VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovski Beats Up a Rabbit

And now for something completely different! As part of Conan O’Brien’s Shocktober celebration, Team Coco invited Yvonne Strahovski to stop by and beat up a rabbit. Or rather, a man in a rabbit costume. Apparently Yvonne is not a fan of rabbits. She Tweeted, “yes. i did this.”

(Yes, she’s wearing extensions. Sarah has short hair in at least the first three episodes of season 5; not sure why or when she goes back to long hair.)

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  1. Probably extensions are for a flashback more than likely with either Cheryl Ladd as her mother and/or Tim DeKay has her handler.

    I have to say that camera angle makes her seem so tiny, tall but tiny! Anyone, fun to see some more Conan/Chuck fun!

  2. anyone finds this video funny ?
    i feel really sorry for the poor man dressed as a rabbit just so Yvonne and the old man can have their fun beating him with baseball bats 🙁
    At least Yvonne looks good with hair extensions 🙂

  3. Sorry…but this video wasn’t very funny. It should have been a martial arts battle between the rabbit and Yvonne just to show what Sarah Walker can do and promote Chuck, instead of beating the rabbit costumed man with fake bats.

    Realize it was done for humour and am not offended, but not amused either.

  4. Was the rabbit doing “The Morgan”?

  5. lol omg!! thats too funny

  6. Umm… that was.. kinda weird… 😐

  7. Not terribly funny, I agree that a martial arts match would have been much better! As for her not liking rabbits, does anyone in Australia like rabbits other than to eat them? Great example of an invasive species!

  8. Not really sure what to think at this point. It was just a little bit strange…

    Poor Man-Rabbit! Getting beat with fake bats. Really? I’m torn cuz it was so mean and yet hilarious in a sick kinda way… Still love Yvonne though. I like her in Chuck too much to stay mad at her.

  9. Beating up a rabbit is not that funny. Actually it just shows your stupidity and ignorance against a defenseless creature. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size, like a gorrilla!

  10. Hey, anyone who was born in Australia has a right to hate rabbits. Rabbits brought in by the early European immigrants are an ecological plague there.

  11. Yeah. Hilarious. If you’re eight years old.

  12. To Stone_wall: The human overpopulation is more of a global plague than rabbits could ever be. The rabbit problem is just a symptom of the human problem.

  13. this is just dumb. animal abuse is about as funny as children abuse.

  14. I don’t get it… is it supposed to be funny? I’m a big Chuck fan, but I don’t think I’ll ever look at Yvonne S the same… I mean, how can anyone not like bunnies? They’re so cute!

  15. Conan The Librarian

    Wow, people getting mad over some random Conan skit?! You do realise that it wasn’t a real rabbit but a just character who had acted obnoxiously with his bunny pals in a prior skit?

    A rabbit is cute, million rabbits in your backyard eating every plant in reach is not so cute. Anyway, Elmer Fudd would be proud.

  16. I don’t live in Australia, but I do know that rabbits are a disaster there. Imported by settlers released into the wild with NO natural enemies. Taking habitat from the natural fauna (kangaroos, walabies etc) They have resisted all attempts to erradicate them. So no, bunnies are not cute in Australia, and Yvonne may very well not like rabbits. But this was a skit (not very funny in my opinion) and not some Youtube video of a hunter shooting ducks for fun, so the reaction seems a bit over the top.

  17. ultimatechucklover

    Sorry but this video is not something that i find funny especially if your against violence and animal abuse…

  18. Does this mean….Yvonne could appear on Conan???

  19. According to his Twitter steam, Adam would like a ‘go’ at a dolphin 🙂

  20. I’m not sure how I feel about an Australian woman beating up one of our native furry friends. How would they feel if we sent Zachary Levi to Australia to beat up a kangaroo?

    Yeah, what about THAT….. yeah, WHAT about that…. grumble grumble….


  21. OK guys, really? I mean, REALLY? It’s not like she actually beat up a real rabbit. It was some guy in a costume that probably volunteered to do it. Again, it’s not a real rabbit. We all know that(I hope), so why are you guys attacking this with all your animal rights stuff? I believe in animal rights, but it’s not an actual animal. And yes, I don’t care how much you think bunnies are cute, Yvonne does have the right and reason to hate them. Everyone has a different opinion. The world is not split up into good and bad by whether you like rabbits or not. Just let it go. And yes, I still like Yvonne. She didn’t do anything that bad or wrong.

  22. I laughed and cringed. Yvonne’s first swing was a crotch shot. I bet the bats weren’t real and the suit padded.

  23. Maybe the rabbit wanted to be her boyfriend.

  24. Thank you, Rocky Bleu. I hate spiders. Am I going to get hate mail now?

  25. Rocky Bleu – I’m with You! Get over it people! Do you object to that mean and nasty “Moe” of the Three Stooges when he pokes the eyes of Larry and Curly (or Shemp)? Does David Letterman tossing a poor, defenseless watermelon off the top of a building just for the sake of watching it explode give you nightmares? Do you call PETA (which by the way, I seem to recall that Yvonne did some promo spots for) when six year olds beat the snot out of an animal piñata so they can pig out (no pun intended) on the candy inside? IT’S HUMOR. Sometimes humor isn’t “Ha Ha” funny, but ridiculous, stupid funny (and this was definitely the latter). And after all, it’s Conan O’Brien – what do you expect. Well I have to leave. There’s a nice group of tasty squirrels in my back yard that I need to go shoot for my squirrel stew lunch. Anyone want to join me? 😉

  26. Let’s not forget all the work Yvonne has done for KEN-MAR Rescue! How quickly that is forgotten.

  27. Wow – in real life Yvonne hits like a girl.

    I’m so disappointed; heart-broken, even.

  28. Dave,

    She wasn’t swinging for the fence.She looks like she is trying to pull her punches so that she does not hurt the guy in the suit too bad.

    LOL..people actually getting upset that the rabbit might be
    Man I hate overtly sensitive PC people.Turn a obvious joke into some rally for animal rights…lol RIDICULOUS