SPOILERS: Screencaps from the Chuck Series Finale Promo

The promo that aired after “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train” started off with shots from several episodes in seasons 1-4, reminding us where Team Bartowski has been, before kicking into scenes from this week’s final 2 episodes, showing us where Team Bartowski is going. Thanks to Chuck fan Raphael, we have screencaps of those future episode shots for you to examine in detail as you lay out your final speculations.

First, here’s the promo via Across the Airwaves:

And now, the screencaps:


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  1. Aww.. The intersect room, we get to see one last time.

  2. Well, these pics are spoilers in themselves so safeties are off on speculation. Thanks Raphael for doing these.

    1.) Sarah in a weinerlicious outfit. I believe this is post-season 1 so that’s curious. I also believe Chuck is sporting the man-weinerlicious outfit. Curious, most curious there. Wonder if her memory is still gone here. Perhaps these two crazy kids just love hot dogs over electronics.
    2.) Sarah with a gun to Morgan and I believe Chuck kneeling with his back to us on the floor in a bright white empty room. Is there an intersect terminal somewhere in that room perhaps? This must be Sarah
    3.) Intersect glasses. Activating. Chuck holding them. Need we say more. (Wonder if he doesn’t just step on them – lol.)
    4.) Beckman in some sort of oversight committee meeting. ( Oh crap, been there done this before. Hope Shaw isn’t called in to testify – hehehe.)
    5.) That was “ELLIE” in the promo in the car!??! I thought it was Alex. Huh. Wow. Must be stopping a bad guy. Go Ellie.
    6.) Sarah beating up Chuck. That boy needs an intersect, oh… and his girl back. That looks like the empty house they wanted to buy.
    7.) Mama B… gun aimed at Sarah… who wins in THAT?

  3. Just read Sepinwall’s retrospective interview around the series and he had a shot of Chuck/Sarah in Season 1 with her in her Weinerlicious outfit and now to see her in it here in the screen caps.. it’s amazing how far they’ve come!

  4. I put my best German heritage, detail obsessive engineer analysis of what’s happening in the promo in the forum a couple days ago. Check out http://chucktv.net/forum/index.php?topic=2556.msg162252#msg162252 and see if you agree.

  5. Casey hugs Chuck? Maybe he leaves the team for work with Verbanski at the end

  6. In which episode is the dance scene between Chuck and Sarah??Never seen of that.

  7. All the stuff from the promo is new after the first 5 secs.

  8. It seems to me the Gen. Beckmen is really upset, maybe even being held hostage. Look at her face. She’s almost crying…

  9. Hi All,

    Screencaps 18 – 21 are hard to look at!!!!!