SPOILERS: Short Synopsis for Chuck Episode 5.10

SpoilerTV has the short synopsis for Chuck episode 5.10, “Chuck vs. Bo”, which airs Friday, January 13 at 8/7c on NBC.

Chuck and Sarah must go to Vail on one last mission, where they get some help from Bo Derek; Jeff and Lester continue their mission.

So Chuck and Sarah are going on a final mission, and Jeff and Lester are continuing a mission of their own. I wonder…could the endgame have Jeff and Lester becoming spies under the guise of touring with JEFFSTER? Or is that too outlandish?

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  1. The wording would lead you to infer that C/S have made a decision to leave the spy life by this point. Perhaps because of Santa? Baby?

  2. They laid the groundwork for them quitting in “Hack-off”. I’m wondering why they “must” do this last mission.

    Of course, we know that it will either be a long mission or it won’t be their last one at all based on there being three more episodes after this.

  3. They may be planning on it being their last mission. However, that’s necessarily how things will turn out though.

  4. There have been many (not so subtle) hints this season that the “end game” for the series has Chuck and Sarah quitting the “spy game” and beginning a normal life together. This makes sense since it would mean that Chuck will have come full circle: normal guy, reluctant spy, apprentice spy, full spy, and back to normal guy (but now with Sarah).

    Another thought which has probably been mentioned before: Is it a coincidence that episode 10 has Bo Derek in it?