Sarah’s Mom Cast; Guess Who!

Cheryl Ladd is the winner! It has just been announced that Cheryl will portray Sarah’s momma in this season of Chuck, proving once again that Chucksters know how to arm-chair cast. Nice call!

Show of hands: how many of you called this one?

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  1. Excellent casting! I just knew that since I was going to be in a meeting all day, without Internet access, something awesome would be announced. 😛

  2. Well that was almost a given imo. Cheryl Ladd is just the perfect fit 🙂

  3. It would be awesome to have ALL parents in one place in one episode – Chuck´s, Sarah´s, Woodcombes…wishful thinking, I guess

  4. Excellent choice, I have had her on a very short list of who could play Sarah’s mom since S1.

    I figure we will see, Sarah and Emma doing a Charlie’s Angels pose at some point. I thought it was cute in the S4 gag reel seenig Yvonne and Adam doing the C A pose.

  5. I’m excited to see how Emma reacts to Sarah being married. I’m also thinking that big surprise that Fedak mentioned having to do with C&S has to be related to Emma or Sarah’s background because there’s nothing they can hit us with about anything else that would be surprising at the level he described. I forget the phrase he used to describe the level of surprise, but it was a big one.

  6. Are the going to include a sister in Sarah’s backstory. If so, how about a fellow Aussie, Portia di Rossi.

  7. Hi All,

    Sarah being introduced to the older sister she never knew she had would be shocking for her ( Portta Di Rossi would be perfect – havent seen her in anything since Ally McBeal in the late ’90’s! Maybe Papa B, Momma B, Momma Walker & Harold Winterbottom were friends in college. Also maybe Momma Walker dated Papa B in college years before either Chuck or Sarah were born! That would be shocking! What do people think?

    • Maybe Momma Walker comes to Carmicheal Industries for help in tracing Sarah’s Older Sister (who Sarah knows nothing about) not realising that her youngest daughter & son in law run it – Awkward or what!