VIDEOS: 2 New Promos for the Chuck Series Finale

Two new promos have surfaced for the Chuck series finale, one from Canada and the other from NBC. Thanks to everyone who sent them in!


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  1. OH MY LANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Heartbreaking! Sad! Tragic! Emotional! Intense! Dramatic! I will be celebrating my hubby’s 50th birthday on Friday (yes, it really does fall on the night of the finale.) Originally, I was doing everything I could to make sure I’d be home on time to watch. Doesn’t matter now. I’ll tape it and watch later. Read the reviews as they come in and be as prepped as I can. I can celebrate twice; birthday and Chuck.

  3. Wow, head explosion, that bottom one was just an awesome trailer.

  4. i really hate how they’re ending the show. anyone else feel the same way?

    • Unless they bring back Sarah’s memories fast. I really dislike the set up. Chuck has had to work so hard for Sarah, and memories just to have them suppressed! Come on!

    • No because I haven’t SEEN the ending of the show yet.

    • I guess Richard has a head start. He’s seen the ending already?

    • I haven’t seen the ending of the show.

      There will 86 minutes airing on Friday and between the sneak peeks, EPK’s and the promos, we’ve seen 3 to 5 of those minutes.

      I will say that the :15 second promo is one of the best they’ve ever made. I’m very excited to see that entire scene.

    • It will be edge-of-your-seat, high stakes, and some things happening I never thought were remotely possible.

      I think it will be awesome, at the very least.

      Also, don’t dislike something you haven’t seen yet.

  5. was that the interset room in the first video?

  6. omg connection here. in the promo after the bullet train chuck is holding the intersect glasses that says activating. in the first trailer above we see chuck putting them on!

  7. What is in Sarah’s hand in the 1st promo?

  8. a knife is in her hand.

  9. does anyone notice that in the first promo chuck puts on the intersect glasses and in the promo at the end of bullet train he is holding the glasses and they say “activating” .

  10. In the 1st promo we can see Sarah throwing Quinn off the window of her room.

    And Chuck re-uploading the Intersect… Or that’s just a normal pair of glasses.

  11. Looks awesome. I like every aspect of this multi genre show, and I especially like it when they do drama. When they do it well, it can be extremely good.

    Looking forward to Friday

  12. Hi All,

    The Scenes between Chuck and Sarah look intense – Poor Chuck – looks like he will have to work very hard to convince Sarah that he is on her side. Quinn is a Douche I really hate him lol.

    The development of the Chuck/Sarah relationship was one of the reasons I thought this Show is so cool. I know Chuck will be successful but its not going to be easy!

    God help Quinn when Sarah learns that he manipulated Mr & Mrs Bartowski the way he has. I wouldn’t want to be in their way lol.

  13. so much up and down emotion going on with the end so near.. hope i don’t run out of nexeum………great show and gosh have we enjoyed every episode of it. good luck to the cast and crew and thank you all for the sweet ride………..chucksters forever………

  14. Hi All,

    When Chuck, Sarah & Morgan are in the Intersect Vault room is when Chuck re Intersects himself to prevent Sarah giving it to Quinn. The bit with Chuck having the shades on is Ellie’s suppression device & Chuck has decided to deintersect himself.

    On a side note:

    I just read that Yvonne is open to doing a ‘Chuck’ Movie!!

    Nice 🙂

    I’ll find the site & post it!

  15. Hi All,

    The article in which Yvonne said she was open to a ‘Chuck’ Movie appeared on


  16. Hi All,

    Just to be clear – I don’t know what will happen. The 1st post is what I think will happen!


  17. After seeing so many spoilers and promos, I don’t think this is going to be the ending I, and others, were hoping for. The white picket fence, darling house, kids, or at least pregnant. We all thought the pregnant thing was pretty certain, but not happening (per Yvonne).

    BUT, it sure looks like this ending is going to hold my attention and provide for a dynomite conclusion. Can’t wait.

  18. I personally love the way these final episodes are shaping up. I don’t know exactly why people want these characters to live out their last few episodes without ANY progressive complications. What is more daunting than trying to convince someone who doesn’t remember anything about you that you are their soulmate and not their enemy. I do want closure but I don’t need everything to be perfect for the characters. I love this show best when all of these characters are working together (including Jeff and Lester now). From the looks of that second trailer, I am so excited for this finale. I have a feeling tears will be a flowin. It’s been a tremendous run and I hope we’re in for an epic conclusion.

  19. After reading a lot of the interviews of cast members and now seeing these intense promos, I can understand why there is so much emotion coming through in these scenes. I am going to need few boxes of Kleenex Friday.

  20. Hi Julie,

    Sorry it to me so long to get back to you. the link is this:

    I hope you will be able to access it.

    Get back to me if you can’t