Chris Fedak Answers 30 Questions from Chuck Fans

Mo Ryan at AOLTV HuffPost TV collected questions from Chuck fans earlier this week and sent them to co-creator/executive producer Chris Fedak to answer. Many are questions that were answered in various other interviews we’ve posted this week, but we also get some long-awaited answers to bits of story that have been left dangling. Here’s an excerpt:

What’s Sarah’s real last name? -chuckfan15 (Along similar lines, @xlilkrissyx asked, “We know her name is Sam Lisa… but what is her last name?”)
Real last name: Ryan. Real first name: Mo.

Is there really going to be a “Chuck” movie? Are you guys thinking about it? -chuckfan15
There are no plans at the moment, but it sure would be fun. We could blow up so many Crown Victorias.

Whatever happened to Jill? She never came back after Chuck gave her a new lease on life. -Sean Goodwin
Well, that new lease on life pretty much depended on her staying away from spies like Chuck and Sarah and Casey. Jill’s story is the opposite of Chuck’s, where he found Sarah and Casey, she found Fulcrum.

Did Jill Roberts never return to “Chuck” due to Jordana [Brewster’s] availability, or because she couldn’t fit into the story? -@drosejr
We thought about bringing Jordana back this year, but with the short season, we decided that Shaw’s story deserved one final chapter. Jordana was wonderful to work with, though. Like Timothy Dalton and our other guest stars, I only wish there had been more time.

Since Chuck and Morgan were such big “Star Wars” fans, did you ever consider having Chuck flash on a light saber and having him use it in a fight? -elliealexa
No, but I should have.

[read the full interview at HuffPost TV…]
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  1. I didn’t get she lied about her first name?It says that is Mo,I thought it was Sam….very confusing

  2. mo ryan? really??

  3. “Chuck” – ALL of you WILL be missed. It was a great show. Can’t you have a 6th season?

  4. Why are you ending Chuck? It is funny, suspenseful and a great show. I would much rather watch this show than the junky reality shows that are on these days. Please don’t let it end.