Friday Five: Chuck Season 5 Questions Answered (SPOILERS)

Happy Chuck day! This week’s Friday Five is spoileriffic, so if you’re trying to stay spoiler-free before tonight’s big season premiere, perhaps you could go vote for Chuck in the TV Guide cover poll instead.


After posting my advance review of season 5, there were questions. Here are the answers to five of them.

  1. Is Sarah and Chuck’s marriage solid? Very. Also, it would appear that the fountain has been replaced by their bed.
  2. Will Alex (Mekenna Melvin) be in any episodes? Yes! Alex is absent in the season premiere, but she shows up in the next two episodes.
  3. How does Beckman play in the scheme of things? “Becky” is a smart woman who understands the value of having independent contractors.
  4. Is Decker in more than 1 episode? Yes.
  5. Are Sarah and Casey at the forefront in those first 3 or are they playing a second fiddle to Chuck/Morgan? The Intersect storyline is a big one in these first 3 episodes, one that involves all of Carmichael Industries, but Casey in particular gets his own juicy storyline beginning next week.
Chuck returns tonight at 8/7c on NBC!
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  1. Hello Mel:

    Is Spoiler 1. valid for all Season 5 or only Episode 1 to 3????


  2. “Also, it would appear that the fountain has been replaced by their bed.”

    Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean?

    • They no longer need to sit on the edge of the courtyard fountain to conduct their heart-to-hearts. The bed is much more comfy.

  3. Well, I feel stupid. Been watching the show since it started, and I’m drawing a blank on the fountain. Where is the fountain?

    • You know, the fountain in the courtyard of the apartment complex? Where they’ve had so many talks (or stopped each other from talking)?

  4. Ah….I do!! Thanks for helping me get my memory back:) I cannot WAIT to see the fountain, uh, bed now:)

  5. I really liked their fountain talks together in the beginning , but now I don’t care for it now. They are in Love and Happily Married and they should have their heart -to-heart talks together in their room. Because I think that’s where Sarah opens up to Chuck more and tells him anything.

  6. We had already Tivo’d CHUCK way back in the beginning of the series. Somehow
    this year when the season started, things had already taken place that we had
    no idea of what was what. Example: Somehow Chuck and wifey owned Buymore, and were now running their own spy business rather than working for the government. Is this something that we are suppose to figure out or did we miss a couple of episodes? Help Please.