RATINGS: “Chuck vs. the Kept Man” Holds Steady

The fast overnight ratings are in, and even with the other networks airing new shows against Chuck last night, the numbers were steady. Approximately 3.38 million viewers tuned in to watch Casey admit his lady feelings, earning a 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic.

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  1. the rabid faithful showed up again…

  2. I really liked this episode. It was just so good to watch after all the seriousness of the last two. Those writers and Chris Fedak definitely know what they’re doing.

  3. I’m always interested in a Casey story line but I thought Sarah stole the spotlight in this one. I wonder what was making her sick, though. False read on the peace stick, maybe? 😉

    • I think what was making Sarah queasy was the pizza that was starting to turn that Morgan left in their fridge. Or least that is what Sarah and Chuck thought.

      • I agree with Verkisto. False readings happen all the time with those home pregnancy tests, and if it was the pizza they ate, why did Chuck not get sick too? They also gave Sarah clever outs for all the dangerous stuff. That, and a woman’s intuition is never wrong 😉 I’m not buying that she’s not preggers yet 🙂

  4. I have preferred episodes of Chuck. Mine tend to include Chuck, Sarah & Casey out on a mission, doesn’t matter how goofy or insane the writers have made the mission, I enjoy these three bantering and doing the mission together. It made season 1, 2 and bits of 3 just work for me.

    I’ve seen some people disappointed with this episode, others happy with it. For me I enjoyed Team Bartowski last night, that classic lineup of my three favorite spies. It had that feeling of earlier seasons and reminded me of why I enjoy watching Chuck. Best episode EVER? Nah. Just great fun though with some hilarious imagery and dialog. Like the band is back together.

    Sorry Morgan, you’re the Sammy Hagar to my classic Van Halen. You rock bud, but nothing beats the original.

  5. I still think the Neilson system is 60 years outdated and quite broken. However its the same meter stick they are using with everyone soooo I guess at least its consistant.

  6. Eh, ratings are kind of irrelevant at this point. They are literally getting burned off by the network for which I honestly dont blame them. While its great Chuck holds relatively steady, a 1.0 is not good by any ratings measure. Thats a pretty brutal rating.

    • *episodes are literally getting burned off. sorry. And I still miss Chuck having the intersect. I dont care that he can take bad guys out without it, he is still a lot more fun with it. Chuck feels so much more like a generic spy show without it.

  7. My local NBC station didn’t even air Chuck rather they aired an NBA game.

  8. : 3.38 million viewers tuned in to watch Chuck on NBC.

    But NBC-president, he’s forgetting the viewers on the web.

    • Stupid Foreigner

      NBC gets its revenue from ads and advertisers are willing to pay only for 18-49 yo viewers who watch the show live. If NBC can’t sell enough ads with high enough price to cover the costs of an episode and bring in some profit on top of that then it’s just bad business.

      Web viewers do not benefit the advertisers and thus they don’t benefit NBC.

      • Web viewers DO benefit NBC if they’re watching the streaming video on NBC.com or Hulu. NBC gets the advertising revenue from those sources. Warner Bros. receives the revenue from purchasing episodes on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

    • 3.38 million viewers isnt a lot. And while I do agree with Mel that they get revenue from the websites, its not significant compared to the revenue they earn live.

  9. After watching the promo of the 10th episode… I can’t help, but wonder… what will the fans do? Will there be.. a new project?

  10. I missed this episode, I don’t know if its been addressed here, but is there a place I can see it online?

    • No, season 5 is not being made available online on any legal sites. We expect it will show up after the series finale on January 27.

  11. I loved every episode of Chuck and sorry to see it leaving the air. Where will all the cast wind up after the show ends? Is sarah preggers?