Yvonne Strahovski Talks Bodypaint, Chuck Finale

Several outlets spoke with Yvonne Strahovski during a media tour for SoBe LifeWater earlier this week. It’s pretty much the same questions asked and answered, but with a new tidbit here and there, so take a look at the various articles.

She talked to TV Fanatic about being painted on for the SoBe campaign, working with Cheryl Ladd in “Chuck vs. the Baby”, and the upcoming finale. Yvonne also shared that she took a couple of souvenirs from Sarah’s wardrobe, but she didn’t keep them. Watch the interview here.

EW also talked to her about “Chuck vs. the Baby”, the finale, the final nemesis, and what’s next. Read the interview here.

We’ll update with more interview links as they become available.

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  1. Not good news!!!!

    • What’s not good news, Toni?

      • “Chuck and Sarah have this great relationship, but I think in these last episodes, you’ll see that they’ll have something taken away from them, and it sort of causes some trouble in a big way.”

      • Oh, that. Yeah, we’ve been speculating about that for a couple of days. I’m thinking it’s the Buy More or Carmichael Industries.

      • Wouldn’t those two be ‘physical’ things (kind of), Mel.

        I get the idea that what is taken is something more abstract.

      • Mel, do you think that the loss is going to cause a split between chuck and sarah? I really hope they don”t. How bad would it be if in the last episodes of the series the witers had them split up, all in the vain hope of getting a chuck movie where they reconcile. Please tell me im way off the mark with this fear

      • It may cause a little friction, but they aren’t headed for a divorce or anything remotely close to that. The finale was written as a FINALE. They may leave it open for a movie or something down the road, but they aren’t going to end it on a cliffhanger that leaves any of our heroes in jeopardy or unhappy.

  2. I just read another comment that came after the two sneek peaks. The person said that the chance at a normal life is taken away from them. I kind of like that idea. Also, it is not something physical. It would also be sad and kind of tragic since that seems like what they have been working towards. Or, maybe episode 12, where is is Chuck v. Sarah, one wants normal and one still wants the spy life. It seems like Sarah is all about the normal life while Chuck is the hesitant one.

  3. I agree that Chuck maybe hesitates now more about quitting because he has done so much to become a spy. So I hope that they end up being part time spies at the end.

  4. that TV Fanatic interviewer, not the most fun personality, even Yvonne looked bored 😛

  5. Toni- I have the same feeling. It seems every day I read something new that forecasts more doom than I wish to have happen. But, I will try to blow it off and keep the faith that “Chuck” will end well for all.

  6. If I were to speculate on a satisfying ending that was slightly, slightly tragic, and included a loss of something not necessarily physical, it would be:

    Chuck & Sarah (together)…

    on the run from the evil-doers who won the last battle in order to protect their families and loved one (loss)…

    with Chuck re-intersected to ensure they stay ahead of the bad guys costing them the normal life they both now want (slightly tragic)…

    all because some writer (or Schwedak) is hoping Chuck gets its Serenity.

    Anyway, this is likely no where remotely correct but something along these lines fits the clues–as long as you have a big enough hammper to pound it into place.

  7. I think the slightly tragic loss is the ability for chuck and Sarah to conceive. It really solves the spy vs family debate. Or maybe they still choose family and adopt a child perhaps sarahs sister or something along those lines.

  8. Mel- Just noticed that on the “Bo” promo Sarah says “OK, we’ve got one last mission” (which would imply no more missions for them and Carmichael Industries after this episode). If she is saying that for the Bo episode, and there are three more episodes to go, how do you think that fits in with your analysis for the ending?

    Please shed some light for me.

    • I don’t understand the question, Paul. Are you asking why Sarah thinks they only have one more mission?

      • Mel- Yes, why does Sarah say,or think, they have one more mission. Do you think she and Chuck had made a decision that no more missions after this? Change of lifestyle, etc. Possibly getting out for good,but then having that decision for a new life taken away from them.

        I think it is a pretty big statement for her to make. What do you think is going on, and how do you see it fitting in to the finale.

      • OK, now I understand. Yes, I think they made the decision to move from going on missions where Casey gets shot at to offering services more along the technical lines, but they have one last mission to do in order to tie up any loose ends.

  9. I have a question for you Mel,

    Do you think the “slightly tragic loss,” and secret that Sarah has are two different things? I know you think the loss is CI or the BuyMore, but what do you think her secret is?

    • Oh yes, definitely two different things. I think Sarah’s secret is that she’s pregnant. The narrative arc has given us a neon arrow pointing at that as the next big development for Mr. & Mrs. Bartowski.