SPOILERS: TV Guide Teases Chuck Series Finale Rollercoaster

I almost didn’t post this because I know some people are on the brink of spiraling into the depths of despair already, stressing over how Chuck will end. But we have a history of posting legitimate news and information around here, and TV Guide is about as legit as it gets, so here goes.

But first, a reminder: As Adam Baldwin reminded reporters during the set visit on the second to last day of shooting when asked about how the show will end, “Chuck is a comedy.” I’ve been told by multiple sources, including someone who just watched the finale yesterday, that it’s a satisfying ending that will make us proud to be Chuck fans. And that we’ll cry. But mostly that it’s satisfying.

Joshua Gomez, Alisa Hensley, Yvonne Strahovski, and Zachary Levi behind the scenes of the Chuck series finale
Josh, Alisa, Yvonne and Zac at the Berlin Wienerlicious

From this week’s issue of TV Guide Magazine, here are some excerpts from their report from the second to last day of filming:

“We were all feeling a great big bag of emotions heading into this season, knowing it would be our last, and it’s only gotten worse – there’s real mourning oging on here,” says star Zachary Levi in between takes of a blazing gun battle on the backlot at Universal Studios. His character, computer geek-turned-spy Chuck Bartowski, and wife Sarah have racked the show’s final big baddie, Nicholas Quinn, to the local Weinerlicious in Berlin. 

It doesn’t help that the finale itself is packed with trauma and heartache. “It involves the very breakdown of the Chuck and Sarah relationship,” reveals Strahovski. “It’s just awful because they’ve become such a fun, loving, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’-type couple. The last episode very much asks: Will they or won’t they make it?”

Surely the writers wont’ tick off the fans by ending things with a Bartowski bust-up..uh, would they? “It’s not our intent to have the audience coming after us with pitchforks and torches,” says executive producer Chris Fedak. “But we wanted a finale that was perilous and scary, and not just in a spy-mission sort of way. Everything Chuck has achieved in the last five seasons will be in jeopardy. There is much more to worry about in the last two episodes than whether or not everyone makes it out alive.”

(Read the full article in the January 23 issue of TV Guide.)

I know this creates rivers of dread in many a Chuckster’s heart. The “not knowing” how it’s going to end has many on edge, and fear of something just like what’s teased above – that Chuck and Sarah won’t be together in the end – will (and has) elicited many “this will ruin the show/last 5 years of my life/my life” comments. But please remember, again, for all its twists and turns and cliffhangers, Chuck is ultimately hopeful. It’s ultimately about the guy who got the girl he never thought he’d have. This is Chuck’s final battle and everything he has is at risk. Everything.

But, again, Chuck is about hope.

So…have at it.

(And watch for our on-set interviews coming next week!)

Updated: Added a behind the scenes photo of Yvonne and Zac in their Berlin Wienerlicious costumes with Josh and Alisa Hensley (Yvonne’s stunt double). Photo courtesy of Alisa.

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  1. I guess I’ll be first. I’ll start by saying I’m a crazy shipper who has loved every aspect of this show. I’ve watched live every Monday, then every Friday. Haven’t missed an episode. Did the Subway sandwich thing, email advertisers, etc. Even joined twitter to be part of the final season. But reading this breaks my heart. Makes me sad. Because I had certain expectations that were based on prior episodes this season. I believed Chuck and Sarah would have a baby by episode 12, and that doesn’t seem possible now. So eps 9 & 10 seemed like red herrings, which was a bit unfair of the writers and me for putting such stock in it. I don’t need an episode to know how Chuck and Sarah feel about each other, but if that’s the way it’s supposed to be, so be it. I am not sure I’ll watch the last 2 eps live because I’ll take the coward’s way out and wait till the reviews come in and tell me what everyone thought.

    Mel, thanks for posting this. I appreciate you taking the time to prepare us the best way you can, and I’ve always loved, enjoyed and appreciated your site and the work you’ve done. It’s been a ride, hasn’t it?

    • Pregnancy or baby would have been too distruptive for the main element of the show, which is the spy stories. I’m sure some people would love if the last episode was about choosing drapes for their new dream home and then racing to hospital to give birth, but that would not be a good finale for critically acclaimed action comedy.

      The pregnancy scare in 5.09 was more that people are willing to see. It was a roadmap that goes beyond the series finale. It was about Chuck and Sarah admitting they want to become parents once the time is right and enviroment safe. That is all what is needed, pregnant Sarah would be revisiting the coma Sarah from 4.24.

  2. Thanks for throwing it up there. I’m glad that you included what Mr. John Casey himself said about “Chuck” as a whole. It’s a comedy. Then again.. there’s also drama, so it’s a dramedy.

    And.. I really wish we’d get a description of the finale other than ‘satisfying’. Satisfying for the last episode of the show you’ve followed for years can mean so many things. It could be ‘it’s not great, but it’s not bad.. it’s just satisfying enough” or ‘it satisfies everything a Chuck fan at heart would want in the last episode” sort of satisfying. See what I mean?

    Still, I’ve got hope that Fedak won’t mess this up and we’ll indeed enjoy our last moments with some of our favorite characters.

    Anyway, I think the bit that will get the fans in a tizzy mostly is the bit Strahovski said about the ‘breakdown of the Chuck and Sarah relationship’. I think people will be more apt to taking that as ‘break-up’ instead of an actual breakdown of what their relationship means. I’m not worried over that particular quote.

    I really can’t wait.

    • I’m wondering if she used the word “breakdown” in the sense that it breaks the relationship down to its core elements so we can really see what makes Chuck and Sarah the perfect team.

      • You know.. I was thinking that. That’s why I was worried about people seeing ‘breakdown’ and thinking ‘Omg, they’re going to break up, why would they do thaaaat’ — and not really understand what ‘breakdown’ means. I hope we get to see why they are truly a fantastic couple/team and see them take Quinn’s butt down!

      • I admire your optomisitc approach to thw word breakdown but if you look at the context in which it is used it is fairly evident what breakdown means – relationship trouble – bigtime

  3. Deep breath… inhale… exhale…

  4. Who seriously thinks that C/S won’t be together and happy when the final credits roll? We’ve been told by many, many people that the finale is satisfying. How could that be with C/S anything but planning their family and future?

    This smacks of the hype before Cliffhanger when Fedak told us that Sarah might not survive and the wedding scenes that we knew they shot might have been a dream.

    We didn’t buy it then. We’re not buying it now.

    • Maybe you’re not, but some of us are! I’m still not a fan of a memory-loss aspect even if the bits you suggested do make a lot of sense and sound really nice. 😛 That all depends on if Fedak can actually execute said plot line.

      • I’m not saying the finale will be well done. That remains to be seen. The Fedak written episodes tend to be at the bottom of my rewatch list.

        I’m just referring to Yvonne’s tease that the finale will ask “Will they or won’t they make it?”

        Yes, I’m sure that will be the question. Just like the question of Cliffhanger was “Will Sarah survive?”

        But the question loses a lot of it’s impact when you already know the answer. And I say we already know the answer.

        Here is an interview that JS did about 2 months ago.


        /quote “I predict very few dry eyes,” Schwartz told TVLine. “Mine did [well up]. It was really emotional.”

        The executive producer went on to say that the finale, written by Chris Fedak, provides a “really, really great” resolution for long-time viewers.

        “I think that every Chuck fan is going to be very satisfied,” he said. /quote

  5. Weinerlicious returns! Amazing!!

  6. Mel do you think they will kill of chuck and sara ?

    • Not even for a second.

      • Mel,

        I know you had your own thoughts as to what you thought the loss and secret would be. Do you still think those things are true, or have you amended them somewhat based on what we’ve read?

  7. Seeing Yvonne in pigtails again really does bring back good memories of S1. D:

  8. Breakdown? im wondering what will cause that,will it be something chuck does or something sarah had to do that cause,s their relationship to breakdown thats the real thing to note from all this

    but for their to be a relationship breakdown what happened before has to at lease be in some ones head IE memory of events before the breakdown so maybe sarah did something in bullet train or just after to cause the breakdown

    this is just me specing but based on we have seen so far this season the mind melting intersect does strange thing to people

  9. Remember.. the definition of breakdown doesn’t mean ‘break-up’. It could be like.. breaking down a fancy recipe, seeing all the parts of said recipe that give the final product such a delightful kick/taste. “Breakdown” isn’t always bad.

    • OMG! thank you ! I think the word she used, she used for a reason. LIke said up above, I think it means going back to the “core” of the relationship as mentioned above.

  10. ok good point and what do we call it when our cars come to an unexpected and sudden stop on the road, thats it a breakdown but the good thing is we always get them fixed

    so like mel says and keeps on saying this is chuck and sure their WILL be pain getting there but this is CHUCK and in the end C/S will be together has this show ever let us down and this is the reason we true fans of this show are here at the end

    fedak just likes messing with you all lol

  11. Well that answers a few questions from the Tvline blurb..the take back to early S1 is Sarah dressed in costume at Weinerlicious. I still think the fianle ends on the same beach at the pilot

  12. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens.

  13. Hi, after reading this I gotta write something, too.
    Since the half of S5, I’ve been hoping, that this show is gonna have happy end. Now I’m afraid and I think, it’s not gonna be as nice as I was hoping, according to this article.
    “Breaking the Charah’s relationship” would be a heartattack for many fans and I think, the writers do know that. I will believe, it’s not gonna be taken literally, ’cause otherwise, I’d not survive that :(.
    The end is supposed to be “satisfying”, which can really mean many things. According to promos and other articles, I’ve read in the past, it should be awesome (in good way, of course :)). But to the last moment, no fan can know, how it’ll end. It can be good, but not that much. Somehow “satisfying” says to me 50% good, 50% wrong. Bloody hell, I so hate, when I have to wait for something epic :D.
    Well, like many other people, I was hoping, that Charah would have the baby in E8, further more according to the name of the episode :P. Now I hope too, they’ll have it in the last episode, but, unfortunately, it is highly improbable :(.
    OK, maybe Chuck is comedy and action show, but look at it now – It has become much more emotional show and I am personally grateful for that, no matter what others say :P. IMHO – The pregnancy wouldn’t be wrong, vice versa – it would be really nice :). There was already Ellie’s pregnancy, so I do not see any problem in Sarah’s pregnancy ;).
    Well, one way or another, Chuck is, always has been and always will be in my heart like one of the best series ever created :). I will never forget about it. I love those characters and I shall miss them :’).

    • I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your post. And I counted more happy faces than sad, so that brought a smile to my face! See 🙂 I liked and agreed with a lot of what you said too. Nice post!

      • Oh thank you :). I am glad I brought a smile to your face :). It’s a nice feeling :). I like, when people agree with each other :).
        I couldn’t resist leaving a comment to this article, so I wrote down, what I think and feel about this show :).
        Once again, thank you for your nice replying :). If you want, you can write me on “grindman3@gmail.com” or skype me (if you have it) – “s.p.e.e.d.y.1” :).
        See ya :).

  14. I think its kind of funny how Zach’s description of the episode has a positive spin and Yvonne’s has everyone freaking out. He is like people are going to get a kick out of it and she is describing it as tragic.

    • I thought his spin was more positive, but I also thought his take was more broad and general than Yvonne’s. Yvonne spoke specifically on Chuck and Sarah. He didn’t. Not a criticism, just an observation.

  15. Mel- Thank you for the new info. I think. After reaing all of the postings above I can just feel everyone’s brain churning in so many directions. Including mine. I guess that is what an inspriational show does to you. It is really cool to see so much energy at work. I have decided the only safe way to watch the ending live is to make sure I have my doctor on call.

  16. Before we freak out we should all remember the emotional rollercoaster (sorry for the cliche) Fedak and co. put us through with the teases for last season’s finale including the title ‘cliffhanger”, but despite the fact that the episode was quite the rollercoaster, the end was very satisfying and upbeat-hopeful. I have a feeling this finale is going to be similar (sans morgansect-maybe).

    • Agreed. It’s exactly like that. This smacks of Cliffhanger a lot.

      That’s frankly my biggest fear. I’m not afraid that we won’t get a happy ending. I put the odds of that at 99.99999%. And that’s only because nothing is ever 100%

      My fear is that we’ll get tension for the entire episode, then 2 minutes of happy ending as the credits are rolling.

      That’s what they did in Cliffhanger. The C/S wedding was the climax of the entire series. It got about as much air time as his fancy Nighthawk motercycle.

      They hyped it as “See if Sarah survives.”

      They should have hyped it as “Come see what you’ve been waiting to see for 4 years, the C/S wedding.”

      Just like now. They are hyping “Will C/S make it? together” When anybody with a pulse knows that they will.

      They should be hyping “Come see how C/S defeat the forces that would tear them apart and start their lives together.”

      That would be more effective, IMO.

  17. One thing that I noticed. And I don’t know it’s significance. But the picture in the article is clearly the same basic pose as the 10 thumbs down one that was tweeted with 10 shooting days left. That would put them at the beginning of shooting Goodbye, right?

    But Chuck and Sarah are both wearing their wedding rings for whatever scene they are shooting.

    That has to be positive, right?

    • Bill,

      I believe that pic is from episode 12. I could be wrong, but I think they were still filming Chuck vs Sarah at the time of that pic.

      • It was taken with 10 shooting days left. They tweeted an identical picture with their 10 thumbs down. So how many days to shoot an episode? It was either at the very end of Sarah or the very beginng of Goodbye.

  18. Looking at the picture above, I was naive to think that Sarah was pregnant and Yvonne was covering up by wearing a jacket 🙁

  19. I think it takes 7 days to shoot an episode, so I think they were ending Chuck vs Sarah. I could be wrong, but I think that pic is from ep 12.

  20. The truth is that we probably have a better idea of what to expect from a finale of Chuck than we ever have about any other show. Mainly because we’ve already seen “the finale” several times. Think Other Guy, Ring, Push Mix, Subway/Ring II, and Cliffhanger….

    Oh ye of little faith – with all the practice that they’ve had ending the show, how could this end be anything other than great? Of course there’s always the issue of living up to the hype, but again, see the episodes above.

    • But of all those finales, the only one I would have been satisfied with if it was a finale was Subway/Ring II. And them mostly because of Subway.

      Ring – A finale that ends with “To Be Continued”, lol?

      Push Mix – The resolution as the credit were rolling. Although in fairness I don’t think we saw the original finale plan.

      Cliffhanger. – The wedding that was the absolute climax of the series was basically an afterthought? That’s my worst fear for Goodbye. A Cliffhanger type episode where it is tense until the last 2 minutes then a happy ending.

      • Bill, I have to ask…what did you want from the wedding episode? Did you want to see the whole ceremony? I’m curious because I am perfectly happy with what we were given. We got to see the dress, the flowers, the loving looks, the kiss, the beaming Mr. & Mrs., the friends and family celebrating, even a cute reference to the honeymoon…what, in your opinion, was missing?

      • I’m no Bill but… if “the Cliffhanger” would have been the very last episode of Chuck I would have been slightly disappointed.

        But if they had changed the setup for S5 (basically everything that came after the “two weeks later” bit) for some Chuck/Sarah moments from the honeymoon or whatever… I think it would have worked decently as a series finale too.

      • Now you make me feel like a whiner. 🙂

        It wasn’t terrible. You’re right. We did see a lot of the elements of a wedding. It just felt rushed to me.

        We didn’t get to see Sarah walk down the aisle. Do you think that she did? Who gave her away? It would have been a great scene for dad to show up just in time. Casey would have also been a nice touch. He would be nervous, right?

        We didn’t get to see Alex catch her bouquet. Since she is probably the only single female Sarah knows, that would have been a cute, foreshadow-y thing.

        We didn’t get to see Sarah freaking out while getting dressed and Ellie having to calm her down.

        We didn’t get to see Lester trying to give Chuck wedding night advice.

        We didn’t get to see any of the honeymoon. We don’t even know where they went. We didn’t get to see Chuck carry Sarah over the threshold.

        Okay, I’ll admit that all of those things are subjective. And some of them are admittedly silly.

        I felt it was abrupt. One second we’re thinking that Sarah is dead, and the next second she’s standing at the alter.

        And this was the climax of the entire series. It was the celebration of 4 years of wt/wt. It was the central theme of the last dozen or so episodes.

        Just for some perspective, I went back and did some timing. From the time that the church billboard appeared on screen to the time Chuck walked into the Buy More took 4:12. The Blackhawk motorcycle scene took 4:30. I would have invested more of that screen time in the wedding.

        I understand that this sounds hypercritical… and maybe it’s unfair. But I was disappointed.

      • We saw the freaking out in earlier episodes, so I didn’t need that. It would have been cool to see who walked Sarah down the aisle, but that wasn’t a necessity for me. Catching the bouquet? Eh. Cheesy. (Ask any single woman who’s attended more than 2 weddings as an adult; they’ll tell you the same thing.) I kind of like that the honeymoon wasn’t shown on screen; it makes it super private.

        Thanks for sharing what you wanted, though. You (and other guys) have mentioned it more than once, so I wanted to get some clarification to better understand where you’re coming from.

  21. Okay,

    This Ask Ausiello has me pretty confused. It’s tone is completely different than the TVGuide thing.


    Question: There will be a huge hole in my life after Chuck ends on January 27. Any last bit of final season spoilers out there? —Chuck
    Ausiello: Zachary Levi breaks down the two-hour swan song thusly: “The first hour is super-intense drama and action and some tears are shed. And the second half also has some drama, but there’s a lot of comedy, too.”

    Could it be that most of the drama is resolved early?

  22. Mel, I agree with Bill. I have also stated this Many times before.

    The wedding was ok but, it did feel rushed to me.

    I waited 4 full yrs for it & I did come away feeling short changed.

    Especially considering, what I felt was the elaborate attention given to Ellie & Awesome’s wedding by the writers. (But that wedding was Great & I did enjoy it.)

    I just felt a bit short changed on Chuck & Sarah’s wedding by the writers.

    I will forgive them though, if we get a Great Final Ep. And a Very Happy Ending, with Chuck & Sarah together & Happy. LOL!


  23. Aftr watching the show every week for the last 5 years, i have come to learn that the writers have come to figure out the bet of plausible unexpected plot twists. In saying that how much of a mind F would it be if Chuck woke up looking season 1ish with Sarah standing over him as if she had hit him with a car and the whole 5 years was just a dream?…

    Just a thought.

  24. This relationship breakdown does sound pretty scary. Hope they end up together at the end because satisfying could also mean Chuck continuing as a spy alone with all he has learn so far. And I still hope that pregnancy to complete their story but it seems that it maybe don´t happen because so much else going on.

    • I’ve abandoned the pregnancy idea too, seems like the final episodes are way too action and drama packed to work that in.

      Unless we get an epilogue of some kind, taking place 6 months (or whatever) into the future. That might be a way to include a pregnant Sarah.

  25. Casey WAS at the C/S wedding, misting up. [sigh].

  26. OH MY GOSH, I’m just gonna say it: The biggest drama that’s gonna happen is that Chuck is separated from Ellie.
    Not through death, but because him & Sarah are starting their lives off together, and Ellie & Awesome need to move away into a better place with bigger opportunities already. I feel like that’s been foreshadowed forever. It’s been a fear forever that Chuck is separated in some fashion, from his family. It won’t be a bad evil separation thing – it’ll be a growth thing. A “Life happens” thing. Why else would it be called “Vs the Goodbye”? They all have to start the next chapters of their lives, and that’s gonna mean they all have their own lives to handle. Older sis can’t take care of baby brother forever, and that’s what’s gonna break our hearts. It makes complete sense. It’s bittersweet to the extreme. They’re a family though, so they can still visit each other for holidays or whenever they want.

    General Beckman WILL die. Whenever they kill off characters, it’s never anyone from the super-core cast (Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie Awesome) — it’s someone smaller yet somewhat important but who hasn’t always been in every episode– like Bryce, Stephen or that other person. But that’s still a whopper that our dear General will be killed, so it still hurts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Momma Bartowski bit the dust too, but reunited with Stephen in heaven – proud of their son, and watching over them at all times. John Casey will have to choose to be General, separating him from Chuck & Sarah and off to D.C., but giving him the job he always wanted and deserved. Bittersweet, yet again.

    Chuck & Sarah WILL NOT break up. There may be a couple red herrings, but ultimately, they will not break up. Doubt will be tossed at them but they’ll overcome it, because something will remind them why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

    Morgan and Casey’s Hot Daughter will move in next to Chuck & Sarah. We’ll be thrown off because it’ll look like Chuck & Morgan are gonna split up, but Morgan will surprise him in the very end by showing up next door, or something in that vein.

    I swear, I am not involved with the show in any way and haven’t read the script or seen the episodes or anything —- It’s just a humongous prediction based on what seems likely and what evidence/spoilers has been given to us already.

    It’s okay to predict right? I have to say at least 5 out of 7 of these guesses will come true, in some fashion or another. Sorry if I ruined it for anyone by predicting….but yeah. This just seems logical and hopefully will keep people from worrying.

    Just remember: Josh Schwartz is the BEST at finales. Have you not seen The O.C.?

    • I’m sure the finale is called “Chuck vs the Good Bye” partly because is it also a good bye to the fans, but there are probably several good byes said inside the episode as well.

      Chuck and Sarah could be moving to their dream house but that’s not too far from Ellie and Devon so I’m not sure if that counts as a good bye.

      It could also be a good bye to spy life or Buy More… among other things.

      As for possible character deaths… if I had to guess I’d go with Big Mike or GB. I can’t imagine them bringing back MamaB for one episode just to kill her off.

    • I don’t know how much Josh Schwartz was involved in the finale, but if he is, my guess is I’ll like it more than if it were just Fedak, No offense to Fedak, but he doesn’t really do finales or storylines the way Fedak does. Just different styles. And what you say may be true, but I still wanted a Bartowski baby, and am disappointed they wrote that redd herring in to throw us off. And no, it doesn’t make me feel better that they’ve decided to have a family. I think that was assumed, but I won’t beat a deadhorse. But your predictions for the most part seem to make sense. And hopefully Schwartz was involved insome way with the finale and not just reading it.

  27. Yvonne tweeted that we may see the Weinerlicious outfit again it looks from the picture that Chuck is undercover as a worker there Yvonne has a coat and no pigtails so not sure where she is wearing under her coat

  28. I can’t wait to see the Wienerlicious again and I hope the Rollercoaster rides ends in with Chuck and Sarah in their dream home and leaving behind the spy game for good

  29. iv’e had a couple thoughts running through my head like the pre nup if any one remembers they will not do anything to deal with Divorce and or wanting one probably because they signed a pre nup saying i luv you and i will never compreheand the word divorce
    2nd the breakdown might end up to do with her loosing some sort of memory whilst in the intersect if that happened that would cause friction between chara
    but we all know no matter what happens in the next 3 episodes we know it will end well as they say satisfactory
    we all know they will end up with the house and no more spying

    saying all this is speculation im a Big Chuck fan but i just dnt think they would build up CHARAH fo 5 yrs and make us fall in luv with them and than something happen to them but they are married and married couples do argue from time to time.
    ( Ps: i think it would be cool if at the end of the whole thing shs like pregnet that would be AWSOME!!!!1

  30. I think somebody dies. Maybe Chuck and Sarah will only pretend to die to be left in piece but I think it will get there. I may be a little pessimistic but I don´t want an entire happy ending.

  31. i predicted the end a while back, and the memory loss aspects have reassured me… I suspect the series with end with chuck and Sarah losing all memory of their spy lives, living happily ever after as a buy more and orange orange couple.

  32. http://baycityblues.com/archives/naughty-brownie-baking

  33. I cant believe that this is the END 🙁 I am sad… I spend piece of my live with this show and I have to say: IT WAS AMAZING. I am from Czech republic and here are not many fans of CHUCK but I am proud that I AM!!! Each episode was perfect for me… CHUCK will be the most favorite show ever for me!!!!!

    GO! CHUCK… GO!

    Karolína Vondráčková (CZ)

    Nemůžu uvěřit tomu, že je konec 🙁 Jsem smutná… Strávila jsem kus svého života s tímto seriálem a musím říct: BYLO TO NEUVĚŘITELNÉ. Jsem z České republiky a zde není mnoho fanoušků Chucka, ale jsem hrdá, že já jsem fanouškem. Každá epizoda pro mě byla perfektní… CHUCK pro mě bude na vždy nejlepším seriálem.


  34. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!

    I’m Max, I live in Würzburg, Germany and study English at the local university. I remember whe my roomate made me watch pilot of Chuck 5 years ago. With my mother being ill (and unfortunately dead by now) I wasn’t able to go to the US for a semester in order to improve my English, so his plan was to watch American television shows instead. Chuck was the first thing we saw and I loved it from day one. I’ve not only spent days – maybe entire weeks by now online, discussing the latest episodes of Chuck and pointed out my theories about the show’s future. I can’t believe that this is about to come to an end. I’ll miss the show like I’ve never missed anything on TV ever.

    And I really need a happy ending… I mean it’s obious that Chuck is the show of the many happy endings (2X21,22, 3X13,19, 4X13,24 etc.) and that Chuck is about hope…but Chuck and Sarah only getting bak together won’t suffice for me. And this is where I have my doubts…will Sarah eventually remember the last 5 years as we remember them? If not this is not a happy ending…

  35. oops..forgot somthing… the “I’ve not only” sentence should have endet like this:

    “…,but also supported subway for supporting Chuck even though I wasn’t even sure if Subway Germany and Subway US really are the same company and honestly don’t like their bread.”
    ( The fact that the bread doesn’t taste could actually mean that it is an American Company… no offense to your country, I love so many things about america… yet it appears to me that you haven’t figured out how to make bread… ;-))

  36. Please tell me that this is not the end… it cant be!!! I cried when I realized that it is over… I believe that it is not! Why they have the open end? I hope that will be 6th series.

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