Tonight on Chuck: “Chuck vs. the Kept Man”

Casey in a skimpy bathing suit? This I gotta see! In “Chuck vs. the Kept Man”, Carmichael Industries is hired by Verbanski Corp for a “dream mission”, and clear-headed Jeff Barnes starts to get suspicious about activity at the Buy More.

GERTRUDE VERBANSKI RETURNS WITH A MISSION FOR CHUCK AND A PROPOSITION FOR CASEY — CARRIE-ANNE MOSS GUEST STARS — While Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) contemplate the next step for Carmichael Industries, Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) forbidden love, Gertrude Verbanski (guest star Carrie-Anne Moss, “The Matrix”), walks back into his life with a questionable mission in South Beach. Meanwhile, Jeff’s (Scott Krinsky) enhanced intelligence leads he and Lester (Vik Sahay) to suspect that something unusual may be happening at the Buy More. Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.

“Chuck vs. the Kept Man” airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC. Need something to do in the meantime?

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  1. As often as we’ve seen Sarah in skimpy everythings, I’m thinking Casey manages to avoid the red Speedo. The episode sounds highly entertaining either way. Looking forward to the Jeff subplot.

  2. After last week’s episode. it feels like we’re beginning to take the turn into the conclusion of this story. A finality to it all if you will. Looking forward to this last group of episodes. Curious about Carmichael Industries and what direction it will take.

  3. bland episode nothing spectacular.

    • Yeah, it’s not like Casey told Gertrude he loved her, or Chuck took down the bad guys without the Intersect again, or Sarah & Chuck started seriously thinking about kids, or Sarah ran over a dude, or Jeff and Lester discovered Castle. Totally blah.

      • Yeah… if you like a soap opera with some generic spy elements. Chuck is boring without the intersect. There’s not really even any humor anymore other than Jeff/Lester. The missions aren’t interesting . . . a gun that can’t shoot sometimes?? A nothing-special hostage rescue? Blah.

        It’d be more interesting if they just uploaded a new version of the intersect to Chuck that teaches him family-life skills… “Guys, I know fondue!”

  4. This was a good episode – not great but good. However after the fast-paced intense episodes we just had, it was bordering on the mediocre as far as Chuck episodes.

    I enjoyed it, I was amused by it, but I found the pacing off and some of the jokes were a little flat for me.

    Definitely the funniest parts had to be Casey/Sarah related. The changeroom scene, Sarah walking in on Gertrude and Casey and finally when Casey clued in on Sarah thinking she was pregnant when Chuck had no clue.

    As for the action scenes, I found them mediocre at best. That aegis weapon had to be the dumbest concept they have ever come up with. Tell me where did the bullets go that were fired from the gun? It might have been more pluasible if the weapon just wouldn’t fire at all when pointed at someone else with the same coded weapon.

    Nice easter egg in the baby name list – Levi.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I hated it, I’m just saying that for me there are a lot better episodes of Chuck out there.

  5. can anyone actually help me out with one special word which is used several times in that episode?
    at the scene with the pregnancy stick when sarah told chuck : chuck you’re ….
    i didnt get that sryyy :/^^

    and again at 31:45 – 31:50 when chuck told the exact same thing to sarah .

    would appreciate some help, really. THX ^^

  6. I thought this was one of the weakest episodes this season, perhaps slightly better than “the Curse” and “the Santa Suit”.

    I particularly didn’t like how Chuck acted during the first half of the episode… hated it actually. Casey being more sensitive towards Sarah than Chuck was one of those times when the writers are trying to make a joke at the expense of good characterization. It’s never pretty.

    Luckily the episode got better towards the end. Curious to see what happens with Jeff and Lester now, and after Chuck pulled his head out of his a** the baby talk scene was decent (possibly setting up a real pregnancy in the final episodes).

  7. I agree with “truth:” bland, blah. Yeah, some “action” things happened, but the acting and the writing were quite flat, the whole pregnancy thing was repetitious, the whole South Beach thing was contrived, plot points were stretched and stretched and s t r e c h e d , and it just seemed like everyone — actors, directors, sets, everything — was phoning in a place holder episode. Only thing of interest to me was the last minute when Jeff “breaks through the wall.”

    I’m one of the bigger defenders of Chuck I know. But this was an episode that just looked like a “we gotta fill a 43 minute slot this week; we’ve got about 5 minutes worth of plot development to set us up for the final episodes, so let’s do something.

  8. Tell me guys does Sarah really not pregnant???

  9. Jeanne Widdicombe

    I LOVED THE SHOW!! such negative comments? Well I have nothing bad to say about it!. I even loved the baby name Levi I wonder if it was zacs idea to put that name in it? Hummmm? I guess will never know.

  10. I really loved this episode, weird some people didn’t. Sure the action scene’s weren’t what we’ve seen over the past few weeks. But there were a lot more laugh out loud moments for me in this episode, which more than makes up for the lack of action. Although Sarah running over that dude was pretty awesome, haha. I loved Jeffster stalking Awesome……. and Sarah walking in on Casey/Gertrude was classic!!! “Everything……… Its all wrong!!” Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!

  11. I really like the Gertrude character and her unusual “relationship” with Casey. Last nights episode was so much fun. Casey was able to escape donning the dreadful banana hammock! We fans were robbed just a bit as I would have loved to see our hero in board shorts or trunks but am glad nobody had to deal with a freaking speedo..ugh….I’m sure Casey would have worn it well (thoughts of the LMFAO vid, “I’m Sexy and I know it” come to mind….) but board shorts would have been much more fun!

    On the Gertrude booty call stuff, my first thoughts were that it was a bit awkward for poor Casey as Gertrude was borderline harassing him but then it lightened up a bit and I enjoyed it. Adam Baldwin and Carrie-Ann Moss did a fantastic job of making Casey/Gertrude a blast to watch. Both have their awkward moments but both are extreme badasses. I LOVED the Sarah/Casey moments and the Alex/Casey moments. Very enjoyable episode and I’m going to miss Chuck so much.

    I really enjoyed the Jeff/Lester part of the story and Awesome pretending to be a super spy as well. All is all it was one of the best.

  12. Last weeks episode was always going to make this one seem a little flat. But I loved it. After weeks of intense plot development and drama this was a light hearted episode and a perfectly planned breather before the final 3.
    We had Casey talking about Downton Abbey, Lester in drag and Chuck on too much coffee in his Jerry Maguire moment. Fantastic. It took me back to previous seasons when had a bit more comedic Chuck.
    We had the baby talk in there progressing the storyline, but it wasn’t too overkill.
    I’m going to be telling people to stop spiralling and to CARE a lot this week.

  13. Hi All,

    Loved the episode! Chuck/Sarah interaction was good! When Team B went looking for Verbanski. Yvonne’s protrail of Sarah’s reaction was great.

    Chuck: Whats wrong honey?
    Sarah: Uhh Umm So many things!!
    Sarah sparling was very funny – its amazing how far Sarah Walker/Bartowski has come as a character in five years! Yvonne did a brillent job with a character that looked difficult to flesh out on paper @ least!

    I couldn’t stop laughing.

  14. Hi All…again,

    Just thinking back to the pilot – Zack made sure we knew that Chuck was attracted to Sarah by the big silly grin he wore on his face! Yvonne played Sarah straight except when she witnesses Chuck’s interaction with the little girl – Thats the 1st time that we know that Sarah is attracted to Chuck! Its amazing to think how far the two main Characters have come! I’m going to miss the series!