SPOILERS: Sneak Peeks at Chuck Series Finale

OK, I know you aren’t going to be able to resist, but it has to be said:


Don’t watch if you don’t want to know!

But if you do want a glimpse at what’s going to happen in the final two hours of Chuck, then take a look at these scenes NBC released today. (Thanks to ZacharyLeviFan for uploading.)

This is gonna be sooooo good!

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  1. Just caught those! Are we allowed to discuss them in thread? Or should we not to be safe?

    • This post is clearly labeled as containing spoilers, so have at it!

      • Hi Mel
        Ive just seen sneak peek 2 it look’s like Sarah kills Quinn by kicking him out off her hotel window. So now she all alone and she go’s looking for Chuck maybe to try and kill him.

        Alison ( Ali )


      • Clearly marked is debatable. Needs to be in a red font with multiple exclamation points, and flashing. Gotta be flashing. Otherwise, someone will miss it. 😉

  2. They are the most spoilery sneak peeks I can remember – especially Casey and Morgan’s. I don’t mind myself because I love all spoilers, but those who don’t and give in will definitely regret it.

    • Casey / Morgan peek is so spoilery that it is easy to tell that it is nothing but a red herring.

      • So a red herring.

      • Sarah doesn’t know who she can trust so she’s playing everyone before she finds out the truth. So the secret she’s keeping from Chuck (mentioned in episode description long time ago) is that she has lost her memory.

  3. thats actually a good point foreigner, i can imagine that, too. But one think i dont know about.. why would sarah hurt chuck later in the episode when she kicks him into the mirror? sneak peek looks like one of the very first scenes in the 5.12 ep.

    morgan said in the sneak peek that sarah is back so she have to remember at least something right because morgan wouldnt told so if sarah dont know that she’ll be back with chuck , am i right? might be possible that im throwing things up side down.

  4. After watching the promo and then these Im even more confused trying to figure out how it all will fit together. Definitely excited to see this episode. Sad to see it go. Thinking a series rewatch starting saturday

    • yah im also confused.. cant believe thats all about it .. theres gonna be some twist behind this otherwise it wouldnt make any sense. we already know about some scene which will happen later in the ep so im still very curious..

      i cant believe its the last friday for some new episodes.. no more chuck… 🙁

      think we have to stay with rewatching the good old stuff :/

  5. I get the feeling that there will still be alot of pain before the end, we will all cry a river

    so sad to see it end

  6. Hi All,

    I hope vs Baby comes into play regards Sarah getting her memory back – If Sarah’s memory of the last five years has been suppressed the last mission see would remember would have been Ryker screwing her over. I’d love to see Chuck relate the intamate details of the Mission to Sarah. i.e Emma (Sarah’s mom) and Molly and the extent to which Sarah went to protect the Child. Maybe thats why Sarah attacks Chuck. The information Quinn gave Sarah may make her think Chuck is working with Ryker and they want to kill Molly and Emma.

    Its going to be a tough long week!!

    By the way, are there going to be any more sneek peeks later on in the week?

  7. The question I have about sneak peek #2 is does Quinn actually die or does Sarah maybe pull him back up?

  8. Good to see that even if Sara has no memory of the last five years she not easily fooled by Quinn of course she is going to trust Chuck either

  9. Ryan McPartlin’s interview:

    Some serious spoilers in that, not kidding.

  10. RDM just tweeted that they are screening the 2HR Series Finale for the cast and crew at the Chinease Theater on Thursday Night I hope they all can make it for one last goodbye and I am wondering how can I sneak in their Thursday night they could some spoilers leaking Friday morning from this

  11. I find that most of the sneek peeks come from within the first minutes of the episodes…

  12. It looks like its going to be a very intense emotional epic roller coaster ride. I just hope the Conspirator is revealed in these last two episodes

  13. Quinn is NOT dead. I’m 99% sure. In the first promo, Sarah says, “you stole my memories.” Unless she thinks its Chuck or someone else, we see more of Quinn. Besides, he held on to a Bullet Train. Do you really think kicking him out of a hotel window would kill him?

  14. I just have start wondering that if bad guys wanted Quinn original intersect so how they then download it to Shaw and Quinn doesn´t try to take Shaw down?

  15. lol “world’s greatest dad”