Chuck vs. the Hack Off

PHOTOS: Chuck vs. the Hack Off

Chuck returns with an all-new episode on Friday, December 9 at 8/7c on NBC, and today we have photos from that episode to share! Get your first look at Lester Patel, Prisoner plus some shots of Morgan, Jeff, and guest star Danny Pudi as Vali looking at a computer that tell us…nothing. Arg!

It just hit me: Danny Pudi’s character is the substitute Lester at the Buy More!

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  1. I wonder if Lester and buy drug propecia it's great! Casey are sharing the same cell in the LA County jail. Just thinking about it is funny.

    • That’s what I was wondering too. But it wouldn’t make sense since Lester’s crime was considerably less violent than Casey’s…but then again, if Lester had succeeded, it would have been first degree murder maybe?

  2. thats an interesting looking prison

  3. in the picture of lester it looks like he might be in castle, not prison(from looking at the stuff hanging around him) hmmm….

  4. Uhhh Lester in Orange and Dani Puddi. Can’t wait to see that 😀

    Thanks for the pic Mel!

  5. Looks like a lot of wiring or something in the background of the Lester pic,
    and the look on his face, he’s either seen something shocking,….or maybe he’s just been intersected …hehehe

    Decker plot, ‘bad’ intersect planted in the Buy More?

  6. O. M. G. they’re downloading the intersect into Lester!

  7. Why preempted again??????

  8. Well, something is preempted tonight, because there’s no Chuck. I thought there was a one week hiatus, not two.

    • There was a 2-week break between 5.04 and 5.05; one week for Thanksgiving and one week for It’s A Wonderful Life (maybe that’s what your affiliate is preempting tonight?). As previously reported, Chuck returns December 9 and will air new episodes weekly until the series finale on January 27.

  9. Wish they would keep these series, very relaxing, little bit of action with comedy.Regrettable NBC kills good relaxing movies for reality shows etc. This movie never received the right advertisement, if would I am sure the ratings would have been a lot higher. Love Casey’s character will miss the “growls” and “looks” and “remarks”. Would be nice if they change their minds and come back with maybe Casey’s spy life? The mix of comedy with action was really good and is what one needs in the evenings to relax. Will miss the series!