The Ultimate Chuck Sing Off, Round 2

Round 1 of the Ultimate Chuck Sing Off was tough. So many of the match ups were decided by just a handful of votes. In other words, your vote matters! Ready for round 2? It only gets harder from here!

  • Songs are grouped by season and compete against each other in random match ups.
  • JEFFSTER! gets their own competition because, well, it’s JEFFSTER!
  • “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” is included in the Season 1 showdown only.
  • We opted not to list every song ever used. Instead, we chose the songs based on which ones were downloaded most from our Music pages, are referenced by fans in discussions, and/or were part of pivotal scenes.
  • Songs are from Seasons 1-4 only. We’ll hold the Season 5 competition in February.
  • Round 1 had an odd number of matchups in each season, resulting one extra song per season after Round 2 polls were created. Those songs will appear in Round 3 to even up the numbers again.

Round 2 voting ends Thursday, January 12, at 11:59PM Pacific.

Round 1

[polldaddy poll=5825199] [polldaddy poll=5825200] [polldaddy poll=5825204] [polldaddy poll=5825207] [polldaddy poll=5825211]

Round 2

[polldaddy poll=5825212] [polldaddy poll=5825214] [polldaddy poll=5825218] [polldaddy poll=5825223] [polldaddy poll=5825226] [polldaddy poll=5825228] [polldaddy poll=5825230]

Round 3

[polldaddy poll=5825234] [polldaddy poll=5825238] [polldaddy poll=5825241] [polldaddy poll=5825244] [polldaddy poll=5825247] [polldaddy poll=5825251] [polldaddy poll=5825252] [polldaddy poll=5825253] [polldaddy poll=5825256]

Round 4

[polldaddy poll=5825263] [polldaddy poll=5825264] [polldaddy poll=5825265] [polldaddy poll=5825268] [polldaddy poll=5825271] [polldaddy poll=5825273] [polldaddy poll=5825275] [polldaddy poll=5825276] [polldaddy poll=5825280] [polldaddy poll=5825284] [polldaddy poll=5825287] [polldaddy poll=5825289]


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  1. Jeanne widdicombe

    Out Of all The Songs I Know Five! Thats IT. Which Ones. Africa, Blaze of glory, Leaving On A Jet Plane, Push It, And Mr Roboto. But There Are Only Four I Like!. The One I Don’t Like Is Push It Bcause I Don’t Like Rap Music!.

  2. i watched the whole series all over again while waiting for ep 10, and right now im stuck with signs by bloc party.

    oh and by the way, anybody knows whats the name of the music in 2×22 (chuck vs the ring) when chuck is talking to bryce in castle?? please please please im dying to find out!!!

    • Did some research I think it´s the 4th track from Tim Jones (the guy who makes Chuck´s music).

      Go to this youtube link:

      It´s not exactly the same because Tim Jone´s mixes a lot his tracks

  3. I noticed that “One October Song” by Nico Stai was on there twice. I assume that wasn’t an oversight, but just thought I’d mention it!

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but if so, could there be uploaded 30-sec snippets of each song? I don’t have a smart phone, and I just figured if there was a way to hear a bit of each song before voting (cause I only knew a small handful myself, the rest was based on which episode I preferred! :)), that would certainly help spark the memory a bit.

    • “One October Song” was used in two very significant scenes in two different seasons, thus it’s double appearance.

      I can’t upload snippets for each song, but if you pull them up on Amazon or iTunes, you can hear previews.

  4. Songs 2.6.2 was hard. i love both songs BUT of course skinny love was used better