Two Chuck Episodes Named Best of 2011

BuddyTV curated a list of their 50 favorite episodes from 2011, and Chuck scored two spots on their list. The season 4 finale, “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger”, ranked #40 while what was originally planned for the season finale, “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”, landed all the way up at #3.

Thanks to Moira for the head’s up.

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  1. When I saw the article’s title, I assumed it would be “Chuck” fans’ favourite episodes, which I guessed would be different ones.

    So which episodes would those be? Perhaps a suitable poll after all the eps are in.

    Hooray for more media exposure!

  2. “Chuck vs the Push Mix” definitely deserves to be high on that list. I think “Phase Three” should be up somewhere there as well.

    • Agreed. Strahovski was stupendous.

    • Agreed…. Phase Three. The scene that switched between dream state and real between Chuck and Sarah at the end was one of the best the writers have written in my book. Plus Sarah going she-male in the jungles of Asia to rescue her man was well… there are no words…. just a great episode. Shouldn’t have missed the list.

    • “Phase Three” aired in 2010. 😉

    • Agreed that Phase Three was great…but that was actually in 2010, not 2011.

    • Oh yeah, I realized that after posting.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention–to have 2 on the list was a great accomplishment. Glad to see Castle also had 2..

  4. Its nice that the show and the people who made it are getting some recognition for its excellent work.