Vote for Chuck in the TV Guide fan favorite poll

TV Guide Fan Favorite Cover, Round 2!

Vote for Chuck in the TV Guide fan favorite pollRemember last year when we narrowly lost the first annual competition for the TV Guide fan favorite cover to those Winchester brothers? They’re officially retired now, and we’re getting another chance! The second annual competition for the TV Guide fan favorite cover is underway, and it’s going to be a lot harder to cheat this time. Not that we know anyone who tried. Ahem.

Here’s how to vote: “Like” the TV Guide Facebook page, then vote Chuck!

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  1. i have voted xD can t wait 28 october !!!! its the final chapter !!!

  2. Well I must be dumb, because I still can’t figure out where to vote 

  3. You can still vote as often as you like – you just have to click “cancel” on the wall post every time so you don’t clog your entire wall with announcements of every vote… If you refresh the page, you’re good to vote again!

  4. Rooting from the sidelines on this one. I will not visit Facebook, even for such a good cause. I’ve been trying to completely de-register (if that’s even possible) for a few years now.

    Go, Chuck! 😀

  5. So reading the information above, is the Seventh season of Supernatural the final season of Supernatural?

  6. I’ve voted 🙂 Come on Chuck.

  7. I’ve Voted. Go Chuck !!! Long live Chuck !!! go season 6 *wishinghard hahhahahahahahahahhaah

  8. My vote is in. Let’s go Chuck! That is one issue that I would actually buy and read. Long live CHUCK!


    See if we can get it for the second time.

  10. Hi All
    Ive been voteing for CHUCK and ive just read that it is only for the people in the U.S.A that can win in the sweepstake for the comic-com mag. im still going to vote for chuck to win for the TV Guide FORNT COVER


  11. Game of Thrones is also there….damn, I am not sure we can make it against it. I love GoT but they will have more seasons, I am sure and Chuck has the last chance now

  12. Look Chuck fans, I understand you love your show but… this is Chuck’s LAST SEASON. Final. ever. No matter what. It’s not going to get you a 6th season if that’s what you’re thinking. Everyone working on Chuck knows that it’s the last season, it’s their swan song, and they want to come out on top.

    This is why I beg of you to let Community win. It’s in the same position Chuck was in – It’s a brilliant show on the cusp of cancellation. If Community can win this, it just might be the ratings boost the show needs to secure it’s fourth (most likely final) season. Your show has had it’s time, and now it is time for ours. Please just lay off voting and allow us to keep our show alive.

    The Community community.

    • I get your point, Magnitude, but…no. This is our last chance to get Chuck on the cover of TV Guide, and we’re going to do it.