Recap: Chuck vs Sarah (5.12)

The beginning of the end

Well, at long last, our 5 year shared adventure is nearly over! This episode has been highly anticipated since the title was first revealed, with some fans really excited to see how it played out and others very apprehensive.

The episode starts in Burbank, where Chuck is desperately trying to find Sarah. He decides that the key to finding her is to find the Intersect, so he hacks into the CIA network and discovers that there is an “Intersect white room” at DARPA headquarters (yes, this agency does exist and yes, they do some pretty frickin’ cool things!). Casey, Morgan and Chuck head for the door to go check it out but as Chuck opens the door, a weak, bruised, and bleeding Sarah stumbles into his arms.

Flashback to Sarah’s hotel room/apartment. Quinn gives her a dossier on Chuck and the people in his life. Sarah is very suspicious of Quinn and attacks him and they fight. Eventually Sarah beats Quinn, wrapping her coat around him and throwing him out the window (clearly her new MO for taking care of bad guys).

Back in their apartment in Burbank, Sarah finishes telling her story to Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Casey, Devon and Ellie while Devon cleans and bandages some cuts on her shoulder.  She tells them that Quinn is dead and she no longer has the Intersect. (I’ll admit that in a moment of insanity, I totally fell for it and for a minute or two I was disappointed that the whole huge plotline was going to be resolved so quickly.) Then we hear Quinn talking into Sarah’s ear and realize that things have *definitely* not been resolved!

Flashback to the hotel room and Sarah is hanging Quinn out the window by her coat. He convinces her to pull him back in so he can show her proof that he’s not lying to her. He shows her a video log that she kept (very “captain’s log-esque”) that has her reporting the first day of her mission with Chuck. Quinn tells her that the agency has decided that Chuck is a threat to national security. He also tells her that both Bryce and Graham are dead and that Chuck and his team are thought responsible for both of their deaths. Quinn wants her retrieve the Intersect glasses from Chuck and then kill him. (Did anyone else notice that Sarah has several obvious scratches on her chest in this scene, and none on her shoulder when Devon cleaned up wounds on her shoulder and there were clearly none on her chest?)

Back in their apartment, Sarah is very aggressively chopping a chicken and otherwise acting abnormal, which doesn’t escape Chuck’s notice. Chuck calls Morgan who dismisses his concerns saying that she’s been through a lot. He suggests that Chuck help Sarah relax, so decides to give her a massage. Sarah suspects a trap and despite Quinn’s insistence that she continue to play her role, is very uncomfortable and soon suggests that they just go to bed, further upsetting Chuck.

While all this has been happening, Ellie and Devon have been going through their mail (Ellie does the bills and Devon the social events) and they both find letters from a medical center in Chicago, offering them both lucrative positions. They love the idea of a change, but Ellie doesn’t want to leave Chuck. Devon assures him that things are fine now that Sarah is back.

While Chuck is sleeping, Sarah gets out of bed and searches for the Intersect glasses. She finds them and gets back into bed. Chuck tries to cuddle with her and she moves away. He is shocked by her reaction and gets up and goes over to Ellie’s apartment to talk. Sarah follows, and eavesdrops on Chuck and Ellie. Chuck tells Ellie that Sarah isn’t right – she always likes him to help keep her warm – and gets very emotional. He tells Ellie that he has to destroy the Intersect for good this time to protect everyone that he loves. He’s going to sneak in and plant a virus into the Intersect computer. Ellie agrees that he should do it.

Sarah is given orders to go with Chuck and download the Intersect onto the glasses and then kill Chuck. She runs back to the apartment and climbs back into bed before Chuck gets back. When he gets into bed, she cuddles up against him and tells him that she’s cold, just like she always used to do.

The team makes a plan to destroy the Intersect. Casey doesn’t think it’s a great idea, but he’s willing to go along. They plan that Sarah will plant the virus. While checking supplies, Chuck finds the Intersect glasses in Sarah’s bag, once again arousing his suspicions. They proceed with the plan, however.  They gas the DARPA employees and find the Intersect white room. While they debate how to get past the guards and get into the room, Sarah using nearly identical moves in nearly identical rooms to that Bryce used in the pilot, makes quick work of the job (does she still have the Intersect?).

While the others stand guard, Sarah uploads the Intersect to the glasses. She then pulls a gun on Morgan and uses him to disarm Casey and Chuck. She tells them that their lives of crime are over and they will never hurt anyone again. Chuck approaches her and tries to convince her that they are not who she thinks they are, but she hits him and runs, locking them in the Intersect room and putting an explosive on the door. She does have some attack of conscience outside the facility, however, and suggests to Quinn that they don’t need to set off the explosive – they can just leave them there trapped to be arrested. Quinn disagrees and detonates the bomb.

Luckily, Chuck, Casey, and Morgan had a few moments to take cover before the blast and they climb up out of the floor into the destroyed Intersect room. They are unharmed, but Casey is disgusted that Sarah got away with the Intersect. Chuck announces that actually, she didn’t. He switched the glasses on her when he approached her as he had been suspicious because he found the glasses in her bag and she had been acting strange.

Sarah meets with Quinn. She’s pissed because Quinn just blew up a government facility. She punches him, but then hands over the glasses. Quinn quickly discovers that the glasses are fake. Sarah realizes that Chuck must have switched out the glasses. Just then, Sarah’s phone rings and it’s Chuck – he’s still alive! Quinn reminds her that this is the kind of stuff that makes Chuck so dangerous. Sarah vows to get the glasses back, no matter what it takes…

Chuck, Morgan and Casey go back to Castle. Casey and Morgan aren’t sure that Sarah can be salvaged but Chuck is sure that the real Sarah is in there somewhere. Casey reminds him that Sarah is a trained assassin and knows everyone Chuck cares about. Chuck gets worried and calls Ellie and Devon. Devon answers and tells him that Ellie and Sarah went out for a cup of coffee. Chuck calls Ellie’s cell and Sarah answers. She tells him that she will trade the glasses for Ellie’s life. The team calls Beckman and she sets up an operation and promises to try her best to bring Sarah in alive.

Chuck goes to the restaurant and offers to take Sarah to the glasses, but Ellie has to be left out of it. Sarah insists that her and Ellie will follow in a separate car. She makes Ellie drive and they follow Chuck, heading to the plaza where Beckman’s operation has been set up. Casey assures Chuck that he will protect Ellie, but tells him that he can’t protect Sarah if she resists. Chuck freaks out and removes his earpiece, deciding to go with his own plan.

Ellie tries to reason with Sarah, but it doesn’t work. Realizing that Sarah isn’t wearing a seat belt, Ellie crashes her van into a parked car. Sarah is knocked unconscious by the impact. Chuck stops, and after making sure that Ellie is okay, takes Sarah to his car. Ellie pleads with him to turn Sarah in, but he won’t do it and drives off with her. Ellie calls Casey and tells him what happened and that she knows where Chuck would have taken Sarah.

We see Chuck and Sarah upstairs in their “dream house”. Sarah is tied to a chair (this seems to be a theme for her this season) when she regains consciousness. She tells Chuck that their whole relationship was a cover. Chuck tries to convince her otherwise and they have a heart-wrenching scene where Chuck tells her about their life together through tears. He unties her and offers her a choice – she can take a chance with him and they can start over, or she can take the glasses and never see him again (sniff!). Sarah apologizes for “doing her job too well” and reaches for the glasses. Chuck grabs them and she attacks him, but he won’t fight back. Sarah beats him up pretty thoroughly and throws him down the stairs. She then grabs the glasses and pulls a gun on him. As she goes to pull the trigger, she sees the “Sarah + Chuck” carved into the door frame and has a flash of memory.

Just at that moment, Quinn arrives and Sarah gives him the glasses. Chuck is furious at Quinn for using Sarah and lying to her. Quinn admits that he isn’t CIA and that Sarah has outlived her usefulness. He raises his gun and pulls the trigger. Chuck anticipates this move and throws himself in front of Sarah. He gets shot in the back and falls to the floor. Sarah shoots at Quinn as he escapes, but misses. She bends over Chuck, concern in her eyes. He is obviously in pain, but tells her that he is wearing a vest and will survive (call back to Nemesis).  They hear sirens and Chuck tells Sarah to run and she does.

Casey, Morgan and Ellie arrive at the house and take Chuck back to Ellie and Devon’s place. Chuck is pretty despondent, hurting both physically and emotionally because he is starting to accept that he’s lost Sarah forever. He rests on the couch under the watchful eye of Ellie and Devon.

Meanwhile, Sarah is back in her hotel room, packing hastily. Casey shows up and Sarah knows him only by reputation, not remembering their time together. Casey comments on how different their lives used to be like before Chuck – he’s made them both soft. He tells Sarah that Beckman has a new job for him, but he wanted to say goodbye because against all odds, they had become friends. He leaves Sarah an envelope. Inside, she finds a DVD with her video log on it, only this version contains her entire log, from every day of her mission until she and Chuck got together. She watches it and sees herself fall in love with Chuck, day by day.

Chuck leaves Ellie’s place and is outside in the courtyard when Sarah approaches him. She tells him that she now believes everything that he says about their relationship, but that she just doesn’t feel it. He asks her why she’s come, and she tells him that she wants to apologize and say goodbye. Quinn stole her life and she needs to find him and kill him. She walks away, leaving Chuck standing alone in the courtyard….FADE TO BLACK

Prior to this episode, one of my favorite Chuck episodes has always been Chuck vs the Subway, because of the intense emotional performances from each member of the cast combined with believable life-or-death peril where it seemed like no character would be safe. This episode had both of these characteristics but it really upped the emotional ante. Both Levi and Strahovsky gave Emmy-caliber performances (if only shows like Chuck got nominated!) and there is no doubt that their tears were every bit as real as those of the fans watching the scenes unfold.

Amidst these tense, emotional scenes, we did get occasional moments of levity and lots of subtle and not-so-subtle references to earlier seasons and even controversies (like the various potential love interests!) that devoted fans could recognize and appreciate, while still providing a good story for newer or more casual fans.

Memorable Quotes

And what may look like…a normal five-year old mattress, is in fact, a luxurious massage table – Chuck

Think about it. In five years, I went from pip-squeaky sidekick to THIS – Morgan

Babe, I think we’re being wooed. By midwesterners! – Awesome

Deep down, I knew it was true. My wife never came home – Chuck

She tried to kill us, Chuck, we can’t pretend that everything is as it was! – Casey

You can kill me, but I will never hurt you! – Chuck

Call Backs,  Shout Outs and other Awesomeness

Casey scrubbing the floors on his knees while wearing rubber gloves and a “World’s Greatest Dad” apron

Invisibility cloak at DARPA – “you’re a wizard, Harry!”

[easyazon-link asin=”B00005ATZT”]The Fugitive[/easyazon-link] – Morgan’s one-armed man

Blown-up Intersect room looked identical to how it did after Bryce took it out

“awkward back and forth, and even dating other people” – great shout out to fan angst and my favorite scene from Other Guy – Chuck in his boxers with the plastic guitar

[easyazon-link asin=”B0001Z3TXE”]50 First Dates[/easyazon-link] – Sarah’s video log

Sarah’s very Bryce-like moves to get into the Intersect room (see video below)

What did you guys think? I’ll post my recap of Chuck vs the Goodbye later, so if you can, please keep the comments mainly directed at this episode and we can talk about the big picture in the comments for that recap as well as the forum.

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  1. I am so sad i wanna cry but i wont its feel like if something from life as left me i will always love the series and the character. lastly i will never forget this show because this show made feel good and happy …tv wont be the same it like i just lost my girlfriend or she just dump and i wont be able to seee it again Nerdherd Fan for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHUCK Will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!be miss.

  2. Oh my god I’m crying!!!!!! I liked the: Chuck??? Kiss me! awwwwwwww!!!!
    I will miss Yvonne, Zachary, Adam, Joshua, Sarah and Ryan…. best cast ever!!!!
    Chuck 4 ever!!!! Charah 4 ever!!!!! Nerherd 4 ever!!!! :’)

  3. I liked this episode and the next one…up until the last 5 minutes that is. Sigh. But this one was good even if it was scary to see Sarah as she was. But I find it a little painful to watch this episode now because I feel the way they left it, she is much closer to the version we saw of Sarah in this episode than the one we came to know and love through the 5 seasons of Chuck.

    • Agreed! I came away from the final episode in a real downer. The Sarah they leave us with is not the Sarah we came to know.

    • I agree with you too. We’ve come to know and love the Sarah that has developed over the past five years and it was painful watching this episode. But it was good to see the emotions of Chuck.

  4. TV will not be the same.
    It was heartbreaking scene where Chuck tries to remember it, and the final scene. The scene where she say you really love? was hard to watch.
    The tears shed in this episode.

    Best tv show ever

    • Couldn’t agree more. I was never a huge TV guy in the past and probably won’t be in the future, but those 5 seasons were magical.

  5. Nice review Cay it was a very good well packed action and emotional episode thanks for sharing

  6. I am a grown man, a grandpa for Gods sake, but I cried like a newborn baby when Chuck was trying to get Sarah to remember. The last five years of my life were richer for having Chuck as my weekly therapy and he and the cast will truly be missed. This was the one TV show that ever felt like it was mine and I was part of it every week and I am sad because that may never happen again in my life time.

    • “The last five years of my life were richer for having Chuck as my weekly therapy…”

      What a lovely thing to say. Chuck really did enrich our lives, didn’t it?

      • Im the same as you Mel Chuck helped me when i lost my dad three yrs ago i would just watch the dvd over again it would make me laugh i will miss not having CHUCK come on TV anymore but the good thing is ive got the DVDs i was so please the rateings was so high but at the same time sad. Mel thanks for all that you have done im looking forward to the next podcast monday or tuesday so thanks again Ali

        Alison ( Ali )


    • I feel the same way. Yes, it was a TV show, but it was more than a show! It gave me something to look forward to during rough times and for the first time in my life actually made me excited for Monday! Then there are all the people I’ve met along the journey!

      LOL, I totally just disregarded my suggestion that we keep these comments just for this episode and save the rest for the other (which I’m working on now!)

  7. Loved this episode, although I kept hoping Sarah would be cured before end. Very sad and emotional, especially when Sarah’ see her log and then tells Chuck she doesn’t feel it. After spending years hoping they get together, kinda of a kick in the gut. But amazing to realize how much Sarah’ has changed from the beginning, that is character development you don’t see on most shows
    Zach and Yvonne were both amazing

    • Yes she had changed but now we don´t know if that all character growth have been cast out of a window because we don´t know if she remembers it. That´s just so sad 🙁

  8. What a gut-wrenching episode that was. I was so very impressed with Zachary levi’s acting in that episode. I feel it is his best acting of the whole series ( his dad being killed was a very close second) He left nothing on the table in that scene with Sarah in their dream house. He definitely left his heart on his sleeve there.
    I will miss this show. I actually have this empty feeling in my stomach right now…wait, maybe I need to eat lunch. No, I just ate. So yep, it is the emptiness I feel from this show being over.

    • I agree, Zachs performance in this is remarkable. He just delivers all Chucks pain and hopes so vivid that you really feel it too.

  9. CAY- Thank you for your great job. I try to only think of this (5-12) episode because I have already been quite vocal elsewhere. The one thing I missed the most in this episode, although I generally liked it, was the fact that Sarah had a s cowl on her face almost 100% of the time. I really missed her absolutely overwhelming smile that has been with her since the beginning. As well as in her real life. That really sucked for me.

    • Yes, the scowl. One of the problems for me was the Sarah we saw here wasn’t even the Sarah we met in the pilot. The Sarah of the pilot was tough and clearly emotionally closed (at least in terms of expressing it) but she wasn’t completely cold or heartless. Far from it. The way she smiled, then, when Chuck came to the rescue of the little ballerina and her dumb dad gave an inkling that there was, underneath it all, a warm heart. So, too, how she reacted to Chuck in the mexican restaurant on their date. Closed, yes. Cautious, yes. Cold, no. (And all of the flashbacks to an earlier Sarah, e.g., vs the Baby were the same). The Sarah we saw in this episode was simply cold and heartless. Even if the writers etc wanted to show her reverting to her “former” self, as a way of showing how much she’d grown in the past 5 yrs, they didn’t. It was extremely off-putting.

      • Thanks for clearing this because I have been keeping thinking that how she couldn´t feel anything now if she was on a same place as on the beginning and then she was drawn towards Chuck from the beginning when she sees him with that ballerina.

  10. I know that a lot of people will disagree… but this is my reaction to the last two episodes as I have already posted it on facebook. I need to get this of my chest…badly… all apologies for those who disagree – but these are my feelings:

    I’m disappointed…from the bttom of my heart I am dissappointed. To all of you who remember Chuck vs. the other guy and Chuck vs. the Push Mix and how great these episodes would have served as series finales: Do you think that this was the same league? As for me, I think this was not even the same sport. Season 5 wasn’t Chuck anymore… sometimes it was great TV – but it was never really Chuck. I knew this but kept watching, hoping that the finale would make up for everything – but it didn’t. That’s it. A series finale should feel like the end of a journey – but this felt like the end of a horror trip that started of 3 weeks ago, when they introduced that Quinn guy whom we were to accept as a major villan who was all in the background for 5 long years – an ingenious master mind whose portrayal on screen strongly reminded of a Charlie Brown who never got to kick Lucy’s Ball. Not even the last scene was great. Chuck telling Sarah their storry instead of her remembering it for real? ….But It got worse. “Morgan said that thing..blablabla”… so even that scene got screwed up. After accepting that all other things hadn’t been as I wanted them… Why didn’t they at least have Chuck take heart and kiss her without asking for permission. Common! Is he really such a chicken? Legally, Sarah is still his wife… when Chuck implicitly asked for that kiss by explaining Morgans theory, I knew that everything was ruined. Why didn’t they at least have Chuck take heart and kiss her without asking for permission? Why did they screw up everything?… But one thing I have to admit: The episode made me cry.. and I don’t cry very often… but I don’t really think I liked crying

  11. Took Mel’s advice and watched the finale. Shouldn’t have. It’s not to say ep 12 wasn’t well written, well acted and really good. It was. Or that ep 13 wasn’t funny and action filled. It was. But the goodbyes were rushed, and there wasn’t closure for me with Chuck and Sarah. The kiss at the end? Sweet, lovely, hopeful. But I didn’t want hopeful. I wanted the house, the red door, the picket fence, the kids, and for Sarah to remember the picture “she’d never forget.” For all the damn red herrings about their perfect life together to be true. To see them as true. I don’t want to believe this happened. I wanted to see it happen. I can appreciate the viewers that liked it. I hope the viewers that liked it can appreciate the reasons why others didn’t. Count me in as one that didn’t. Season 4 wedding is my finale. Like Sarah, I have no memory of Season 5. It’s been erased from my vcr.

    • I so understand your point of you Lianne. Season 4 felt like a much much better finale, Morgansect and all. Part of me does just wants to erase S5 all together…or well, at least the last episodes with Quinn. I actually didnt even need to see all of those things, I just needed to see Sarah getting her memory back because then I could say with 100% confidence that those things, the house, the kids, out of the spy life, did really happen. The way they left it, I can only speculate if it happened at all. I keep watching it over trying to force myself to like it, have been trying to see what others see about it, but its just not working.

      • I agree with everything 🙂 especially with “rushing” word.

      • I agree with just seeing her remember at least some would have been a good ending because then you have known for sure everything will sort out.

        For me the last good thing in their relationship was on a bullet train drawing that picture. Really hope that they could get that same feeling again.

    • Lianne- There are a lot of us that feel the same way. It really is a shame. Stick with your Season 4 finale if that is what gets you through. I haven’t figured my way out yet. Good Luck to you.

      • I wish I could find a way to erase season 5 from my memory so I could continue to enjoy re-watching seasons 1-4. Maybe, in time, I will. At the moment, I can’t bear to go back and watch any of them. It’s hard to get emotionally engaged with the journey when the destination has so few pay-offs.

      • Craig: I agree. I have been middle re-watching season 4 but after seeing how this ends I just couldn´t watch now how they get ready for their weddings when I don´t know if they even stay married or just friends….

    • My sentiments exactly!

    • I agree with this For chuck to not even show the picture, The picture that she would never forget was a total fail in my book.

  12. I also see the wedding in 4X24 as my finale…and in my imagination, Decker never came, but Elli completed her father’s work (like it had been sugested, when Elli and Chuck decided that this was a Bartowski thing) and fixed Volkoff/Hartley while Chuck saved Sarah like we saw it with Hartley, Vivian and Chuck… the only episode of season 5 I’ll keep in my mind is Chuck vs. the Baby. In my imagination, this episode happened somewhere in season 4 and Sarah’s mom attended the wedding… and Chuck has found out Sarah’s real name.

  13. As I said before,show is awesome 🙂 But there was something missing to completely fulfill the Show. I mean,through the episodes there were some significant things like,when Sarah cries telling Chuck she will marry him then the dream house,practicing for baby 😀 and then finale is “just” a kiss and story.

    They could elaborate some parts in the last two ep-s and make a third one to conclude the whole story.
    But this way is also OK,I guess 😀
    One thing I would like to point out : I liked every single character in the show. (Ok,maybe slight advance goes to one-and-only Colonel John Casey 😀 )

    Jeffster’s last gig-awesome :’)

    • Oh yeah…one more thing. I was hoping/thinking that Ellie and Awesome would perform something on Sarah like they have performed on Morgan (when he got screwed up with his memory) and solve problems with memory loss.

  14. Thank you for 5 “awesome” seasons. You will be always part of my life. ;D

  15. I’m almost embarrassed to admit of emotional I feel right now. Like many of you, watching Chuck gave me something to look forward to every week. It was like a mini vacation that allowed me to escape the weekly grind. It was a smiling warm face when I needed it. A friend that was there for me every week. I really feel at a loss. I would normally laugh at people getting this emotional over a show but the show had a profound impact on my life. I truly miss it.

  16. Hi All,

    People at the memory wipe all wrong! While yes its Sad & Gut renching – Think of it this way:

    1) No Beefcake.
    2) The most IMPORTANT THING – NO SHAW!!

    The “Dream Home” scene was difficult to watch! I loved the way Sarah was trying to convince Chuck that he was just an assignment & the way Chuck counters that by mentioning their 1st real kiss. I loved the way Chuck was able to do dismiss everything she said, you could clearly see Sarah’s frustration at Chucks determination – even when she was beating the Crap out of him. Of course the pay off was 4 fold a. The Door Jam – the memory flash. b. When Quinn enters & the anger Chuck displays at the way Sarah had been played & her shock. c. Chuck saving Sarah. d. Probably the most important, while watching the mission log – seeing the one from vs The Imported Silami (DAY 56 – S1E8) & realising that Chuck was telling the truth. It was Brillent acting by Yvonne!

    Will miss Chuck For sure.

  17. How could they leave the most important persons on the show without closure? From what I have read this is even more tragic than that miscarriege idea. All wasted what Sarah has learned and her character growth has been the best part of the series…

  18. MEL- You may, or may not, want to post this. You know the struggle I have been having because of the way “Chuck” ended, and your words helped me to keep digging to become more positive. I checked the NBC site. You know it doesn’t compare with you guys. However, they had a three minute video called “The Story of Chuck and Sarah”. It started and ended with the final beach scene, and inbetween were beautiful scenes with Chuck and Sarah happy and in love. The solo music with it was also beautiful. I did not cry when I watched the finale last night. And, I have no way to replay the end scene. But, watching this, I cried because it really brought together the warm feelings they had for each other and I for them. It seemed to make everything a whole lot better, and has helped me remember Chuck and Sarah the way I had hoped I would get to.

  19. I find it amazing how so many people who were faithful to the show for so long allow two episodes to turn them off the entire series. If you didn’t like the last two episodes, or even season 5, then don’t call yourself a fan.

    For myself, I’ve loved this show to the very end. Even the last 5 minutes. In a way, the end of the last episode was kind of Inception-esque, where the spinning top was still spinning, but it cut out before you truly knew whether he was in real life or not. But you were rooting for him to be in real life.

    Yes we didn’t get that closure, but with all the posts and interviews, you have to remember that Chuck was always about rooting for the nerd, and having hope. I hoped that Morgan and Alex would get together, and they did! I hoped for Awesome and Ellie to move on with Clara, and they did! I hoped for Casey to always show his true emotional self, and he didn’t disappoint. Heck I even hoped for Jeff and Lester to go out with a bang, and there was another amazing and hilarious development!

    And I hoped that Chuck and Sarah would be together in the end. She remembered fragments, she was falling in love with him again throughout the last episode (if you couldn’t notice that, then you’re a little slow), and the whole beach scene was absolutely perfect. She laughed at his retelling of their story, she cried, and with her asking him to kiss her, that’s when she knew that they were destined to be together and had remembered everything.

    This show in my opinion had the greatest cast, character development, and the most beautiful story. Chuck will always be in our hearts, no matter what.

    And with the reference to Inception, turns out he was in real life. Because what everyone hoped for was actually really obvious. It’s the same with Chuck and Sarah. It was obvious she had remembered. Thus the “Kiss me Chuck.”…

    • Derek: After reading your comment I check out final again. And on second viewing you can see the falling again part but at the end she looks more that she´s hoping it will work than that she remembers already.

  20. When Sarah has Chuck, Casey and Morgan at gunpoint, she’s holding the gun with her left hand…but she’s right handed.

    By holding the gun in her left hand, her wedding ring is showing…revealing the conflict inside her and inside us.

    Nice stuff…

  21. I am sorry folks but not only am I extremely dissapointed with the ending, so was my Wife and kids. After 5 fantastic years Fedak and Schwartz blew it; in my opinion. The fans loyalty was always appreciated by the show and cast, and the fans wanted a happy ending……and we did not get it for Sarah and Chuck! Even my kids were asking if Sarah would get her memory back, if they would get their dream house, and if they would have a baby. I am just hoping that fedak and Schwartz just got too creative rather thatn ending the show like they did for future business opportunities…….that would really be a bummer. Anyways……Thanks for the 4 and half years!

  22. When is the movie coming out!

  23. The scene at the “dream house” just torn at your heart. Zach’s acting was so gut retching. It almost made me want to get on my knees and beg along with him. Did anyone realize that we finally got the reason why we didn’t get Sarah’s answer to Chuck’s proposal at the hospital. “You didn’t have to say yes. Because we both knew, we both knew, we would spend the rest of our lives together”.

  24. I think 5.12 is the best episode of the season 5. Whole episode well written and directed and acted. Especially Zac’s performance is brilliant in dream house scene… and after that When sarah came and said goodbye to chuck, his pain and sorrow was seen in zac’s face… amazing…

  25. I have been rewatching previous episodes again, and I made note of the multiple times that Sarah said to Chuck, “I won’t let anyone hurt you”, “I don’t want you to get hurt”, or variations thereof. It was these words that were ringing in my head as I watched Sarah savagely beat up her husband in this episode. That was exceedingly heart-rending.

    And now, when I used to think “aww, Sarah” at those scenes in previous episodes, I’ll be cringing with the knowledge of what she did here. It wasn’t her fault, and she is completely blameless here, I think, but it does not make it any less painful.