in the article, only Cheryl Ladd rings in my mind as a blonde. Of course, I suppose anybody can dye their hair.

    I still like Jamie Lee Curtis. But she’s probably a long shot.

    Lindsay Wagner would also be a good choice.

    • Hey! I just put Lindsay Wagner on Ausiello’s column! Bill, that can’t be right. We agree on something! 😉

      I don’t know if it would have any bearing in a casting situation, but I’ve read somewhere that Adam Baldwin and Jamie Lee Curtis have been friends for a long time, so maybe not such a long shot after all.

      • Jamie Lee Curtis is the perfect choice! She has the humor and the acting skills necessary to pull it off. JLC all the way!

      • I would sooooo love to see Jamie Lee as Sarah’s Mom. That would be perfect.

        I also think Jean Smart would be a good choice.

  3. How frakkin cool is this?! So haapy to read this. And I am putting my vote in for either Cheryl Ladd or Linsday Wagner. Both seem like women who love to hug!!

  4. Some people suggested Kim Bassinger on TVLine, i would say perfect choice.

  5. Jeri Ryan.

    Look at the end of Honeymooners during the “Feeling Good” scene. Strahovski looks just like Jeri Ryan there. And Ryan does have geek cred since she was Seven of Nine…

    She’d have to play older, of course, but if she is a “beautiful blonde,” well…

  6. My choices, Kate Vernon (BSG) or Cheryl Ladd.

  7. Speaking of moms on Chuck….. Happy 55th birthday today to Mary Bartowski (and Sarah Connor)–Linda Hamilton.

  8. – Jamie Lee Curtis
    – Kim Bassinger
    – Amanda Tapping
    – Carrie Fisher
    – Susan Sarandon

  9. Isn’t Meryl Streep a blonde?

  10. Definitely Cheryll Ladd

  11. Cheryll Ladd looks like a good choice to me.

  12. This is fun. It seems to me that the actress needs to be blond and TALL to make it believable that she is Sarah’s mom. Cheryl Ladd, for example, is not very tall so this not the best choice. Kim Basinger or Jamie Lee Curtis would be good…

  13. Remember people back to the pilot…

    “Vicki Vale, vik a-vicki vale”

    THE original Vicki Vale herself, Kim Bassinger!!!

  14. Hmm. Liking the actresses mentioned but while age-appropriate the height thing isn’t quite right (unlike others it constantly annoyed me that Linda Hamilton was a munchkin next to Levi and Lancaster, even in heels).

    For fun, touchy blondes from the right decade, how about Shannon Tweed?

    I also like Natasha Henstridge, but she’s a bit too young.

  15. Lindsay Wagner!!
    Tall, blond, beautiful 🙂

  16. Kathleen Turner

  17. Kate Mulgrew
    Gates McFadden

  18. Couple more names… Jessica Lang, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rene Russo

  19. Kate Mulgrew… just because she’s so commanding…
    Cheryl Ladd because of the Charlies Angels connection…
    No to Jeri Ryan, not old enough to play Sarah’s mom.
    Kim Basinger? While funny because of the vicki vale reference, they won’t likely get her.

  20. Olivia Newton-John should play Emma. It would be a great opportunity to have a musical episode. Lol


  22. I know she would have to play a little older, but not much.. LUCY LAWLESS. Pry her away from Spartacus for a couple of eps.

  23. Bonnie Hunt
    Jessica Lange
    Bo Derek

  24. Everybody is assuming it’s present day mother, what if it is a flashback mother? Either from “daddy’s partner in crime” period or from “high school punching bag” period?

    Maybe Strahovski could pull a double role? We have already seen her do 10 years younger high schooler so 10 years older mother should also be possible…

    • If it was a role that Yvonne could play, then they wouldn’t have released a casting call for actresses to audition.

  25. Geena Davis would also make an excellent choice! She and Jamie Lee Curtis are the perfect physical type to be Sarah’s Mom.

  26. Betty White!

    I can really see Lindsay Wagner ,Kate Mulgrew and Bonnie Hunt.

  27. Pretty much all very good choices…if Sarah’s mother is/was a spy…

    If she’s just a very warm, hugging regular mom, I’m not so sure. Although Kathleen Turner would be a good choice…

    And although I really, REALLY like the idea of Natasha Henstridge being on “Chuck”, I’d see her more as Sarah’s sister than her mother…

  28. Would be nice to see what Lindsay Wagner looks like now. She is probably in her sixties ( as opposed to the alternative of course) Kim Basinger would be great. She’s still fine as hell, but she also has an Academy Award. Tough get, unless she or her daughter are Chuck fans? realistically, it’ll probably be someone else.

  29. Shannon Tweed!!!

    Carmichael Industries can investigate her cheating man and Gene can give Jeffster some tips on how to be a rockstar.

  30. Lindsay Wagner has had a recurring role on Warehouse 13, and looks great. She’d make a good “mom” for Sarah. But Bonnie Hunt would be really cool too I think.

  31. Hi All, A couple of months ago I suggested Lena Headey who played Sarah Connor in Teminator: TSCC to complete the circle so to speak. It could be fun. Or as other people suggested Kim Bassinger play Sarah’s mother & maybe in the same episode they could have Jeri Ryan play Sarah’s older sister – proving that in S1 vs The Wookie Sarah was telling the truth about the sunburn. Maybe thats why Mama Burton has turned to Carmicheal Industries – not knowing that her youngest daughter runs it with her son -in – law! What do people think?

  32. I totally am for Lindsey Wagner! I love her in Warehouse 13! And as an added bonus, she fits the description perfectly! But I also agree with those of you who want Bonnie Hunt. She would be my second choice.

  33. Would Charlize Theron be too young for the role? She’s so beautiful…