SPOILERS: Title for Chuck Episode 5.10 (But Not 5.12)


We noticed a gap in our knowledge of Chuck episode titles this season, so we went straight to the source to ask for the titles of 5.10 and 5.12. Chris Fedak tells us that episode 5.10 is called “Chuck vs. Bo”. As in “Bo Derek” who guest stars as herself in that episode.

But what about 5.12, the penultimate episode of the series? Don’t hold your breath. “Twelve is a secret,” Fedak says. Intrigued? So are we. What could that title possibly give away? Guess we’ll have to wait until January 27 to find out!

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  1. My two cents:

    -Chuck Vs The Loss (Apparently Chuck & Sarah are suffering a loss sometime before the final episode)

    -Chuck Vs The Resurrection (Of a certain father)

  2. Episode 512:

    Chuck vs Casey is Dead

  3. They better not kill off Casey. What if there is the opportunity to have “Chuck vs The Movie” and there is no Casey……..Just can’t happen, is all I have to say.

  4. Chuck vs. the intersect 3.0 ( or whatever number we are on officially)

  5. I think the name is a big, big spoiler, so i would love if the name of episode 12 would be Chuck vs Orion. : )

  6. Chuck vs the Additional Episodes!!!! OR
    Chuck vs the 6-7-8 and so on season!!!!!

  7. Hi All,

    According to IMDB episode 12 is called Chuck vs The Final Mission Part 1

    Hope that help

    • IMDb is incorrect. We already know that 13 is Chuck vs. the Goodbye, so there’s no point in naming 12 “Part 1”.

      • Fair Enough Mel – I bow to your knowledge 🙂

        I read it there a couple of weeks ago – Never thought it was right or wrong , it was just what I read.

        BTW this page has been brillent for us Chuck fans!!!!

        Thank You to you and everyone associated with Chucktv.net

        I hope this webpage continues 🙂


  8. Not really excited for Chuck vs Bo…think that’s one episode I can skip…sorry…but I just don’t see what value she can add…unless she had an affair with Orion at one time…

  9. Chuck vs. Bryce Larkin

  10. Calling it now: Chuck vs. The Ring Part III