Two Chuck Episodes Named Best of 2011

Two Chuck Episodes Named Best of 2011

BuddyTV curated a list of their 50 favorite episodes from 2011, and Chuck scored two spots on their list. The season 4 finale, “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger”, ranked #40 while what was originally planned for the season finale, “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”, landed all the way up at #3.

Thanks to Moira for the head’s up.

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  1. When I saw the article’s title, I assumed it would be “Chuck” fans’ favourite episodes, which I guessed would be different ones.

    So which episodes would those be? Perhaps a suitable poll after all the eps are in.

    Hooray for more media exposure!

  2. “Chuck vs the Push Mix” definitely deserves to be high on that list. I think “Phase Three” should be up somewhere there as well.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention–to have 2 on the list was a great accomplishment. Glad to see Castle also had 2..

  4. Its nice that the show and the people who made it are getting some recognition for its excellent work.