VIDEO: Chuck Series Finale Sneak Peek


The Hollywood Reporter got first dibs on a scene from the Chuck series finale, featuring Chuck talking to Morgan about Sarah’s odd behavior post-kidnapping. Morgan’s advice? Seems legit.

Note: We’ll post the You Tube link for our non-US friends as soon as we find it. Promise.

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  1. Let us know when someone finds this on Youtube 🙂

  2. Legit advice is very legit.

  3. All three sneak peaks are clearly from the 1st hour. Morgan is wearing the same outfit when he is talking to Casey scrubbing the floor.

    • And they seem to happen early. Sarah fighting Quinn happens first, followed by her going back to Chuck, Chuck phoning Morgan, then Morgan talking to Casey. I’m guessing they go to dream house soon after and hell breaks loose.

      Yvonne did an EPK also.

      • My guess is that you’re right. Those sneak peaks happen in that order pretty early.

        Then the part where Sarah makes them steal the intersect and holds Morgan hostage.

        Then the dream house part towards the end of the first hour.

        The BTS stuff must happen in the 2nd hour. Sarah’s memory clearly isn’t back because Ellie is talking about how to help.

      • I don’t get it…if chuck gets beaten by sarah, he seems good, no

        bruise… the fight scene should be in second hour… What do you


    • Frakkin great 🙁 I was hoping we could go into the finale with Sarah at least recovered but exhausted. We still have Mama B to deal with 2!

  4. Heres 2 youtube links.
    Sneak Peak 1 –
    Sneak Peak 2 –

  5. The Walker Identity!

  6. The ending said, “Fridays 8/7c”. It should of said, “Friday 8/7c”.


    I love you Chuck!

  7. Another youtube link
    Sneak Peak 3 –