Chuck vs. the Podcast 99: One-Two Punch

While we were all on holidays, Chuck sure wasn’t! Between Chuck vs. the Santa Suit, written by writing assistant Amanda Kate Shuman, and Chuck vs. the Baby, directed by first-time TV director Matt Barber (and written by fan favorite writers Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc), Chuck delivered a one-two punch of back to back amazing episodes!

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In our 100th podcast (because of a half-episode early on), we celebrate 4 years as a podcast and 37 consecutive months as the #1 TV-themed podcast in Podcast Alley’s “TV & Film” category. What better way to celebrate, than with some of our liveliest discussion ever, singing the praises of these two episodes.

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  1. Hi All,

    Happy New Year! Enjoyed the Podcast! Was thinking about the final “BIG BADDIE” & who he is interms of the conspiricy Papa B mentions in S2 vs The Dream Job. I always wondered why Papa B had an Intersect in his head! Here is what I think: Stephen J & Hartley designed & developed the Intersect! After Hartley’s mishap in 1980 a young intern on Stephen’s team saw an oppertunity to use it to his advantage – thats why Papa B ran & tested the 2nd prototype on himself 14 yrs later because he didn’t know who to trust.

    What do people think?


    ALISON ( ALI )



  3. watching chuck season one. it’s so weird watching chuck and sarah be together without actually being together but as “covers”. what’s so great is chuck really wanting sarah but sarah not giving it to him lol.

    great podcast again guys. really good stuff!

  4. Bit confused why sarahs mum didn’t call her sam and cant remember well but possibly one of the boxes shown in papa b’s secret basement has a name that might pop up?


  5. About the Sam thing, I remembered that Sarah felt pretty comfortable when telling Shaw her real name. But why is it that Chuck still calls her Sarah. I mean like he does know her real name (minus surname). Is it that it could bring family of Sarah in danger if her full name gets out? Chuck and Sarah are so close it would just feel right if Chuck knew.

    • Sarah is Sarah to Chuck, the viewers and she obviously thinks of herself as Sarah as well.

      The “Sam” revelation was a horrible misstep, particularly because it wasn’t Chuck she told that to. I think the writers realize it was a bad idea and I don’t think it will ever be brought up again.

    • Sarah Walker has made her legal name 1998 when she was recruited, so it´s her name since then. So it´s right that she has that name now.

  6. I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I would like to hear Mel ideas on my question. How does Bryce Larkin fit in to the back story if after the Chuck vs Baby story Sarah now goes to be Chuck’s handler. As I remember Sarah and Bryce were very close partners for some time length (?). I don’t think it could have been before Sarah and her handler as I would think she had a handler while she was learning the ropes of the CIA business.

    • The mission we saw in “vs the Baby” was between when Bryce & Sarah were partners and when Sarah was assigned to be Chuck’s handler. Bryce had gone rogue already, leaving Sarah without a partner. My speculation is that the CIA then reassigned her to work with a handler to insure that she wasn’t a double agent and to prove her loyalty to the CIA.

  7. Loved the podcast guys, agree with almost everything. One thing though, Mel I am surprised nobody brought up the problems with that last scene with Graham. Sarah was not assigned as Chuck’s handler until the end of the pilot, and if memory serves Graham had no problem killing Chuck if the situation called for it. That scene for me was a big retcon, and unfortunantly it could have easily been avoided with a change in dialouge. What do you guys think?

    • Graham didn’t assign her as Chuck’s handler in that final scene, he said, “I think you’re ready to be a handler.” So she goes, scopes out Chuck and the Intersect, then when the government decides they want to keep Chuck alive, she becomes his handler. Easy peasy.