CASTING NEWS: White Collar Crossover Alert! (SPOILERS)

Tim DeKay to guest star on Chuck season 5OK, it’s not quite the crossover we had in mind, but EW just revealed that when we meet Sarah’s former CIA handler in episode 5.08, “Chuck vs. the Baby”, he’ll be played by White Collar FBI guy Tim DeKay!

Tim will play Kieran Ryker, Sarah’s former CIA handler and a stoic, unflappable sort. DeKay can certainly play the stoic thing, but he also has a warmth and charm that makes me wonder if Ryker’s “unfinished business” with Sarah is less ominous than it appears.

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  1. That’s funny…I was recently brainstorming about which stars from some of my fave shows I’d love to see do guest roles in “Chuck”. For example, I thought Bruce Campbell from “Burn Notice” would be great. When I got to “White Collar” I thought of Willie Garson. I never pictured Tim DeKay doing it, but now I’m looking forward to it,

  2. If this counts as a crossover, then Chuck has been having White Collor crossovers through season 1 and season 2: Matt Bomer, the main character of White Collar, played Bryce Larkin.

  3. Just wondering Mel, what crossover did you have in mind?
    I wonder if some kind of reference to Matt Bomer being Bryce will be made. I can’t wait to see what the writer come up with. =0)

    • Bomer, of course! We speculated earlier this year about how he could return since Bryce is “dead” in the Chuckverse. Twin brother, new identity, lookalike cousin, etc.

  4. Do you think he is also Sarah’s former lover? She always did fall for the guys she worked with.

  5. Of course he’s Sarah’s former lover. It will be another love triangle episode! 😛

  6. Love Tim on White Collar (which I watch because of seeing Matt on CHUCK). This could be fun!

  7. Awesome! I think he’s great on White Collar, so I can’t wait to see him on Chuck. And this shows that White Collar filming doesn’t conflict with Chuck’s, so maybe there’s a chance for Matt Bomer to reappear too? 🙂

  8. I love White Collar but NO Matt Bomer? Neal Has be in episode!

  9. Wow!! This will be a BIG episode!! Isn’t Cheryl Ladd in this episode as well? Look forward to this one – A LOT:)

  10. Bring back Bryce Larkin! (I still refer to the White Collar character as Bryce Larkin.)

    I think it’d be fun if Chuck spends the episode in a Rat Pack hat, or if Morgan takes up 3-card Monte… Perhaps more likely for Morgan to get taken IN by 3-card Monte by Lester.

  11. Sounds good, i like Tim Dekay very much on White Collar so im excited he is going to be on Chuck too
    I only hope Sarah didnt got intimate with him too
    after Bryce,Shaw,Cole,Chuck if her handler is her ex lover too it would be distasteful in more ways then one

  12. Sounds good.
    Tim DeKay plays very well in “White Collar”. I´m really looking forward to this episode. However, I hope that he isn´t a former lover too from Sarah.

  13. Why does everyone think he’s Sarah’s former lover? I mean really. Did anyone think of the possibility that he’s actually dating her mom? I mean really. I love DeKay but he’s not Sarah’s type. And if he’s dating Sarah’s mom that would explain the tension between Sarah and her mom. I mean, what could be worse than your mom dating the same person who had great impact on your life and helped teach you everything you know, made you the person you are today?
    Now I may be wrong about this, but I still think this scenerio is more likely than Dekay’s character being Sarah’s former lover. I mean that would be just weird.

    • I think he dated Sarah because she admitted and Casey confirmed, that she gets involved with the people she works with. This does not foreclose the possibility that he was also dating Sarah’s mother. And the source of the “strained relationship”: that Sarah says she had with her mother may well be that they were both competing for the same guy

      • This. ^

        To loosely paraphrase what Casey said to Sarah: “You seem to get involved with the people you work with, first Bryce, now our boy Chuck.”

        That would be a rather “uncomfortable” triangle of a former handler, Sarah and Sarah’s mom…

        Can we start calling Sarah’s former handler Ryker… #1?

  14. Damn, I was really hoping it was going to be Matt Bomer… ah well, I guess if one of the White Collar leads has time to make the trip to California then the other one has too.

  15. The best crossover with White Collar would be Mozzie on Chuck! or Morgan on WC 😀

  16. I love this. Tim Dekay is awesome. Another great guest star would be Tim Mattheson. He’s been playing a real baddie on Burn Notice, he would make a great villain on Chuck.

  17. Yep, White Collar is an awesome show but they kinda requested the wrong actor. 😉
    Still, I love Matt’s character on WC more than I ever liked Bryce Larkin.

  18. Hi All,

    Started watching WC – I like it. Noticed a couple of Chuck references By Bomor lol – certain pharses Chuck use to say in S1 lol.

  19. I am really psyched to see this episode. I love Tim on WC. He was awesome on LOLA and I’m sure he’ll do a darn fine job with this character on Chuck. I keep checking Zachary’s, Yvonne’s & Joshua’s twitter feeds to see if they’ve posted pics of him from the shooting yet. I hope they do!

  20. I have to agree with the person who thought they picked the wrong White Collar actor to do a crossover on Chuck, especially since there is so much hype and demand the past year or so for Matt Bomer from WC who played Bryce Larkin on Chuck to go back on the show in some way. I guess it couldn’t be worked out with Matt’s heavy schedule while he is on hiatis from WC filming for “Magic Mike”. Crossing my fingers it will happen at some point.

    • They didn’t “pick the wrong actor” – Tim auditioned for the role, which wouldn’t have worked for Bomer anyway, and got it.

      • Mel, I think the intent was to say “Hey, we like Tim very much but we would LOVE for Matt to come back one last time.” Obviously Matt having played a previous character in the series would negate him from doing other roles in it. (Well, maybe an evil twin brother or alternate universe Larkin or something – lol)

        I however do agree that Tim DeKay has that special “Cop Face” (wink) and will do a great job playing a former CIA handler. We love White Collar at home so this will be a special treat.

        For many fans, the character of Bryce Larkin seems to be a sort of Spy Martyr and holds a special place in their hearts. Can’t blame them for hoping he will come back from the dead, again – lol. Our buddy Bryce is a tough man to kill. 😉

  21. Hi All,

    A cool crossover would be Chuck/Burn Notice — Having the “Micheal Weston” Character on chuck would be interesting for Chuck Re Team B’s Wash order!!

    What do people think?