VIDEO: Chris Fedak & Josh Schwartz Talk Chuck With Google

Chuck co-creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz stopped by GoogleLA and spent an hour with @Google to talk about the show. Lots of cool, behind the scenes nuggets of information are shared (did you know that Awesome was originally invisioned as a bad guy whose relationship with Ellie was a cover?) and there are some minor spoilers for the finale.

Grab a beverage and settle in to spend some time with the men who gave us Chuck.


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  1. great interview, i really enjoyed it. (and I think i get to take credit for the Jeffster greatest hits question). i do wish google had asked about greenblatt’s comments and their reaction, that question got a lot of positive votes on the page.

  2. Favorite Quotes:

    “Writing 91 chapters of some giant weird novel that is the Chuck show.” – Chris Fedak

    “You can’t keep writing the Pilot over and over.” – Josh Schwartz

    “If we really really like somebody, we kill them… That’s our legacy.” When speaking of Tony Hale and Scott Bakula’s characters. – Chris Fedak

  3. Great interview talked about just about everything that makes Chuck the favourite show that it is from the beginning. Chris and Josh are a great team and I look forward for thier work in the future. I also loved the moderators comment “from NBC’s hit show” tells you that he is already a Chuck fan.
    Do you think Google might give Chuck it very own memmorial google title that would so cool.

  4. It’s ironic that the most “bubbled show” in television history actually gets to choose it’s ending and is probably the most beloved.

    Truly remarkable.