I Watched the Last Two Episodes of Chuck Tonight…

…and now I’m a giant blob of emotion.

This isn’t a spoiler post. I’m not going to reveal anything that happens in the finale. Instead, you’re going to get the personal post that’s been waiting to come out since we were told this was the final season of Chuck.

The last two episodes of the series were made available on the NBC press site late tonight, just as I was about to try to sleep. I debated whether to watch them early or wait until Friday to watch with everyone else. In the end, I knew that the insomnia already needling me would just get worse knowing that the episodes were there, so I decided to at least watch “Chuck vs. Sarah”.

It’s good, you guys. So much better than any of the speculation I’ve seen. I am very glad that NBC opted to air the episodes back-to-back, though, because I think the emotional impact is stronger. Yes, I decided to go ahead and watch “Chuck vs. the Goodbye,” and I’ll tell you why.

Most of you know that I’ve been a fan and supporter of Chuck since before it premiered. Before NBC even picked up, really. Back in April 2007, Liz and I read about a show about a nerd who downloads a computer into his brain and becomes a spy. It starred two actors we liked from previous projects – Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin – and looked like the kind of show we’d enjoy. So we decided that if NBC picked up the pilot, we’d launch a fansite for the show as a joint hobby. ChuckTV.net launched the day after NBC announced Chuck would be on the 2007-2008 schedule. It’s been quite a journey to this point, and I felt like I wanted to give the finale its due. Rather than watch it for the first time while hosting the live chat and friends & family at my house, I had the opportunity to watch it alone, without distractions. So I did. And I’m glad. If only so no one saw me laughing hysterically while tears were still streaming down my face.

I cried, sometimes at things that shouldn’t have made me cry, but because it’s the end, I cried. And I laughed. Out loud. And I clapped in delight. And I gasped in surprise. And I may have shouted “woohoo!” at one point. I’m sure there will be endless debate and “I wish they would’ve…” comments because, let’s face it, when have all the Chuck fans ever liked everything on screen? You know what I’m talking about.

But for this fan, it’s a beautiful ending to a show that has touched me more than any other in my life. I hope you all feel as blessed to have been a part of it as I do.

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  1. beautiful write up, Mel. Can’t wait to see the episodes 🙂

    • Glad you liked it. As long as they don’t destroy 5 years worth of character growth from Sarah and she gets her memories back I’m sure I’ll be ok with the finale.

  2. Wonderful 🙂 I can’t wait.

  3. Been a fan ever since i saw Sarah Walker. Got hooked when they introduced the Idea that a geek and a beautiful CIA Agent will be working together. Love everything about CHUCK and will share it to the rest of my families coming generations. Thanks for a wonderful series. We will miss the NERD HERDS.

  4. can’t wait to watch the Final 2 episodes.. But will surely miss the show & the cast…
    especially the Chuck & Sarah love team.. they are great as an on-screen couple.. do hope there will be more future projects together or CHUCK the Movie..

  5. hi mel.
    a clever post. i trust your words and with this words, i believe, could make many of us calm down a little bit 🙂
    yes, it will be a rollercoast of emotions but now, i´m more prepare 🙂
    obrigado, for all the fun! 🙂

  6. Is it strange that I’m already in tears thinking about it. (God damn it man up) But seriously that post has given me renewed hope that the last two will be a great send of to an awesome series. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much Mel for your words. Now I’m calmer and I can enjoy the final episodes without worrying too much, 😀

  8. Thank you Mel. I just cannot wait to see these last two episodes now. Actually, just think, if I then lost MY memory (short-term, just one day), I could experience them all over again. And again…

  9. Thank you Mel for those reasuring words, and like other Chucksters will be calmer and get to enjoy the final episodes.
    I certainly know what you mean, when you say some Chuck fans will say “I wish they would’ve….”. But thru the 100+ podcast, specs, and comments you have posted, I pretty much agree most of your views. So I think I am at peace with how it will all end.

    I would also like the opportunity to thank you and Liz again for setting up this website which for me has been a place to meet other nerds, geeks and most of all Chucksters from around the world. Also to Gray as well for bring us Chuck vs the Podcast. It has been a fabulous journey and I hope you will keep this site up for years to come and keep us Chucksters connected with the actors and actresses that will continue to entertain us for years to come.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  10. Great post! It has me almost in tears… Thanks for setting up this website to help me find that there are other people who have loved ‘Chuck’ as much as I have for the last five years.

  11. Hi All

    I would like to wish Yvonne Happy Austrialia Day

    Hope she has a good one!!

  12. I too have loved CHUCK since the first episode. After the Pilot I could hardly wait until the next episode aired. Thank you Liz and Gray for keeping all of us CHUCK fans in the loop that haven’t ever been able to make it to Comic-Con, Chuckfest, or Nerd HQ. CHUCK truly is the little show that could touch all our hearts in so many ways, and make us feel like part of the family every week. There will never be another show that will equal or top CHUCK. I was in tears just reading your review, I can’t imagine what I will be like Friday when the end is really here. I too hope you and Liz keep this website going to help keep us all up on what is going on in our favorite stars lives. :o)

  13. Thanks Mel but dose anyone die like Chuck ?

  14. Wow–what a wonderful post, Mel.

    I can’t imagine how you’re feeling now, having viewed the final episodes of our beloved show, ‘CHUCK’. I’m sure that we’ll all be reeling tomorrow night as well. I have my box of tissues ready. In some ways I’ve been dreading this week, not because of how the show will end–I trust the writers , they’ve always done a tremendous job–but because this is IT…

    I really, really wasn’t ready for this superb show to end. There will never be another show as special as ‘CHUCK’, at least not for me 🙁

  15. That was beautiful, Mel.

  16. Discovered Chuck just as season 2 started. Was watching on demand NBC website shows while helping out with laundry in the basement on my laptop and stumbled across Chuck and its Season 2 premier. (Which was probably a really good one not having seen season 2.) Hooked.

    Here we are wrapping up season 5 & the series on Friday and nostalgia is starting to kick in. My son and daughter watch it with me every week. The wife will catch episodes here and there. The last two weeks we’ve been pulling out seasons 1-4 on DVD and re-watching favorites from the pilot on through.

    I’m a bit sad it’s ending, excited to see the finish if that makes sense.

    PS: Mel, if I was provided an opportunity via the press site to watch the episodes, Yeah, I’m doing it! You chose wisely. 🙂

  17. Anticipation is enormous…thanks for this write up. I’ll have my box of tissues at hand. I’m sure I’ll cry often at random things just b/c cause it is the “last time” …. For me also this show has been my all time favorite ever–and I cover a fair amount of “time”.

  18. Well, I’m pretty sure that I won’t cry. I’m like AB in that way. Men don’t cry, lol.

    I know that this isn’t a spoiler thread. But I’m just wondering if you could tell if they were positioning for a possible movie?


  19. Well done Mel! I loved Chuck TV. net as much as the actual show. You guys have done an amazing job! So much so, that I really would love to be acting in a television series that has as much warmth, humor and comradierie as CHUCK! Hopefully something like that will be in my future. Mel, I will deeply deeply miss my weekly acting clinic called CHUCK! and my behind the scenes reporting of ChuckTV.net… Ciao 😉

  20. Perfect Mel, perfect! It sounds like EP 5.12 & 5.13 are following approx.the same format as EP 3.18 & 3.19

  21. Perfect Mel. Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you for everything you did. Like you wrote at the top: I really feel blessed to have been part of this ride over 5 years.


    Stefan, from

  22. Thanks, Mel. That makes me feel better. I was apprehensive about the finale, for some reason. Other than sports, this is the only tv show I watch.

  23. Thanks for being our informer and guide regarding all things Chuck for these past 5 years. You and Liz have made the ride so much more fun.

  24. Thanks Mel for confirming what I suspected…that this will be AWESOME…I never had any doubt (well except for one thing, but McPartlin cleared that up pretty quickly).

    For those of you with some time to spare tomorrow, I highly recomend watching the pilot before watching the finale. I did that for Smallville last year, and it was great…a little sad…but still great. There were a lot of callbacks to the pilot in the Smallville finale so it was good to have it fresh in my mind. It also serves as a way to see how much the characters have grown.

    I have no doubt that the finale of CHUCK wil have all sorts of callbacks, so watching the pilot will serve you well. Also doesn’t hurt that it was one of the best episodes of the series (Smallville’s pilot was one of their best as well).

    Anyway, that is my plan, just thought I would share it with you all. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  25. Thank you so much Mel, Liz and Gray all three of you have done a wonderful job in the last five years. Chuck is the best show on tv and it can never be replaced in my mind. I have really enjoyed the ride and I am looking forward to friday ep but I know I am going to cry because it will be gone.

  26. Glad you like it Mel I think the first episode Chuck VS Sara will be the hardest to watch then get better in Chuck VS Goodbye cause accordind to Yvonne in her EPK Sara will notice some of Chuck’s quirks and begin falling for him again

  27. Thank you Mel that was lovely and thank u for all your hard work in bringing us all this site and a thank u to Liz for her hard work as well. so a big thank you again and Liz for all that yous have done in bringing us this site and a big thank you to Gray for CHUCK V THE PODCAST.

    Alison ( ali )



  28. I think it’s funny that after 5 years of Chuck never letting the bad overcome the good (Casey leaving the team, Chucks brain going south etc) people were/are genuinely worried Sarah wouldn’t get her memories back. Thats something that I just couldn’t see this show ever doing.

    Glad you got to watch it early Mel. You deserve it.

  29. Great post. Can’t wait, but I can’t watch it live because of work but will watch it on later Friday night. A really special show, so many great memories.

  30. Wonderful post.. I must admit originally when I heard about Chuck I was a little sceptical, wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea so it took me a while to catch an episode (living in Ireland didn’t help) but I am sure glad I decided to tune in. This show has been something that I have absolutely loved. I am so sad that the time has come to say goodbye, I have never really felt this sad when a show has ended before i.e. Ghost Whisperer, I liked the show but I haven’t missed it. With Chuck I will really miss not seeing new stories and having more laughs. I know I have the DVDs but it isn’t the same thing.
    Chuck was something different with real fun and action at the same time, I felt like it was so easy to relate and sympathise (or get angry) with the characters. I am grateful for the 5 seasons but I really do feel like I need a lot more now! 🙂

  31. Thanks Mel again! This really made me feel better. I was so sad when saw the latest promo with Chuck telling she could kill him (though I suspect he would say something like that). Because it feels like every promo or sneak peak just gets more sadder.

  32. Mel, I know that you don’t want to give to much away. But, as far as the Chuck & Sarah relationship Re – Set goes & Chuck’s efforts to make Sarah fall in love with him all over again?

    Will we fans who love the relationship between these two… Will we be HAPPY with what the writers did, Chuck & Sarah wise, these last two episodes & be happy with how the story was executed & happy with the final payoff for Chuck & Sarah?

    Thanks for all that you have done with the site. & Liz, Cay & Gray, too.

    Answer what you can?

    Please, throw me a bone. LOL!



    • I was happy with how the show ended for those two, as was Liz who watched this morning. As I said above, it’s a beautiful ending and I loved it. Chew on that. 🙂

  33. Thank you Mel for your post. Just reading your reaction to the episodes already makes me feel emotion. Like so many this has been my all time favorite show and I have enjoyed almost every moment 🙂 Thank you Mel, Liz and Gray for your weekly podcasts and bringing us all the extras through this website. Sure am going to miss all that is Chuck.

  34. can you please post the URL for it

  35. Mel, that was beautiful. You and Liz now exist in the post Chuck world we will all be in the next few days. :\'(

    I feel proud to be a member of the most passionate fanbase a tv show could ask for, one that broke boundarys in the way we focused our efforts to keep our show alive.

    The most important thing is we got an ending, something that many shows could only dream of, and your comments have easied our pain somewhat.

    Thanks for all you have done with the website & the podcasts, and look forward to seeing what you do with the site in the future.

    Finally do you have anymore news on the release of season 5 on Itunes or plans for the season 5 boxset?

  36. So, was it ‘epic’ like Fedak said? 😉 If it’s at least half epic I’ll be happy I think.

  37. MEL- Thank you so much for the background on your start up of the site. And, thanks for MELLOWING me out so that I can now watch without the knot in my stomache.

  38. Hi All,

    This is a note to all Chucksters in Britian & Ireland:

    One of Channel 5’s subsideries 5* will begin to show Chuck Season 2 on Tuesday the 31st of Jan @ 9pm GMT. Chuck will live abit longer here in Europe – yey


  39. Hi Mel,

    Thank you for promoting Chuck the way you have! I hope Chucktv.net continues! You never know we could all be discussing a ‘Chuck’ Movie in the future.

  40. All I want to know is will it be a happy ending? I will feel so pissed off if Chuck and Sarah are forced to start from scratch. It wouldn’t feel so much like an ending as it is a reboot.

  41. Rob from Manitoba

    Mel I’d like to thank you for doing such a great job for us Chucksters, you made it more fun and exciting to watch the show, also would like to thank Liz and Grey for all they’ve done. Even though I only found out about Chuck at the beginning of Season 3 from my sister I fell in love with the show immediately. My sister and some friends are having a Chuck series finale here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’am glad that you got to watch the last 2 episodes early! Thanks again. I will miss watching new episodes of Chuck, but thank god for Blue Ray’s.

  42. well im so sad and im crying now because of my favorite tv series is finishing and i dont want to lose it,upset and dont want even to watch the last episode of chuck…Mel how could you?

    im a guy who is 28 but my heart is like a kid,i dont want to hear goodbye


  43. i love this show with a passion and actually stopped watching after the 2nd season and just picked it back up for season 5 and i have been so emotional because i have just loved everything this season has brought to the table and it reminded me why i fell in love with the show in the first place.

    i scattered to find any site that had to due with chuck while watching the last season and came across this website. i did not know people felt as strongly about this show as i did, but i definitely appreciate mel, you from the inside doing so much promotion and supporting the show to this magnitdue. it is a blessing to have had the opportunity to watch this show, and this is an awesome site. thank you.

  44. Hi All,

    I know I’ll never look at a pair of sunglasses the same way again!!


  45. I just discovered this website as I am grieving the loss of my favorite show. I participated in different things like contacting Subway and the other advertisers, and it is just nice to be in contact with other people who feel the way I do. I am so sad it is almost embarrassing! I would cry if it wasn’t even an emotional episode. It’s been making me sad and anxious all week, as this is the first TV show I have really enjoyed in a long time! Thanks for supporting it and being what you obviously have been for CHUCK! It is so wrong that something so many people love so much can’t make it on network TV…. From yet another devastated CHUCK fan!

  46. Mel!

    I just read this AFTER having watched the finale. I agree, it was indeed a roller coaster of emotions! I didn’t actually break into tears, but it pleases me to know that it did that for so many others! These last two episodes truly felt more bittersweet than any of the other episodes prior for me.

    I’m still sorting out my overall feelings for the ending, but as I choose to see things on the bright side, I would definitely say I am satisfied. And, reading over your response, contributes to that overall satisfying feeling! Thank you!

    It may have been an ambiguous ending, but I suppose each given response will depend entirely on each fan. Personally, I’m choosing to KNOW that all will be well, and even better, for Chuck and Sarah from here on out! 🙂

  47. Well written Mel. Sadly, I only discovered check midway through season 3. I had heard about it and it always intrigued me but at the time of its pilot I was extremely busy with other stuff and didn’t have time to start a new series. Nevertheless, this show INSTANTLY became my favorite show on TV after watching the first 4 episodes or so back-to-back one night early in 2010. And my favorite show ever indeed.

    It only took me a week to catch up to season 3 and at that point I became like every other Chmuck out there desperately waiting for each new episode to air so we can see what happens. And like all the other Chmucks, we all gasped every summer when it was up for possible cancellation.

    Now I don’t know what to do.. This is much worse than when I lost Terminator: SCC for which a whole bunch of people united in an attempt to get it on another network. Needless to say, that did not work out, but they all remained united and still have online chats and talk about the short series. Just over 30 episodes and they keep watching ’em!

    We should do that here. Keep it alive! I vote we start season 1 right away. Your thoughts?

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