Yvonne Strahovski & Cheryl Ladd - "Chuck vs. the Baby"

VIDEO: Sneak Peek of “Chuck vs. the Baby”

This week’s episode of Chuck is a highly anticipated Sarah story, including a flashback to before she met Chuck and with a mysterious baby. NBC released a sneak peek of a tense scene in Castle to whet our appetites. Take a look.

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  1. It’s pretty clear that this episode is as much about Sarah’s growth in her relationship with Chuck as it is about a baby. We’ve seen several of these moments.

    Sarah’s afraid to move in together.

    Sarah’s afraid to unpack.

    Sarah’s afraid of committment.

    They were always resolved with growth moments that caused them to grow closer.

    I expect another one here where Sarah realizes that she doesn’t have to fear telling Chuck stuff and they grow closer.

    • I dont understand why peope keep saying Sarah is or was afraid of commitment. She was afraid of settling down-this is a different issue. I would even argue that over the seasons Sarah has been more comitted to Chuck than he has to her.

      • Sarah in Cubic Z — “When you were talking last night about how Awesome was right, and it would be us next with the marraige and baby… it scared me.”

        Sarah says that Sarah was afraid of committment.

      • Bill- At this point it is a matter of perspective. Sarah’s idea of committment is very different from Chuck’s initially. While she might have been scared/afraid of marriage and baby that does not she is any less committed in the relationship then Chuck is. She has had mutliple chances to run away, even before Chuck and Sarah were officially a couple and she didn’t. Look back on the times you think she was afraid. It stems for her training as a spy, and her upbringing with her dad, not a lack of committment.

      • Kristen,

        I’m not saying that Sarah isn’t committed to Chuck. She surely is. That was my point. There have been several times when Sarah has grown in the relationship over the past couple of seasons.

        I’m predicting that tomorrow we’ll see another step in that growth.

        But you can’t deny there was a time when she was afraid of commitment. In Coup D’Etat she said it. “What happens if we do — if I do and it changes things?” I’m not a clinical doctor but that seems like classic fear of committment to me.

  2. I think the big revelation is that if they (Chuck & Sarah) are to start a family, they can’t stay in the spy business. They are adults who understand the risks involved, but kids are innocent and should not be exposed to the dangers they will face.

    Also I really like when Chuck and Sarah are bickering and arguing, it gives some edge to the relationship and is much less boring than those vomit inducing husband&wife scenes. We know you are married, get over it! So that whole sneak peek is more funny than tense to me.

  3. Just a note about this alledged “out of character” behaviour. When doing missions for CIA or clients of Carmichael Industries Sarah Walker has been portrayed as a level headed and rational person, but if there are personal issues at stake she goes into “I’ll do whatever it takes and no one stands in my way” mode.

    When the Sheik captured her father she walked over Casey and Chuck and went alone to save him. When the Belgian captured Chuck she walked over CIA and Casey and went alone to save him. So now that her mother is in apparent danger, isn’t her behaviour consistent with what has happened before?

  4. There is a 2nd clip with Chuck and Morgan too

  5. Right ViP. She certainly does and Chuck does the same which makes her calling him out a little hypocritical.