Chuck vs. the Callbacks: Remembering Five Seasons in the Finale

Chuck has been employing callbacks to earlier episodes since season 4, much to our delight, but the two-episode finale was especially packed with references to the previous seasons. Here’s a list of what we noticed:

“Chuck vs. Sarah”

  • D.A.R.P.A. (“Another acronym?”) – Zoom
  • Casey scrubbing the floor – Push Mix
  • Sarah cooks – Suburbs
  • Fight in D.A.R.P.A. / white room – Pilot & Ring, Pt 1
  • “Chuck + Sarah” carving – Baby
  • Sarah tells Chuck she doesn’t “feel it” and leaves Castle – Mask (credit to Obleebah)
  • Chuck on the couch – Pink Slip
  • Casey back in Sarah’s old apartment while she packs – American Hero
  • Ellie offers to make Chuck pancakes – Dream Job
  • Fountain scene “break up” – Break-Up

“Chuck vs. the Goodbye”

  • Sarah & Quinn on the plane – First Class
  • Ellie, Morgan, Awesome, & Clara in Chuck’s bedroom – First Date
  • Sarah’s slo-mo entrance – multiple
  • Title credits – Pilot
  • Sarah at the Nerd Herd desk in a tan jacket – Pilot
  • Chuck hacks with a bottle of charddoney – Hack Off
  • Morgan directing romantic sub-mission for Chuck – Balcony (Morgan/Chuck) & Frosted Tips (Sarah/Casey)
  • Casey in the helicopter – Helicopter
  • Chuck & Sarah dance – Tango
  • Fight at the Berlin Wienerlicious – Sizzling Shrimp
  • Casey preparing to take the kill shot so Chuck doesn’t have to – First Kill
  • Mama B pulls a gun on Sarah – Aisle of Terror
  • Bomb in a concert hall – Fat Lady
  • Sarah shoots Quinn – Santa Claus (credit to Philip)
  • Irene Demova virus defuses bomb – Pilot
  • JEFFSTER! performs in an inappropriate venue – Ring, Pt 1
  • Casey hugs Chuck –
  • Morgan and Chuck have a fountain conversation – multiple
  • Chuck and Sarah sit on the beach – Pilot

Did we miss any? Which was your favorite?

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  1. And the very last words “Chuck… kiss me” as a reference to the last words of “Chuck versus the other guy” “Shut up and kiss me”…

  2. When Sarah is at the Nerd Herd desk, she wears the same top and the same jacket that she wore at her bachelorette party in Agent X.

    • Actually it’s an outfit meant to remind us of what she wore in the Pilot, in the “Vicky Vale” scene.

      • I agree, but I’m also pretty sure it is the same top and jacket from Agent X. I just like the idea that in addition to the outfit being a reference to the Pilot, she wore the top/jacket combination because it felt right, kind of like when she rearranged the things at the Wienerlicious. 🙂

  3. I just realized when Chuck flashes on the bomb at the end, it doesn’t zoom into his eye like Intersect 2.0 flashes, it’s the original flash sequence from the Intersect 1.0, with just a bunch of pictures, and even the same sounds

  4. Who do I thank for these amazing five years! This will be something I will never forget, same as all the Chucksters around the world. I wish to everyone good luck and long life. And much love to the Cast & Crew, who took a big place in my heart.

  5. There was one I noticed and wasn’t sure if it was a callback, but when Sarah starts fighting Chuck in their dream home she asks why he won’t fight back and he say’s he’ll never hurt her – reference to training scene in Chuck vs. The Three Words?

  6. I loved all the call backs, & one of my favorites was actually one that I don’t think was mentioned….it was Chuck & Ellie’s goodbye in her apartment when she said, “Aces Charles, you’re Aces”, just as she had in the Pilot episode. And of course when his dad said it to him in other episodes too.

    Gosh, I miss ‘Chuck’ so very much already. Wonder when we’ll all feel better & be able to look back without feeling so sad..?

  7. The callback for “Casey hugs Chuck” is from the “Chuck Versus the Ring” when Casey gives Chuck a check for all the work he did. Chuck hugs Casey.

  8. When Sarah throws the corndog stick into Quinn’s hand. – The Helicopter

    • The sad thing to me is that no matter how good the listed original scenes were they are now meaningless because F&S sent us back to the start of the relationship. Sarah and Chuck are no longer soul mates.Chuck may be in danger because he has the Intersect and Sarah lacks feeling for him and may leave to find herself.

      I have to remind myself it was ONLY A TELEVISION SHOW!!!

      • If you ever believed that Chuck and Sarah were soulmates, then you have to still believe that they are. And I think that final scene showed definitively that Sarah isn’t “leaving to find herself”; her feelings for Chuck are returning, quickly.

      • Soulmates are for life. So they won´t never loose those feelings. Not in these episodes either. You can see in various occations that the feelings are still there.

        And she doesn´t need to go searching herself anymore. She find herself again with Chuck on that beach.

      • Come on Larry It is Friday night and I would normally be watching the end of Chuck. Still it was a great show and now it seems to be over. Lets move on. I appreciate this website and the work that goes into it. Thanks for letting us vent here. Larry no way Sarah ever leaves Chuck.

  9. I would add to the list Sarah’s cat suit as a reference to the Gobbler. She is sooo bad ass in it walking on the beach in the Goodbye … I will miss this show and this kind of awesomeness is one of the reasons 🙂

  10. I thought the fight scene in the Wienerlicious was a callback to vs The Helcopter when Sarah fought Casey there.

    I don’t remember there being a Wienerlicious fight scene in Sizzling Shrimp.There was a fight scene on the Wienerlicious roof in Tango.

  11. In Chuck vs Sarah – the fountain scene. It was more of a callback to Chuck vs The Three Words for me. It reminded me of Sarah coming to Chuck after the Morgan party and they talked about whether there would be a tomorrow for them.

    Thank you for the fun list recapping all the callbacks

  12. One of my favourites callbacks is the tango scene, OMG it was so intimate, I love when Sarah says “Get me close… to Renny” like back in season 2.

    Also I add one more, when Chuck goes to Ellie’s aparment to talk about Sarah’s behaviour, and Sarah is in the second floor listening, this scene remember the end of “Chuck vs. the Three Words” when Carina gives to Sarah the surveillance video.

    Greetings from Spain, Chucksters around the world.

  13. casey in the helicopter also references to chuck vs the pink slip

    when sarah gets out of the sea , chuck vs the wooky but it’s carina
    and chuck vs phase Three

    casey cancelling alex calls after beckman asking him to be a super spy, same thing with sarah when cancelling chuck’s calls on chuck vs the gobbler
    lester and jeffrey playing super spies that actually works , chuck vs the american hero
    chuck wearing a vest having a gun and shouting on quinn: “stop or i will shoot you,same with Shaw on chuck vs the other guy
    chuck and sarahbeing in custody in isolated rooms, talking across the wall , chuck vs the pink slip
    the sonic trigger on the bomb
    chuck and elie saying good bye, all about the growing up stuffs, chuck vs the honney mooners

  14. About the gun under the napkin from The Final Exam ?

  15. You had Sarah and Quinn on the plane as a callback to First Class, did you mean First Fight, because I thought that scene was much closer to when Volkoff and Chuck fight the bad guys on the plane in first fight.

    Also not sure of the Chuck Sarah dance was a call back to Tango or a call back to Angel de la muerte. I also think it was an homage to the movie True Lies.

  16. Just a note, the fight in the Wienerlicious directly references one from Vs. The Helicopter (1×02). Sarah spikes Casey in the hand and uses the same flip over the bench, as well as many other moves. Even the music is the same.

    P.S. I know it’s already mentioned, but it’s not from The Sandworm, that’s my only issue

  17. In vs Goodbye when Chuck is talking about getting Sarah back he says, “It’s not like she’s out of my league.” That’s a call back to the pilot from when Mogan asks Chuck if he’s going to call Sarah and Chuck says, “DId you see this girl? she’s way out of my league.”

  18. Ellie ramming her minivan into the parked car to use the air bag to knock Sarah unconscious: vs the Best Friend when Sarah uses the air bag to knock Smooth unconscious.

  19. Morgan’s advice to Chuck to kiss Sarah = possibly also inspired by Big Mike’s earlier advice to him to do the same with Alex. “Hot sweet jams” was I believe how he put it!

  20. While it isnt a callback, I think it was definitely a nod…

    When Chuck shot down the Casey’s helicopter…

    vs The best friend, Casey says to Chuck “Youre the poster child for friendly fire”

  21. What about when Chuck yells for Quin to stop or i’ll shoot can’t it be compared to when he did that to Shaw.

  22. Got another one! In vs Sarah in the intersect room when Sarah is about to leave and Chuck try’s to talk her out of it he says, “I’m your Chuck.” This is a call back to vs The Other Guy when Sarah says that she loves him and says, “You’re still my Chuck.”

  23. When Sarah leaps up the wall and kicks through the window, Bryce Larkin does that when escaping from the White Room in the Pilot

  24. I know that this might seem a little nitpicky how about thr original titles that were used during season 1 one of the things that nobody has mentioned

    • I’m not understanding what you mean, Chris. What “original titles”?

      • The original graphic of the one word “Chuck” they had it at the beginning and at the end of the episode and used the original font for the names of the stars.
        When you do your final podcast use the beginning from your first podcast(that kind of thing

      • Oh, yes, the title graphics. That’s in the original list above. 🙂

  25. Ooops missed it sorry I’m Bad 😉

  26. Mel, I said it in several posts but do you think we could lobby fo a book to get our wishful comclusion to Chuck?

    • I’d be very surprised it they put out a book, HJ. Just doesn’t seem like Chuck’s style, you know?

      • I don’t know Mel, it seems to me that a book could have more action than a two hour movie ever could. It could also hep us disappointed fans with a fabulous ending and the possibility of a movie based on a book.

      • Or another Comic book series like Star Wars Mara Jade and Union. You can say a lot with 80 or 100 pages of photos and caption/dialog bubbles.

  27. Sorry about the spelling mistakes



  28. Chuck being shot then Sarah discovering he’s wearing a vest: Chuck vs. The Nemesis

  29. I watched the Pilot episode last night and noticed a small call back did anybody mention pancakes from the pilot casey says he was going to get some pancakes after taking care of Chuck and Sarah. From the finale Ellie offers to make Chuck pancakes in the morning, like I said a small call back. I bet if you went over the entire series something in finale could be linked to it

  30. how can you forget the grand entrance sarah made to get to them into the intersect room, total callback from when bryce did it in the pilot…and the intersect room itself. oh and then the intersect room being blown up.

  31. how can you forget the grand entrance sarah made to get to them into the intersect room, total callback from when bryce did it in the pilot…and the intersect room itself. oh and then the intersect room being blown up.

  32. When Yvonne comes through the door and she is “dirty”, I think that’s a callback from season 1 episode 2 when Chuck comes to the dinner late, and comes “dirty”! Just a guess.

  33. To add to that “JEFFSTER performing in a inappropriate venue” homage to “Ring Part 1”, both times it was Morgan’s idea to have them perform to stall time, while Chuck and Sarah were handling spy business =)

  34. Hehe, I just came up with something.
    You know when Sarah kicks ass in the jungle, and Chuck is threathend to lose his memory. Sarah really loses her memory on episode 11 season 5 !