Recap: Chuck vs Bo (5.10)

Full circle and full tilt ahead

The first 50 minutes of this episode played a bit like a Chuck version of [easyazon-link asin=”B002Q4VBPQ”]The Hangover[/easyazon-link], with both Morgan and Jeffster fighting to remember what had happened to them during some chemically forgotten hours. The last 10 minutes were intense, grab the arm of your chair and yell at the TV suspense/action. The combination gave us one of the wackiest Chuck episodes that we’ve ever seen. Judging by the spoilers and previews for the final three episodes, we would be wise to make the most of the humor and levity of most of this episode as it may be in short supply in the intense series wrap-up to come. There’s no doubt that the writers and cast enjoyed writing and filming this episode and clearly there was some serious idol worshipping going on about Bo Derek!

Last episode, we had the stunning discovery of Castle by Jeff and Lester. The first order of business in this episode was for Casey and Morgan to drag them out into the desert and fake a car accident on the way home from Vegas (with the help of an amnesic gas called X-13). Casey and Morgan spare no detail, from the Hawaiian shirts to the woman’s underwear, Canadian flag, and casino chips they put in the car.

Back in Burbank, Sarah’s been up all night thinking about her and Chuck’s lives together. She hears noises and sneaks to the front door with her gun to find…the newspaper. Chuck wakes up and Sarah tells him that she wants to quit spying because it isn’t compatible with their being together and raising a family safely. She suggests that they rework Carmichael Industries into a tech firm (sound familiar?) that goes after cyber-terrorists. Chuck agrees and they go next door to break the news to Morgan and Casey over coffee.

Morgan is ecstatic about the new plan but Casey is less than enthused until Morgan points out that it there would be much less shooting (and getting shot) and Alex would be relieved to know that Casey isn’t putting himself in so many dangerous situations. Casey is still not entirely on board, but he suggests that they ditch the Buy More if they are going to go forward with the plan. Sarah and Chuck are rather non-committal  and they all continue to stand together and drink coffee.

Later, in the Buy More, Big Mike hands Morgan a box that came in the mail. Inside is a ridiculously decorated cell phone – a remnant from Morgan’s “frosted tips” days with the Intersect. Luckily, Morgan had put his name and address all over it with a label maker so he actually got it back. He examines the phone and finds a new video message on it.

Down in Castle, the team watches the video. Morgan is wearing a white women’s coat, is clearly inebriated, and is stumbling through the snow jabbering about a pair of Intersect glasses that someone had that he retrieved and put “in a vault”.  Unfortunately, Morgan has no memory of the incident and has no idea when or where he made the video. They search through photos and texts on the phone and determine that Morgan was somewhere there was skiing and that he was texting with a person named “BD”. They text BD to reestablish contact.

Back in the desert, Jeff and Lester wake up and initially believe that they were in Vegas, got drunk, stole a car and then wrecked. However, the panties make Jeff suspicious and he realizes that there is no alcohol on Lester’s breath so they must have been set up. The last thing that they remember is that they were following Chuck and the team. They hitchhike back to Burbank to continue where they left off.

Chuck convinces Ellie to try to hypnotize Morgan to figure out what happened in the lost weekend with BD. She initially is hesitant because hypnosis is not what she does and she only learned about it in a class back in med school, but she ends up agreeing to try. She is able to get Morgan to remember “emerald and gold and the number 10”, but that’s all.

Back in the Buy More, a stoner shows up to return a blender and starts asking Morgan questions about his love life – is he in a serious relationship and does he love his girlfriend? Seconds later, Alex shows up and explains that she went out a few times with the guy after Morgan dumped her when she “acted out physically”. Dale is apparently not over Alex, but she’s clearly no longer interested in him.

Morgan is very upset and also feeling very morally superior because he never cheated when they were split up (or so he thinks!). The rest of the team remind him that he dumped her with a text message – what did he expect? Sarah is able to determine that Morgan was registered at a hotel in Vail (as Michael Carmichael) during the missing weekend, so the entire team gets out their ski parkas (and Morgan revisits his frosted tips) and they all head to Vail.

They are all hanging around a bar in a ski chalet when BD makes *her* appearance. And “BD” = Bo Derek! She walks right up to Morgan, calls him “lover” and starts passionately kissing him. Chuck is a bit in awe of his childhood crush but gets himself together enough to ask how she knows Morgan. Bo tells Chuck that “funny bunny” Morgan rocked her world one weekend in November.  It turns out that pretty much everyone in Vail remembers what Morgan did that weekend except for him – and there are pictures to prove it. He apparently got drunk and told everyone who would listen that he was a national hero and the Intersect.

The team suspects that Morgan put the glasses in the safe in Bo’s room, so Morgan tells her he is ready for round 2 and follows her back to her room where she works on seducing him. Morgan asks her to walk him through their whole evening together. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah talk to other people at the bar about Morgan. Sarah finds out that one guy gave him a tattoo while Casey realizes that Jeff and Lester have followed them to Vail and are spying on them.

Morgan makes an excuse to leave Bo’s room for a few minutes to talk to Chuck. Chuck shows Morgan the tattoo that he had forgotten about – inside his lower lip it says “don’t trust Bo Derek”. Turns out to be good advice as she has also left the room and sneaks up behind them with a gun and demands that they take her to the glasses. While she’s occupied, Sarah sneaks up and hits her on the head.

Jeff and Lester wake up again in the wrecked car in the desert near Vegas and repeat the same scene as earlier (ala [easyazon-link asin=”B000Z8GZYW”]Groundhog Day [/easyazon-link]) but this time Jeff’s arm has “Bo Derek” and “vault” written on it in marker. They head back to Burbank to find Chuck and his team.

Back at Castle, Bo is in a talking mood and tells Morgan and Chuck that she is a spy. She was tasked to find Morgan and she tells them how she seduced him, drugged him, and called her boss. In a flashback, we see her boss (the series’ final Big Bad) arrive and introduce himself to Morgan as Nicholas Quinn – the man who was supposed to be the Intersect. Morgan regains enough of his senses to overpower him and escape with the glasses, wearing Bo’s ski jacket and his boxers (the scene from the cell phone video).

Turns out that Quinn also has his own private espionage company, only his clients are a bit more distasteful – North Korea, Libyan fighters… Fulcrum, the Ring and Volkoff Industries! Apparently he was supposed to be the first human Intersect, before Bryce stole it and sent it to Chuck. Quinn ended up being captured on a mission and tortured for over a year, and dismissed from the CIA. All of this has led to him having a bit of a grudge out for everyone involved with Chuck and the Intersect. He still wants the Intersect and will do anything he has to to get it.

Morgan sees Alex enter the Buy More via the closed circuit cameras and goes on up to talk to her. He tells her that he slept with Bo Derek but she doesn’t believe him and thinks that he made up the story to get back at her for her “relationship” with the stoner. They agree that they are even and to forgot about each other’s indiscretions. At that moment, Big Mike asks Morgan for the key to the manager’s vault and Morgan has a flashback and remembers that he was in a Buy More in Vail after he escaped from Quinn.

The entire team heads to the Vail Buy More, undercover as a security team sent from corporate. It turns out that Buy More Vail also has a wacky cast of characters (including a manager named “Big Michele” and an Indian female Nerd Herder that could be Lester’s sister) but they have more broken bones from skiing accidents. One of the employees greets Morgan enthusiastically and tells him that he tweeted to everyone that he was back in town. They realize that this means that Quinn also knows that Morgan is back in town.

They get into the vault, but the glasses aren’t there. As they leave the manager’s office, they see a display for a new video game that looks like a vault. Inside, they find the glasses. Before they can leave the store, however, there is a commotion and they look over to see that Jeff and Lester have followed them to Vail again and have knocked over a rack of products. Once all eyes are on them, Jeffster start yelling that Chuck and company are spies (Jeff has it written on his arm). Before the team can respond, the store is filled with automatic gunfire.

A firefight ensues and the team (including Jeff and Lester) manage to emerge unharmed and seemingly victorious. Quinn escapes but the team keeps the Intersect, so they alert Beckman as to Quinn’s whereabouts, call the mission complete and start preparing to start their new, safer lives. They have one final confrontation with Jeff and Lester, who are more than a little traumatized after getting caught in the firefight, before drugging them again.

Jeff and Lester wake up again in the desert in the same car and repeat the previous scenes. This time, though, they look at Jeff’s arm and “vault” and “Bo Derek” are crossed out and instead it says “nothing under the Buy More”, “They are NOT spies” and “I love myself”. They assume that they figured out the whole plot and that they were wrong about Chuck after all. Just then, Big Mike shows up with Subway sandwiches (Morgan told him that they might be stranded) and suggests that the three of them go to Vegas for the weekend.

Back in Burbank, Chuck is alone in bed when his phone rings. It’s Sarah, calling from Castle where she’s been working on their new business. She wants them all to meet later to talk, destroy the Intersect glasses, and celebrate their new lives with champagne. Chuck utters the fateful words “it turns out saying ‘last mission’ wasn’t a jinx after all” and they both say “I love you” and hang up. Just when the episode seemed like it is going to end on this happy note (although a quick look at the clock belied this feeling!) Quinn and his goons show up at Chuck’s apartment and kidnap him.

Quinn calls Sarah and tells her to bring the Intersect glasses to the port that evening or Chuck will die. Sarah and Casey go to the port but are ambushed by dozens of Quinn’s men. Both her and Casey are soon overpowered and trapped with little ammo. They both realize that their chances to get out alive and save Chuck are very slim. In desperation, Sarah puts on the Intersect glasses and uploads the Intersect – “ok, I got this!” – and proceeds to take out all of Quinn’s men in dramatic fashion…cut to black

WOW! While I suspected that the Intersect would rear its head one more time before the series ended, I never imagined that it would be Sarah that uploaded it! (I purposely avoided any spoilers other than the preview after last week’s episode). The main purpose of this episode was clearly to introduce Quinn and his motivations, although it definitely accomplished this goal in a round about way. I really like that the show has truly come full circle now. Decker told Chuck that the conspiracy went back to the very beginning and indeed it did. Quinn’s motivation and connections to other plotlines seem believable.

One of the things I like most about Chuck is it’s self-awareness. I always get a kick out of throwaway lines alluding back to previous episodes and how characters often foreshadow upcoming events with clichéd phrases like “what could go wrong” and “our last mission” and then other characters immediately call them on it.

Those of you who read my recap last week know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Jeffster subplot and I found it very entertaining in this episode, too. The car wreck scenes were hilarious – perfect music, great sight gags, enough (but not too much) repetition. The attention to detail was great, right down to the number of crows on the car increasing with each time the scene was used.

I thought that Bo Derek was well-used here (how many other celebrities are actually spies?) playing a parody of herself. What this plotline lacked in believability, it made up for in entertainment value.  I also adored the coffee drinking scene in Morgan and Casey’s apartment – the dialogue, facial expressions and synchronized drinking were fun to watch. Did you notice that both Morgan and Casey have matching gun mugs?

The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was the scene with the stoner and Alex as it just didn’t seem in character that she would get involved with such a loser. It set up a funny scene later when Morgan admitted to his relationship with Bo Derek, but it bothered me, nonetheless.

Memorable quotes and other thoughts:

For the record, this is the most fun you and I have had together in months! – Morgan to Casey as they fake Jeffster’s car accident

We keep your computer know-how and mix it with my experience in international bad guyery – Sarah

What do I do – chief Googler? – Casey

You really love it here, don’t you Big Mike? – Morgan
Like a turkey loves Thanksgiving! – Big Mike

There’s no alcohol on your breath, just gefilte fish curry, like always – Jeff

Dude…Bo Derek is taking your pants off! – Chuck

I hate Twitter! – Casey (Adam Baldwin LOVES Twitter!)

Nice, easy peasy last mission! – Sarah (famous last words!)

The name “Bo Derek” was used 13 times in this episode!

Time to go make myself some gefilte fish curry. While I’m gone, why don’t you tell me what you thought of Chuck vs Bo?

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  1. I’m fairly sure that I’m going to be in the minority here. That’s okay, I’m used to it.

    This was like a lot of Chuck episodes for me. There was a lot of it that I enjoyed. My favorite parts were Sarah’s half-teasing, half-real jealousy of Bo Derek. That was cute. In fact, whenever they get Sarah involved in the humor of the show, it’s a big win.

    But, like so many before it, the story is just so out there that it’s hard to take seriously. I keep picturing the writer’s room when someone came up with the idea. “Let’s cast Bo Derek as a spy and a Morgan love interest.” That seems career limiting to me.

    But my real problem is with the ending. For one thing, Sarah doesn’t need an intersect to be kick-butt. She is all on her own. It seems like a pretty transparent plot device to generate some cheap angst and then portray Sarah as the Damsel in Distress needing Chuck to rescue her. Come on, guys. Is wt/wt the only story you can tell?

    The intersect messing with the brain and flashes causing pain? Already did that in season three.

    The intersect changing the personality of the person? Already did that with Morgan.

    Sarah desperately in trouble and needing Chuck to rescue her? Already did that in S4.

    Another big bad who was always there from the beginning but we’re just hearing of him now? Hello Volkoff, Decker, Shaw.

    I hope I’m wrong. And I may be. But that’s what it looks like to me.

    • Well it not the first theme retried is it Every PLI followed same theme with different outcome each time. Have to see how they use intersect Sarah. I’m hoping going for some emotional interaction using flashbacks to Chuck/Sarah scenes through out the series. Just have to see how it plays out. You do bring up some good points

    • @billatwork
      I have to say that I disagree almost completely re Sarah getting the intersect I think you have to look at it from Sarahs side, To me this episode could be looked at in conjunction with Vs the Alma Marta the end scene is quite reminiscent of that episode Sarah and Casey are giving Chuck time to get away and they are both almost out of Ammo but they are both willing to die/ Now Chuck is kidnapped, and we know the lengths she will go to to get him back, they are up against a well armed, equipped superior force. She is a great spy and she could fight her way out of it but for Sarah she will not settle for could, she needs Chuck, she wants the future with him so downloading the intersect can give her that advantage. Why wouldnt she do it? To her its a tool, a weapon to get what she wants and she wants to live and rescue Chuck. If the odds were 80% succesful on her own and 99% with the intersect, who can blame her
      I will agree that it will provide drama as although the fans love Casey i dont think that we would get as much emotional impact if it was Casey that was in danger, Chuck and Sarah are the heart of the show. One has to say that Yvonnes ability to show and carry this arc is second to none. I hope she is not a damsel in distress either as she is to good a character to waste.

      • I agree, but I think it is even simpler than that. Casey nor Sarah had any ammo left, they were outgunned and outmanned. Without the intersect the chances of them getting out alive were not good, with the inetersect the chances of them getting out alive were much better. Hence, Sarah downloads the intersect not only to save Casey and herself, but to be able to save Chuck as well.

      • As much as I enjoyed the episode, my fear is of the intersect itself. We know the only one who can handle it is Chuck, so having it will have some impact on Sarah. And judging by the upcoming promos, Sarah will be struggling with it. My hope is with all the drama coming, will there be enough time for a satisfying ending.

  2. Nice recap Cay. I too was a bit shocked that “Sarah” was the one to upload the intersect. As we were sitting around the sofa watching Chuck, we commented that Sarah was already an awesome spy “without” the intersect. With it she just simply dominates (why the CIA was wanting Larkin to get it in the first place, well the 2.0 that is.) but I’m sure it comes with a price for what she did.

    I was really banking on the bad guy Quinn to get his hands on the glasses, capture Sarah and Casey in that warehouse and be in possession of the Intersect and our three heroes with Jeffster and Morgan having to work out a plan to save them. However the writers totally went in another direction and now I’m wondering how they get Chuck out of his mess (if they can even find him) and what side effects the Intersect glasses are going to have on Sarah.

    I guess the spy life is best summed up as: “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.” – Michael Corleone Godfather III (the lesser of the Godfathers)

  3. I like this episode. And I’m soooo glad I wasn’t spoiled the ending. I was shocked but in a good way.

    • Hel, You’re right, it was shocking, but in a good way? I liked the last minute, very good shot

      • Yes, in a good way (for me) because I think it’s an interesting alternative to what was expected ie: Quinn or Chuck getting the Intersect.
        I really disliked Morgan uploading the Intersect in the Season 4 finale because I found it stupid (and the way it happened was kind of random).
        But, with Sarah, I don’t know, I have a good feeling ;). I hope I’m right!

  4. upon first view it was good episode and had humor and blend of interaction again with most shows characters. I kinda suspected from this episode promo that Sarah would be intersected and I am assuming she choose to download a defective version (that’s what Chuck was saying and with Morgan backup latest intersects are bad news) to save Chuck. Now she has intersect will Quin let Chuck go because he no longer a bargaining chip or well he still be held hostage next week? Speculate this version will have bad side effects (memory loss) I just hope it is resolved by end of 5.12 and Sarah is de-intersected. I just know so much going on in final to still have that issued not yet resolved.

    I enjoyed it and concur with what you say Cay full circle is nice and good that the conspiracy theme wasn’t just with Shaw revenge. I am nervous as to how this plays out. One things I noticed this season Chris isn’t trying to pack a whole lot of story lines into each season Seem focused on providing closure with each major character and not mixing each episode with bits and pieces of drag out story lines if this make sense Thanks for sharing Cay

  5. Excellent recap, Cay, really enjoy this episode, as are closing the circle of stories.

    in the scene in BM Vail, it seems that not removed chuck from the list of employee of the month, a small goof

  6. I liked this episode a lot. It was funny, well written and ended really high on suspense. But as a shipper, I find myself more and more concerned that this Sarahsect story will leave little time for the happy ending I was looking for. I suspect memory loss for our girl, with Chuck trying to bring her back. Seems like a great story that will feel rushed, and leave little to no room for the sappy ending I was hoping for. Probably alone in this, but that’s how I feel.

    • I don’t think lack of time is an issue here. I remember “the Mask” where Sarah was telling Shaw to keep his cheesy come-ons to himself and by the end of the episode she had capitulated. This show can seemingly turn on a dime.

  7. They always do that…

    I scared when chuck was kidnapped but then I saw chuck was OK in 5×11 promo

    and I think nothing will happen to him

  8. how will the situation that sarah has the intersect now turn out in relation to the title for 5.12 chuck versus sarah?

    its probably that chuck has to save her to be ready to get de-intersected or something like that..

    any other thoughts on that?

  9. Does anyone know who played Alex’s ex? I know I’ve seen him before (or someone who looks suspiciously like him), but I can’t think of where

    • I was also going crazy trying to remember him when he first appeared on screen! I’m pretty sure he played Zooey Deschanel’s ex-boyfriend on an episode of “New Girl”. He kind of played the same weird ex-boyfriend vibe on that show.

    • I saw him as the ex boyfriend in the new tv show, The New Girl.

    • hi, the actor’s name is Ian Wolterstorff and you might know him as Jess’ ex Spencer on New Girl.

    • And also a brief appearance in How I Met Your Mother. Thanks all!

    • He’s also been in the McDonald’s commercial …in need of coffee!

  10. This was a wonderful episode, but I kept thinking that Chuck is supposed to be 30, meaning the movie 10 came out before he was born, and Bo’s comment about Jaclyn Smith also referenced a sex symbol from before he (& Morgan) were born.

    • I really liked this episode, and am continuing to be thankful that (after a subpar first three episodes) this season (with the exception of Shaw’s return, which was surprising blah) has been terrific.

      Gefilte Fish Curry!!! That just killed me. I find it amazing that, after wearing out their welcome with many fans over the last two years, Jeffster has been a delightful part of this season.

      Two more great Casey moments:

      When Morgan & Sarah try to sell Casey on the benefits of not being shot (at) so much, he points out that he’s actually been shot few times in comparison to how many times he’s been shot at. They seem to agree that’s a valid point!

      Before they have to go to the Vail Buy More (and after Sarah says “All roads lead to the Buy More”) Casey mutters “I’m never getting out of this place”, with a look of dread on his face.

      Angus MacFayden has the worst American accent since Joan Collins. He doesn’t deserve to share the screen with Yvonne.

    • I’m 33 and I know exactly who Jaclyn Smith is (although that may be mostly because of her Kmart brand that was always advertised when I was a teenager).

      • But I think the point is still valid. You may know who Jaclyn Smith is. but I’ll bet you don’t see her as a sex symbol.

        Bo Derek is just not someone who a man of Chuck’s age would have had her poster hanging over his bed as a teen. That would be me, lol.

        Chuck would have a poster of Sarah Michelle Gellar or somebody like that.

        Different generations.

      • Not so much about different generations. Example I like Elvis and my friend Doors and we are 30. So to me it´s believable to like something older than you as music and movies comes in question.

      • But music doesn’t age; sex symbols do. Teenage boys don’t put up posters of women that were considered hot 15 years before.

        But why stop at Bo? They should’ve gotten ALL of John Derek’s ex-wives (Linda Evans & Ursula Andres being the others). Maybe Raquel Welch was unavailable.

        Morgansect could’ve had a geriatric orgy.

    • I also loved it when, after entering the bar to “hook” Morgan at their first meeting, Bo hiked up/adjusted her boobs like a gunslinger would adjust his holster before a gunfight.

  11. CAY- I believe those were Ravens not Crows. Ravens make better actors. Yes, I loved the Birds and their escalation. Thanks for your write up since it permitted me to remember what happened since my mind was so blown by Ms. Walker and the end. Loved it.

    • As for the birds, they were vultures not crows or ravens. Think scavengers looking to feed on roadkill.

      • DONOVAN- Thanks, but vultures do not have feathers on their heads or necks (blood and gore cleans off easier. ruins the feathers.). I have no way of reviewing the scenes to see The Birds to verify, so don’t trust my memory.

    • Ok, I went back and watched the scenes. They actually are vultures, but it’s hard to tell, especially in the first scene. Makes sense. On the other hand, ravens and crows can also be creepy.

  12. Hi All,

    Just saw the Promo for next weeks episode — HOLY CRAP!!!!

    This Intersect will kill the user — Sarahsect ain’t good. How the hell is Chuck going to save Sarah? I know I’m Spireling – Bulliet Train looks intense!!

    I’m SCARED

  13. Hey anybody?? Did I see Morgan actually fire a gun with real bullets in it? Would that be a first? Did Morgan steal a loaded gun from someone else?

    • Well I think they give him guns with bullets now, but Morgan did grab that particular gun randomly off the floor.

  14. Hi All

    Was looking around Youtube and found something very interesting!! This relates to Chuck vs The Hack Off!! If you remember Chuck takes on a “Freddie” to bypass security for Sarah and Varbanski to get the Omen devise!

    Do you know how this “Freddie” is?

    It’s none other than the Creater of Youtube Freddie Wong himself

    A guest star that litterly slipped under the radar – How cool is that!

    Chuck’s comment about getting a better security expert is all the funnier now!!

    • Well, that´s the point of getting frediew on the show, everybody already knew him from YouTube 😛 (a bit late mate)

  15. like most have said, sarah doesnt need the intersect and the chuck saving her plot was used in season 4, i just hope its all good and the bad intersect stuff is resolved in the nexted episode. I just want a good ending, going against the bad guys without having someone being a damsel/dude in distress, more like a season 2 finale.

  16. I thought jeff and lesters story was more like Memento and not The Hangover..

  17. Hi All,

    Did anyone else think Quinn came across as abit of a spoilt brat. I started laughing the second time I watched it. I didn’t like the way McFadden played it. Can you imagine the impact Dalton’s Volkoff would have had in the Voil Buy More Scene? Does anyone agree or is it just me?

  18. Thanks for the recap Cay. This my favorite episode this season. It had all the elements that I have loved about Chuck over the years. I totally got the swerve at the end with Sarah having to use the intersect to save her and Casey. I don’t see any way they would have gotten out of there alive. They were out of bullets and they were surrounded. Just like at the end of Butch and Sundance, at least that’s what that scene reminided me of. The references to Groundhog Day were so funny. I love the way Sarah and Chuck came up with the plan for the new Carmichael Industries. I hope they get to realize their dream…but it’s not going to be easy, as next week’s promo indicated. Decker told Chuck none of what happened to him was accidental and now we will finally find out exactly what he meant, from our final bad guy. This is setting us up for a fantastic series finale. THANK YOU to the Chuck showrunners and cast for this awesome parting gift to your loyal fans. Take that Mr. Greenblatt. ;-P

  19. From all the comments and reviews I read, first, we have to credit the writers. Though some episodes were not that written well, they didn’t bother to put in a new plot or whatsoever. They were trying to answer questions on how the intersect ended with Chuck and how Sarah was assigned to him, as seen in the pilot episode. For sure they really tried their best to make a good closure to Chuck’s story. I admit that I wanted to know more about Sarah but I realized that maybe the story about Sarah’s past had only 3 episodes (Chuck vs. the cougar, Chuck vs. the Delorean, chuck vs. the baby) because the story is not about her, it’s about Chuck.. That’s why that’s the show’s title.

    I hope the ending of HIS story will satisfy all the haters and fans of this show. No matter what happens to the story, I will forever love and appreciate this show. All the 5 years of watching Chuck and Sarah’s love story, waiting for months because of the breaks, and loving the cast will forever be treasured.

  20. OH MY GOODNESS. that EPISODE was something. full of different kinds twists and turns .
    it answered some questions but opened new ones.

    now how will chuck save sarah? why does he need to go back to his roots?

    they definitely need information about ALL the intersect projects (maybe starting from the intersect design for Volkoff), about why orion designed it.

    maybe this is why Mama B is coming back to give Chuck some answer.

  21. Hi All,

    Have been thinking about the episode, Sarahsect & what will happen @ the end of Bulliet Train when Sarah is deintersected – I think Sarah will suffer memory loss but not the way we think – Sarah doesn’t forget Chuck, her family or her friends but she forgets how to be the “Bad Ass” spy we have come to know & love.

    What do people think?

  22. I have a question, anyone know when filming the pilot of chuck?

  23. As soon as I heard this:-

    ‘Countering cyber terrorism..’

    I was powerfully reminded of NETFORCE:-

    A pretty good TV movie from a few years ago starring Scott Bakula! I think this line might have been a deliberate ‘nod’ in that direction. Which means I have private musings about the eventual bad guy which I’m not going to reveal for spoilery reasons.

  24. Well, dis is by far d most shocking ending of a chuck episode for me so far (mainly bcos i avoided spoilers lyk d plague on dis one)… Loved d review Cay. All i can say about d show wrapping up well is dat, i trust all d writers, josh schwartz nd chris fedak to give us an endin dt will b immensely satisying. I av to say, seein sarah with d intersect (consequences notwithstanding) was awesome… I will always love dis show called Chuck…

  25. Lol they should have just left Quinn with the intersect glasses.. then his brain would get fried eventually and then they could really retire from that last mission

  26. I though it was awesome. The end with Sarah was the shocker, wonder what their going to do to top her already awesomeness.
    Never liked Morgan, makes my skin crawl LOL.

  27. First it was a big surprise that Sarah download the intersect because she is almost that good without it. But then I start thinking that this maybe is a very good way to make them understand each other better because now they both really know what it´s like to have intersect.

    • Hi Icetear1,

      I agree with you – Sarah downloading the Intersect will help Her & Chuck’s relationship for sure.

      I hope Chuck can save her in time

  28. I really loved this episode and had no problems with Sarah being intersected at the end. It really does fit with TPTB formula for season enders. They always involve the Intersect.
    S2 Orion captured, Fulcrum wanting an army of intersect agents, Chuck losing the intersect and then getting Intersect 2.0
    S3 Chuck’s brain turning to mush and dying because of the intersect.
    S4 Sarah dying, and Chuck having to save her after being deintersected.

    My own spec is that instead of ending with a “normal” life, Chuck and Sarah are both going to have the intersect at the end of the series. Any problems Sarah is having with the intersect are going to be fixed by Ellie.

  29. Hi All,

    I think I’m Greaving for Chuck – I can’t believe there are only three episodes left!! I always that that they had at least one more season in the show.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve followed other shows like E.R. Friends etc and I didn’t feel too sad when they finished up – it has nothing to do with the fact that they ran thee times as long (E.R. 15 seasons) or in Friends case 10 seasons. I think its hard for me to let go because Chuck is the 1st show that I’ll have watched from start to finish without missing an episode.

    Heres to the Chuck Movie!!!!!!!!

    • The tears haven’t started for me yet. I think I’m still in the denial phase.
      How can this awesome show be ending?

  30. What I don’t understand if that if Quinn was originally CIA, why would Bryce steal the intersect and give it to Chuck?

    • Bryce was recruited by Fulcrum to steal the Intersect. It was only after he was recruited that he learned that Fulcrum was a rogue faction within the CIA, so he sent the Intersect to Chuck rather than deliver it to Fulcrum.

  31. Maybe Bryce stole it and destroyed it because Quinn was actually working for Fulcrum and Bryce wanted to stop them getting the intersect.

  32. For me the last 10 minutes sets up what looks like an exciting finish for Chuck. I only wonder if this sets the stage for Sarah to turn to the “dark side” as Volkoff did and become Chuck’s nemesis even for just a short time. One can only imagine what lengths Chuck will have to go (perhaps even re-intersecting himself) to confront and save Sarah since episode 12 is titled “Chuck vs. Sarah.” Yvonne said in the SoBe interview that they will both “lose something”. Hopefully it is the desire to have anything to do with the Intersect and not something from their relationship together.

  33. Did Morgan drop the F bomb in his video message to himself ??? it sure sounded like it.

  34. Love the Jeffster Memento arc. Seriously funny.

    As much fun as giving the intersect to main characters other than Chuck (i.e. Morgan and now Sarah) is, I feel it is lazy writing. They spent much of the early seasons emphasizing how dangerous it was for most people to download the intersect; usually ending in fried brains. Chuck was “special” for having the ability to do this.

    As each season progressed, it seems more and more people have the ability to successfully download the intersect. Not internally consistent. To me it is sad and disappointing to see such an important series issue so easily forgotten.

    Oh well, the show is still lots of fun. Hope we have a great last three episodes.

  35. Donovan…interesting thought. I think it would’ve made for a good couple of episodes, I just think that they couldn’t give us that really good story line in one show. Though you never know what TPTB have in mind!

  36. The character of Nicholas Quinn just felt like a complete cop-out to me. After watching that episode (which, for the most part, I LOVED), I just felt like he was another random “Big Bad” the writers pulled out of thin air to bring the story to a close. I mean, they obviously had to do it SOMEHOW, but I felt like Quinn’s backstory (“Oh, I’m this random agent who was supposed to get the Intersect, but since Bryce stole it and gave it to you I’m going all Shaw on the CIA”) could’ve been more interesting. Even more bothersome to me was the fact that he serves as the conduit for the writers to use the excuse that they haven’t forgotten about the old villain organizations of old (i.e. Fulcrum and the Ring).

    I guess this comes to the one and only thing I’ve had a problem with while watching Chuck: the writers have tended to ignore the true backstory of the SUPER baddies. Now, I know they fixed this with Shaw and Volkoff, but my main issue is with Fulcrum and the Ring. My favorite season was Season 2, but the one thing I never quite understood was why the writers just banished Fulcrum (and later the Ring) into the corner. They’re defeated – we can ignore them now. There was never any TRUE explanation as to their intentions (besides a very loose intent of “getting/building their own Intersect”). I mean, I guess you could argue that Fulcrum’s “goal” was the army of Intersect agents, but that can’t have been the “entire point” of the group. And they COMPLETELY ignored Bryce’s deathbed warning of Fulcrum being only one part of the Ring. They basically never explain this or make reference to other sections. How could one section of the Ring be as troublesome to the CIA as the ENTIRE Ring? Argh, I guess every story has SOME plot holes…I guess there’s still 3 episodes left to explain all of this. 😛

  37. The one thing i have always loved about Chuck is the music. We don’t always realize how much the music effects us as we watch the show. It is simply amazing, a hand for the composer, Tim Jones.

    On a second note, we just finished episode 5.10, yet the standard is a 13 episode season, meaning we should have 3 more weeks. YET in watching the promo for next week, it says only TWO more weeks. Now, do we get a 2 hour final? Are they putting 2 weeks into 1? I so hope so. Chuck is the one show i’d wait in line for. Maybe it speaks to my nerd, that we are all capable of great things, no matter how un-heroic we may seem.

    This episode was amazing. It doesn’t take much to impress me, but i do know bad story when i see it. I did wish Chuck would get the Interest back for a while, but that seems highly unlikely now. Sarah is an interesting choice for the super computer encoded images. I’ll say, i’m not a fan, i think Chuck has sole right to the intersect, but that is my fan boy crying out.

    We’ve had a great ride so far, and while i don’t want Chuck to leave, i’m happy with where the story is going if we have to say good bye. I have become a personal fan of both Zach and Yvonne, and been a long time fan of Adam since Firefly (Nathan Fillion/Castle shout out). I’m glad too see the writers giving us one last ride even though they know the end is near. My personal thanks to all the cast and crew, especially the writers for dreaming up all 5 seasons of wonderful adventures.

    Stay strong Chucksters,

  38. I could have ended that episode early. While the battle in the Buy more was going on, all chuck had to do was put on the Glasses. Boom, episode over. He is suppose to be special, so he can handle it. Plus as spies they should have been smart and experienced enough to know, Quinn was going to come back til he got the intersect.

  39. Hi All,

    Watched Bo again and I have come to the conclusion that Quinn knew something was wrong with the glasses. Whrn the camando team surround Sarah and she asks for Chuck the leader says that “the situation has changed he is needed. Put the glasses down and step away now!!”

    I hope Chuck can save Sarah in time