VIDEO: Sarah Scolds Casey Into Stripping Down for the Team

NBC has another sneak peek of “Chuck vs. the Kept Man” for us this afternoon, and it is hilarious! Team Bartowski are on a “dream mission”, which apparently involves Casey putting on a skimpy bathing suit. The Colonel is grunting about having to do so, when Sarah steps in and makes a valid point of her own. Watch!

“Chuck vs. the Kept Man” airs Friday, January 6 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. I could not stop laughing with this clip! Too funny! Cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

  2. “Belly dancing?”
    “Okay, that was private.”

    Heh, nice reference to “Chuck vs the Seduction Impossible”.

  3. Hi all,

    Its a nice reference to S2’s vs the best friend – Sepa Fi Casey lol

    Casey has turned into Chuck of Season 1 and 2 LOL

  4. I am sticking to Mel’s warning about decency in the comments. This is very difficult. Too, too funny. 😉

  5. That was so funny i can’nt wait for it to come on.

  6. Just one word: Weinerlicious.

  7. A dream mission with Casey in a bathing suit, can’t wait! Though, I can’t picture the occasion when Sarah has been in a cat suit, other than possibly in Morgan’s CAT Squad dream??

    • I believe she is referring to the black body suit that she wore during Chuck vs. Gobbler and then made a reappearance (with a long jacket this time) in Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil

  8. The bathing suit is on the other spy now isn’t it Casey…. lol

  9. OMG, this clip made me smile which i haven’t done today.
    Now if only i can rewatch seasons 1-4 in like 24 hrs to relive these references!

    I’m rooting for casey. Come on it’s only for one mission!
    Do i see some of Handler Sarah Walker back but instead of talking Chuck into a mission it’s casey!

  10. To quote a certain Mr. Woodcomb…thats AWESOME

  11. Hahahahaha….love the dynamic between Casey and Walker, as he calls her.

  12. If you notice what sarah says at the beginning. its clear sarah is trying to tell chuck something that he isn’t getting. i’m guessing sarah wants to quit comepletely and start a family

  13. “Banana Hammock” ohhhhh classic!

  14. Thats a new one for a man’s bathing suit

  15. She has a solid beef, and he’s got the beefcake. If I recall, she had a mission in her birthday suit recently.

    I can relate with Casey though. I get mountain biking shorts for cycling because they’re baggy.