Chris Fedak & Zachary Levi Talk Chuck’s Christmas Villain (PHOTO)

Chris Fedak & Zachary Levi Talk Chuck’s Christmas Villain (PHOTO)

When the Chuck promo aired after “Chuck vs. the Hack Off” a couple of weeks ago, revealing this year’s Christmas villain, Chuck fans went into a hyperdrive of speculation and, yes, groaning. Chuck executive producer Chris Fedak and star Zachary Levi talked to The Examiner about the decision to bring Brandon Routh’s controversial Daniel Shaw back for one last appearance in this week’s episode.

“We wanted to do a monster story,” Fedak explained simply. “We wanted to do a Christmas story, but Christmas is such a holiday haunted of the Charles Dickens tradition, so when we started thinking about a Christmas story, we said ‘Let’s bring back a monster from our past.’ And Brandon– at the end of season three, Brandon was such a ‘Muahaha’ bad guy. And I said ‘We’ve got to bring back the ‘Muahaha’ bad guy’!”

Brandon Routh returns as Daniel Shaw, looking somewhat worse for the wear.

Read the full interview here.

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  1. It sounds like this is going to be one intense episode. I am sure the die-hard Chuck fans will be yelling at the TV during this episode-kinda of like ep.3.19

    • We can only hope! Subway (3.18) was my favorite episode of all time with 3.19 close behind and inextricably linked, of course. When Shaw shows up at the hearing room, I was screaming at the TV! And they when Chuck was detained for throwing the blade (or was it a pen?) at him – that was awesome TV!

  2. Alan Sepinwall and Ryan McGee, two critics I respect, have said this is an outstanding episode.

    That picture has me fascinated. Shaw didn’t have a single scratch on his face in the promo.

    Someone worked him over real good.

    • DKD,

      Is there a link to those reviews? I’d like to read them if possible.



      • No reviews. Tweets. Follow them on Twitter. Both critics usually don’t post their full reviews until after the episode has aired.

  3. VERY happy for Brandon’s return to the show. Best villain in the whole series hands down. Thanks, show, can’t wait for Friday!!

    • Easily not the best villain–the best villain was Chuck’s mom’s live in villain, until he turned to the good side.

  4. I’m confused. Shaw’s been behind the plot to take down Charmichael Industries, or the whole conspiracy of Chuck’s life from the beginning?

    • I’ve always felt that Shaw was a problem from the start. When he first came on board, ostensibly to develop Chuck’s skills as a spy, he seemed to make one bad move after another. He sent Chuck on his first mission poorly prepared and it was a miracle he wasn’t killed by Panzer and the “stewardess” on the plane; he messed with Chuck’s head and heart by pursuing Sarah; and he treated Casey dismissively. He did all he could to undermine the esprit de corps and team cohesion within the Bartowski operation.

  5. I think Shaw is just a part of the conspiracy…. Btw, from the picture, is Chuck beat Shaw again ?? And send him to jail again ?? Woowww, really can’t wait next Friday… But I really hate Shaw.

  6. More from Ausiello:

    “We’ll realize that Decker and his plan has all been manipulated by Daniel Shaw from his [prison] cell,” reveals EP Chris Fedak. “We wanted to do a monster story. We wanted to do a Christmas story. Christmas is such a haunted holiday, like in the Charles Dickens tradition. So when we started thinking about this year’s Christmas story, we thought, ‘Let’s bring back a monster from our past.’ At the end of Season 3, Brandon [Routh] was such a good ‘Mwahaha’ bad guy. I was like, “We gotta bring back the ‘Mwahaha.’” Fedak calls the hour “one of our most crazy, intense” episodes ever, adding, “It’s Daniel Shaw haunting Sarah Walker. Brandon came back, and he was great. He just plays an icy killer like nobody else.”

  7. Since Shaw is coming back and he has the intersect, wouldn’t it be destroying his brain like it was Chuck’s? Or does he have something like the Governor, which Chuck needed?

    • Since the CIA seems to be able to sneak intersects in and out of people with just glasses or a handheld video game, I assume they might’ve taken the intersect out of him while he was in jail.

  8. When i heard Shaw was back, the first thing I thought was his brain was melted, and/or he would be insane, making him very vindictive.