VIDEO: A Sneak Peek at “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips”

Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode of Chuck? We can help with that! Take a look at this tease from Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips.

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  1. Here’s a promo:

    Here’s the sneak peek:

    Spoilers, people!

  2. Man, MelandLiz, your spam filter is harsh! I tried to put up links on that YouTube site to both the promo and sneak peek video but I guess the comment didn’t go through.

    Anywho, these can be found by searching “Chuck” and “Frosted Tips”.

    Looks like a fun ep!

    • Okay, so now it get coughed up! Edit! 😉

    • The sneak peek is posted above. I don’t understand why you tried posting it again.

      • I’m one of those “International Fans” and the embedded clip won’t play for me. So I went looking for it elsewhere and thought others might like the links as well.

        Then the links comment didn’t show up until I posted the follow-up comment, and then — and then — and then… *ahhhhhhh!*

        So you’ve got quite a number of comments now on this story, at least.


  3. Why is it so hard to figure it out, Liz? Whenever you post an embedded clip from NBC’s site, you have to think about the international fans too (not all of us are US citizens, you know….), because they don’t have access to those clips. So yeah, thank you verkisto for posting the youtube links.

    • Well Robert, my conversation was with Verkisto and I just needed clarification as to what she was trying to do, and she answered me quite nicely. Since my powers of telepathy are a little stunted, I did not know that Verkisto was from another country, and since we do get a lot of people trying to post links to illegal streaming, I had to make sure.

      And contrary to what you may believe, Robert, I do know that there are many non-U.S. citizens that are Chuck fans, having been around this site since its birth. I hope that clears things up for you Robert, and you won’t think me the complete imbecile you are implying that I am, from here on out.

  4. *sigh* I’m getting tired of Morgan as the intersect. I’m glad it’s almost over.

    In fact, I’m getting tired of Chuck WITHOUT the intersect. Yes, yes I know Chuck has proved time and time again that he does not need the intersect to be a “spy,” but the whole point of Chuck (the show) is that Chuck (the character) has a super-dangerous, super-powerful super-computer in his head. THAT’s the gimmick. Am I right?

    • I love Morgan as the Intersect. It brings a whole new story, and it shows us how Chuck will grow from not having the Intersect. This episode is really amazing. We at Chuckfest3 got to see it in advance, and it made us laugh so much. But honestly, this episode is really amazing