POLL: What Happens Next After the Breakthrough?

At the end of “Chuck vs. the Kept Man”, Morgan and Awesome’s clever plan to divert Jeff and Lester from the truth about what’s been going on at (and under) the Buy More almost works…until wet paint gives it all away. Breaking through the fake wall, Jeff and Lester gaze on Castle with eyes full of wonder. Morgan quickly tranqed the pair, but what happens next? Will the team come up with an explanation that fools Jeff and Lester? Or, now that they’re a private security firm and not government agents, will they let the duo in on the secret?

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(Hat tip to Uplink for help on the non-spoilery article title.)

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  1. theyre probably the one in the finale synosis,”the unexpected allies”

  2. No clue, but Lester in drag again please, best scene ever!!!

  3. Aftrer seeing Lester in drag I’m beginning to wonder of Papa Awesome was right – he really is an Indian Lesbian.

    On the other hand, I could see Jeffster’s mad stalking skills coming in handy for surveillance missions.

  4. I don’t know about this one. But one thing I do know is Jeffster needs at least one last goodbye song as Chuck rides off into the sunset.

  5. Not part of the spy time but helping out from time to time. They’ve redeemed Jeff. Thinking the writers are going to redeem Lester… maybe.

  6. How unmedicated is Jeff nowadays? JUST ONE TRANQ took him out. What was it, six darts when they dragged him and Lester away from Loretta the van last season?

  7. Im not sure about this one.

  8. 3 points:

    After seeing Lester in drag, I for one, think it will be too soon if we never see him like that again! Eeeesh! X(

    While it wasn’t an option, I think they will try to persuade the dim-witted duo that it was all in their heads somehow, but due to Jeff’s newfound intelligence, by the end of the season they will find out that they were right after all.

    Agree with John, the REAL question, is if we will have one more Jeffster song before the final hurrah!

  9. OR they could use the special tranq that they used on “Chuck vs The Nacho Sampler” (makes the target forget the last 5 minutes) and it would be over. 😉

  10. Season 3: Thai official. Wakes up and doesn’t remember where he’s been for 2 days. This seems the most plausible. They’ll drug them to forget. However, we are at the tail end here and “anything” is possible, even a Hin-Jew in a dress at this point. Safeties are definitely in an off position in the writers room. LOL.

  11. LOL… I meant Season 4. (lack of sleep today)

  12. ” Burn Notice ” them to Siberia. Teach those nosey numbskulls a lesson.

  13. Unleash The Casey

    Since the cat’s out of the bag I’m thinking that Team Bartowski as we know it is over. Since Charah are thinking more and more about family, they’ll move onto something less dangerous. Casey will join Verbanski corp.

    • This is very possible since in the promo for Chuck vs Bo Sarah says “One more mission.” Probably one more mission for Carmichael Industries. Casey joining Verbanski as her partner makes for a happy send off for his character.

  14. We remember the 5 min tranq darts and that the tai official woke up with no memory of where he was for the last 2 days, but do the writers? Cuz im thinking if it was that easy, why have Jeff and Lester find out to begin with? I think that there is obviously a bigger plan with those two. Should be interseting to say the least.

    O and how awesome but completely farfetched was it that Jeff had the entire Chuck story board on his board…no way he could possibly know about 3/4 of that stuff…lol

    • I thought the same exact thing when I went back and paused each time it showed the board to see exactly what was on it. There is no way Jeff would know about Bryce Larkin and the intersect after just a week or two of surveillance.

      I guess the average viewer who doesn’t follow the show as closely as those here would never have noticed such things so I guess you could say it’s a nod to us loyal followers.

      I’d love to see a side by side comparison of Chucks Tron poster and Jeff’s board. I bet some of the stuff is exactly the same or very close to it.

      • The board wasn’t based on a week or two of surveillance; it was 4 1/2 years of observations finally surfacing from his CO2 coma.

    • One of Jeff’s notecards said “Bedroom Tron Poster,” so maybe he broke into Chuck’s room.

      One thing that I don’t get is why did Morgan tranc Jeff and Lester? Since they didn’t know he was part of the team, he shouldn’t have been down in Castle or at least should’ve hidden when Jeff noticed the paint. Also, I have a hard time believing his shot would be that accurate.

  15. Hi All,

    Jeffster can’t be kept out of the loop – Casey needs them for Buliet Train! Maybe we learn that Jeff is a Burn’t out spy who ended up being locked up in a C.I.A. run hospital – like the one in S3 vs The Tooth! He went from being Spy to a stalker – and was to dangerous to be out in public – hence all the meds!

    The Bo promo worried me. In the 4 yrs I’ve been watching Chuck I’ve never seen Casey scared or concerned for Sarah’s safety/wellbeing!

    What do people think?

  16. Hi All,

    To further my theroy about Jeff – what if he turned out to be a Bad Ass CIA Agent that made Casey look like a boy scout & cracked @ some point – Jeff Barnes was the cover name/life the CIA gave him when they put him in the hospital! Maybe Sarah & Casey had heard of him via reputation only! That would be cool! Can u imagine Lester’s reaction to that news lol.

  17. Lester in drag = Agent XX

  18. i think when i see the E10 trailer ! is chuck going to do any thing serios on seri final ?! i watch sesason 5 and i dont thing anything related to chuck !! it always about morgan or sarah and casy or jef and lester or eli and awsome !! the best final was 2 final episod season 3 ! i like chuck season 1 & 2 & 3 but i think season 5 is the best but not related to chuck !!