Chuck vs. the Podcast 101: Funny, Funny, Funny, SHOCK!

Chuck vs. Bo was a hilarious instalment in the Chuck saga, with Bo Derek playing herself as a spy, a return to the frosted tips, and Groundhog Day-style capers by Jeff & Lester. However, the end of the episode spun us in an unexpected new direction: to escape a tough situation and to save her beau, Sarah has now uploaded an intersect.

Oh, no!

Click image to play video… more details below.

It’s coming close to series finale time… As you plan your viewing parties (and stock up on the Kleenex), make sure you also plan to take some photos and send them in. Let’s honor Chuck and have a grand old time, complete with Subway sandwiches, cheese balls, grape soda, Buy More gear, and any other creative ideas you can think of!

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  1. Just listened to your podcast and enjoyed it. But I will nitpick if I may. In the first interview Yvonne gave, she used the word “tragic,” then changed it to “slightly tragic” in a later interview. So maybe she changed it to allay Chuck fans’ fears. What if she was right the first time and it really is tragic? Which would mean she forgets Chuck? Which would mean I’m spiraling.

    • I could see this happening, but from everything we know about the show, I don’t think it will..if that makes any sense.

      I would like to think they wouldn’t end it with Sarah completely forgetting everything. Maybe she forgets some stuff, and Yvonne thought that that in itself was “tragic”, then realized it could be worse so she changed to “slightly tragic”.

      Yvonne also said in another interview (and im paraphrasing) that she is so happy/proud (can’t remember the exact wording) to have gone on this journey with Sarah and see her grow from a spy that coudn’t express herself emotionally to what Sarah Walker is now. If they erased her memories completely than I don’t think Yvonne would have been too happy, cuz then the journey is all for not. And I would like to think that the writers also recognize this, and would not go that route.

      • Ok, I’ve completely spiraled. What if the 1st interview Yvonne gave was the truth and the upcoming episodes are “tragic,” and what if she added “the ending is satisfying” to placate the fans, or because Fedak told her to, and it’s really an ending where Chuck spends the rest of his life trying to get Sarah’s memory back? No dream house, no babies. OMG, I’ve spiraled out of control, and can’t get out! Someone say something positive!!

      • Lianne are you going to make it to the finale? I’m a little worried about you!

      • Lianne, this show won’t leave its main characters, the “heart” of the series, dangling in unhappiness. I think we can expect some edge-of-your-seat drama and action in the last 3 episodes, but in the end, the reward will be happiness.

  2. MyNameIsJeffNImLost

    Good stuff. Nice touch with the coffee drinking.

    Only Bo and Stan played themselves, but there was Ted Roarke and a Spies Like Us clip and where Chevy Chase was named. Chevy Chase and Ted Roarke must be twins.

    Actually, Braveheart is very historically inaccurate, but it’s still worth watching.

  3. Hi All

    I have been thinking about the “slightly tragic” effect of Sarah downloading the intersect will effect her is that the memory loss will be how to be a Kick Ass Spy. At least that way the Bartowski’s can leave that world on a simlier footing & it would be a nice role reversal to vs The Intersect – having Chuck protecting Sarah @ the end of vs Goodbye. We’ll have litterly come full circle.

    What do people think?

  4. Hi Gray, Mel & Liz,

    Loved the Podcast! Do any of you know when the Season 5 DVD will be released in Europe?



  5. Are you guys still having problems with the podcast website? I still don’t see this episode or the last one on iTunes.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Foe myself, I’m trying not to read too much into this Sarah intersect thing. The writers have given us a great season so far, despite many fans’ misgivings about Morgan getting the intersect.

    I think the next 3 episodes will be a killer roller coaster ride, and will end in a very satisfying conclusion.

    Starsaber: I just checked, and the latest video episodes are indeed showing on iTunes. If you’re talking about the mp3 audio-only versions, iTunes might be having a hard time linking to the new server location. Until I resolve this, you can download the mp3 episodes manually at the bottom of each post at


  7. Maybe the “slightly tragic” thing that happens is that the intersect causes Sarah to lose some or all of her fighting skills – which would not be a real problem if she was going to give up the spy life in any case.

  8. I can see Sarah being programmed via the intersect to go after her husband. For some reason I think Fedak is basing Chuck Vs Sarah on the Manchurian Canidate.

    • @RC

      To be honest i think you might be right, the writers in all the other series endings have completely shocked us. Everyone is thinking the same that its going to cause her problems with her head which i think it will, but i also think they cant just have that as it seems asif it could just be a boring and obvious ending. Thinking about it the intersect glasses were ‘sent to kill’ and everyone seems to be after chuck, i think this adds together to exactly what you are saying… whatever the ending we know its going to be awesome

  9. Hi Mel, Gray & Liz

    Just wanted to say i loved the podcast it was great just another three episodes left off CHUCK with this friday. It would be great if they made a CHUCK FILM thank yous for all the hard work in bringing us chuck fans the podcast so thanks again.

    Alison ( Ali )



  10. A great podcast, I especially loved your gag at the beginning with the synchronized drinking (is that an Olympic sport?).

    For those freaking out over how they are going to resolve all of this for the finale, if you look back at all the season enders (exception S1 which was cut short by the writers strike) they have been just as intense
    S2 First Kill, Colonel, Ring
    S3 Tooth, Living Dead, Subway, Ring 2
    S4, Agent X, Last Details, Cliff Hanger

    Most fans found these all to have very satisfactory endings. Granted in S4 I wasn’t too thrilled by Morgansect, and thought the wedding could have been done a lot better, but at least we got a wedding.