No Chuck for Thanksgiving

No Chuck for Thanksgiving

NBC just released their broadcast schedule for the week of Thanksgiving, and Chuck isn’t on it. :( Instead, on the day after Thanksgiving NBC will air National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

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  1. So, it truly is Black Friday. Hey, they should rerun that episode. Maybe organize a rewatch.

  2. Okay…I have some trouble to follow NBC’s way of thinking these days…

  3. this sucks wat a bummer

  4. My Thanksgiving is wow)) officially ruined. :(

  5. I’m probably all alone in this, but I’m not apologizing for wanting to spend time with my family that weekend and viagra for women have a day off. I need to reconnect with them.

    • Your not alone Liz. Since watching Chuck is typically not as much work (all be it a labor of love) as it is for Mel and yourself, I won’t consider it a “day off.” With that being said, I agree, be thankful to not have any distractions from spending time with family.
      I know my wife will be thankful that she doesn’t have to hear me ask, “why didn’t Yvonne get more camera time,” that friday.

  6. Boo! Hiss!

    Did NBC tell the writers this before they told us? Or will our early-November Halloween episode spiral into a mid-January Christmas episode?

    But we definitely should have a rewatch party. Can we watch both “Pineapple” (Nemesis) and “Bing!” (Gravitron)?

  7. Only one word for this situation. PINEAPPLE!!!!!

    The way things are going we should get the Christmas episode just in time for valentines day.

  8. This makes me mad. I was hoping for a nice Thanksgiving episode, but I guess that it will not be happening.

  9. Unleash The Casey

    My question is this: Is the already one week behind x-mas episode now bumped to two weeks?

  10. Do you think we will have an epi on the 2nd of December?

  11. NBC’s schedule is out and there won’t be an episode on cheap generic viagra without prescription December 2.