The Ultimate Chuck Sing Off, Round 1

If you thought the Ultimate Villain Showdown was tough, wait until you get into this one! We’re now pitting songs from Chuck against each other, looking for the ultimate Chuck song! We’re looking for the song YOU liked most, based on how the song captured the scene in which it was used. Yeah, this one requires some thought. But first, a few notes.

  • Songs are grouped by season and compete against each other in random match ups. And random means random, thus the brutal 2.4 match up.
  • JEFFSTER! gets their own competition because, well, it’s JEFFSTER!
  • “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” is included in the Season 1 showdown only.
  • We opted not to list every song ever used. Instead, we chose the songs based on which ones were downloaded most from our Music pages, are referenced by fans in discussions, and/or were part of pivotal scenes.
  • Songs are from Seasons 1-4 only. We’ll hold the Season 5 competition in February.

Ready? This first round is a LOOOONG one, but you can do it!

Round 1 voting ends Sunday, January 8, at 11:59PM Pacific.

Season 1

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Season 2

[polldaddy poll=5815139] [polldaddy poll=5815142] [polldaddy poll=5815145] [polldaddy poll=5815146] [polldaddy poll=5815148] [polldaddy poll=5815150] [polldaddy poll=5815153] [polldaddy poll=5815155] [polldaddy poll=5815156] [polldaddy poll=5815157] [polldaddy poll=5815160] [polldaddy poll=5815163] [polldaddy poll=5815165] [polldaddy poll=5815168] [polldaddy poll=5815170]

Season 3

[polldaddy poll=5815487] [polldaddy poll=5815490] [polldaddy poll=5815492] [polldaddy poll=5815496] [polldaddy poll=5815498] [polldaddy poll=5815501] [polldaddy poll=5815505] [polldaddy poll=5815508] [polldaddy poll=5815511] [polldaddy poll=5815589] [polldaddy poll=5815592] [polldaddy poll=5815593] [polldaddy poll=5815594] [polldaddy poll=5815599] [polldaddy poll=5815603] [polldaddy poll=5815606] [polldaddy poll=5815606] [polldaddy poll=5815608] [polldaddy poll=5815615] [polldaddy poll=5815616]

Season 4

[polldaddy poll=5815620] [polldaddy poll=5815624] [polldaddy poll=5815628] [polldaddy poll=5815631] [polldaddy poll=5815633] [polldaddy poll=5815642] [polldaddy poll=5815650] [polldaddy poll=5815653] [polldaddy poll=5815655] [polldaddy poll=5815656] [polldaddy poll=5815657] [polldaddy poll=5815660] [polldaddy poll=5815664] [polldaddy poll=5815666] [polldaddy poll=5815671] [polldaddy poll=5815675] [polldaddy poll=5815676] [polldaddy poll=5815679] [polldaddy poll=5815681] [polldaddy poll=5815682] [polldaddy poll=5815686] [polldaddy poll=5815688] [polldaddy poll=5815690] [polldaddy poll=5815692] [polldaddy poll=5815695]


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  1. MyNameIsJeffNImLost

    That was long, but I’m looking forward to how it plays out. Some of the choices were tough (Bon Iver vs Bon Iver, On My Way Back Home vs Backwards Walk). I was a little surprised you had some of Daniel May’s Buy More background music, but left off the Puppini Sisters’ cover of Walk Like An Egyptian.

  2. 4.19 was a tough pick for me. These songs were played during two of the greatest season 4 scenes (in my opinion). Whenever I hear any of these songs I always picture the scenes that went with them.

  3. Jeanne Widdicombe


  4. 4.20 was tough… and so was bon iver 🙂

  5. Sinking Friendships (Jonsi) for the wedding is my honorary pick 🙂

    • Son of a… That was on the list, how did it not get in the poll? Maybe because my eyes were crossing by the time I got to season 4.

  6. My 3 fave songs are:

    1. “Kettering” from Other Guy
    2. “Daddy’s Gone” from Dream Job
    3. “Bears” from Operation Awesome
    4. “Tom Sawyer” from Tom Sawyer (Rush!)
    5. “I’m Your Skin” from Living Dead

    Those are my faves probably because those were really exciting and powerful scenes/episodes to me from the whole series.

  7. My honorary pick is Here With Me by Battleme! Thank you so much for taking the time to comb through all that music and pull this together.

  8. Hmmm… Keep Yourself Warm by Frightend Rabbit were in both 1.2 and 2.9, if you could fix that Mel, because we can’t have it twice! 🙂

  9. Off the top of my head my favorite songs on Chuck:

    Rush – Tom Sawyer
    Styx – Mr Roboto
    Toto – Africa
    (everyone know these)
    The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (last song in “the Push Mix”)
    The Bravery – I am your skin (“the living dead”, plays as Chuck writes his spywill)
    fun. – We are Young (“the Baby”)
    Wolfmother – Woman (“the Phase Three”)

    Probably forgetting something.

    • Oh yeah, I guess I should also mention “Don’t look back in anger” by Oasis (plays when Chuck digs a picture of Bryce and himself from a trashcan in S1.

      I used to be a big Oasis fan 15 years ago. :p

    • Yeah! The Naked and Famous New Zealand Band!

  10. Maybe it’s just me but I loved “Dropped” by Phantom Planet in 2×01 – thought it went really well in the episode plus it turned out to be really catchy!

  11. Isn’t the song: Keep Yourself Warm by Frightened Rabbit in poll 1.2 and poll 2.9? The song is in 2 polls, just wanted to point that out 🙂

  12. They are all great songs ! i can t decide :/ xD

  13. aaah this was so hard! Besides the show itself, the music from Chuck is what i’m gonna miss the most! Literally 95% of my new music comes from Chuck.

  14. I LOVE the use of One October Song – I kind of think of it as Papa B’s song. It’s so cool when they use a song multiple times in the same context.

    Didn’t see the Thermals Now We Can See and Gramercy Arm’s Looking at the Sun (Chuck vs the Ring), probably my two favorite songs that I first heard on Chuck.

    Chuck has gotten me into Bon Iver, Frightened Rabbit and Slow Club – all three groups have been used multiple times. Band of Horses is also an obvious favorite for the show.

  15. I would also have added love it all by the kooks from season 2 episode 2

  16. That was fun. I’ve now got a few more songs to download to add to my Chuck soundtrack playlist. An official soundtrack would be awesome! Like a lot of people here I’ve been introduced to new bands through Chuck and every week can see youtube comments for songs featured in that episode. Such a crucial part of the shows character.

    Agree about the tough Bon Iver choice. Had to deliberate on that for a while. But Creature Fear won – come on that was like the best scene ever!!!!

  17. The “Christmas Tv” montage in Chuck vs. the Ring should win this whole thing imo, it’s not my favorite song but it was PERFECT for what was going on

  18. No “Hungry Like The Wolf” from Chuck vs The First Kill? 🙁

    • Like I said in the article, we couldn’t do EVERY song so we picked the ones that were most popular/most talked about by fans.`

  19. Aw crap, was that ever difficult but fun! Definitely some challenging choices there (2.4, 4.19, and 4.20 were especially tough for me).
    Love this idea and what a great reminder of all the fantastic music we were exposed to through Chuck. It’s one of the things I’m definitely going to miss about the show. Gotta go update my Chuck playlist!

  20. This might be what I miss most about CHUCk. It introduced me to a whole genre of music that I would probably not discovered on my own. Great tunes

    • Agreed! ^ I’m actually re-watching the entire 5 seasons now in anticipation for the end and I’m already on season 4 but I’ve downloaded 30+ new songs from Chuck. It actually became one of my favourite things about this show, how great the music was!

  21. Some tracks were thought to chose 🙁 Ah memories, whenever I hear them I picture the scene where they were played.

  22. special agent chuckles

    Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads was remarkable too during Chuck vs The Suburbs when the camera was circling around Chuck when he arrived at their “new house”.

  23. Graet idea for a poll, but you’re missing a few.

    Songs that should have also been in this:
    “Love It All” – The Kooks (Bryce returns)
    “Into Your Dream” – Foreign Born (Chuck and Sarah pilot date)
    “Dropped” – Phantom Planet (Chuck vs. The First Date)
    “Can You Tell” – Ra Ra Riot (Thanksgiving dinner after Jill)
    “Now We Can See” – The Thermals (Chuck quits the Buy More)
    “3 Rounds and a Sound” – Blind Pilot (Chuck and Sarah dance at Ellie’s wedding) [This one REALLY should have been included]
    “Airplanes” – Local Natives (Chuck wants Sarah back after breaking up)
    “Kiss With a Fist” – Florence + The Machine (Chuck and Sarah argue while fighting)

    With that said, these songs were my favorites (included in the poll) in terms of placement, quality, and accurate lyrics:
    “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” “A Comet Appears,” “No One’s Gonna Love You,” “Fresh Feeling,” “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” “Christmas TV,” “Creature Fear,” “Skinny Love,” “Keep Yourself Warm,” “Signs,” “Christmas and Me Are Through,” “Wait It Out,” “Down River,” “Howlin’ For You,” “A Million Years,” “Miss Friday,” “Young Blood,” “Woman,” and “When I Go.”

  24. I am really thrilled Oasis Don’t Look Back in Anger is in the list as I am a huge Oasis fan and actually squealed out loud when it started playing in the episode, my favourtie band on my favourite show! (Just saw both Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Liam’s Beady Eye shows, both gigs were great!) But I’m really surprised Dropped by Phantom Planet is not on the list as it started season 2 off great and went great with the scene of Casey, Chuck and Sarah getting ready for their evenings. People often use it to make chuck clips on youtube so I always think of Chuck when I hear it. My other 2 songs that I wish were on the list were The Spoons Got Nuffin which played when Sarah was fighting Angie harmon’s character, (I ordered dropped and got nuffin on itunes after I heared them on Chuck) and the song by Supergrass, (another great britpop band) which I can’t remember the name of as it just flew out of my head but I’m sure I’ll remember after I post. So only 1 of my 4 favourite Chuck songs made it on the poll but yes I know they can’t all be in the vote.

  25. What about Manew – Don t give up on us nom ???

  26. Really Baffled as to why Looking at the sun did not make it… i understand there is a limit… but it was just sooo great in that episode

  27. i hate when you find out that the song you picked is behind in the poll. this whole thing is so much fun though!