Chris Fedak Talks Post-Finale Chuck & Sarah

Alan Sepinwall at HitFix has an interview with Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak talking about how he envisions Chuck and Sarah post-finale, the status of the Intersect, how Jeff and Lester escaped death, a clue about what will be in the DVD extended version of the finale, and much more. Here’s an excerpt:

We find out what most of the other characters are going to do, and Chuck and Sarah are on the beach, so we know they’re going to get back together. But what do you see as the rest of Chuck Bartowski’s life being?
Wow! Well, that’s a gigantic question. I will tell you this: I see Chuck and Sarah together, being a husband and wife, starting up that computer security firm. Hopefully they won’t find themselves dodging bullets for the rest of their lives. Of course, as a writer, now I start thinking, “You know what? They could get into a little bit of trouble.” That gets the story side of my brain going. But for now, they’re happy and they’re together and thinking about their future.
Was it important to you that he get the Intersect in the end?

No, it wasn’t the most important thing to me. That was something that we discovered as we went through the process. The way the story laid out, we began to see that it was important that he be given a decision. The idea of using the Intersect to give Sarah her memories back was a beautifully-structured thing: it makes sense, Ellie gets to help Sarah. But in that moment, Chuck has to make a tough decision, and he knows that saving the day is the thing he had to do. That was fundamental to the story. But from an overarcing perspective, looking at the last episode, Chuck putting the Intersect back into his head was not the most important thing to me.

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  1. Since Chuck and Sarah don’t exist except in his imagination, Chris Fedak is the absolute authority, right?

    There is no question but that they leave that beach in love, Sarah regains their memories, and they live happily ever after. The only person in the world who would know tells us that with zero ambiguity.

    My problem with the ending is not that I don’t believe C/S make it. I do. It’s that I never really got a chance to say goodbye to them.

    And I wish I could have seen an epilogue type scene that would have allowed me to do that.

    • Wow BillAt Work you nailed it for me. If been thinking about the last two episodes this weekend and I couldn’t place why I wasn’t fulfilled at the end. Until now…

      I didn’t get to say goodbye to the Chuck and Sarah I’ve grown to love over the past 5 years. After the last 3 episodes and all of the adversity and angst these characters go through I needed to SEE that everything will be alright with them.

    • I completely agree with this, BillAtWork. What’s the point of this if only Fedak sees it and we don’t? All this hope and positive leap of faith stuff is fine if the finale showed me more than what I saw. There’s no next week episode, so all we have is Fedak’s idea of Charah’s future.

    • To some extent, I agree with you. For those fans who are doubting the Chuck and Sarah end up together again, I find it pathetic that they would not trust the strength of C/S love and their deep connection. There is not a doubt in my mind that Sarah does not regain her memories over time, no matter how long it takes. That much is apparent by the clues laid out in the finale.

      Although I would have most likely enjoyed some sort of epilogue scene with the dream house and dream future with Chuck and his dream girl, I think that leaving Chuck and Sarah’s ending so open-ended is what set their story apart from everyone else’s. We know where Ellie and Awesome are going, what Morgan and Alex are planning, the success that Jeffster will gain, the fate of the Buy More, the new beginning for Casey… Chuck and Sarah are set apart because we leave them with the most basic and up-in-the-air conclusion, which exemplifies that they are the heart of the show and therefore we as fans KNOW what will happen already.

      Coming in full circle from the pilot, I think it was a fitting ending, even if it left something more to be wanted. It’s that trust in Chuck & Sarah and Schwartz & Fedak that allows us to know everything’s going to be okay, just as you said. Chuck’s “Trust me” is not only for Sarah to hear and take in, but for us as well. For the direction this season took, primarily with Sarah, I feel that this was just enough closure and just enough ambiguity to make this series finale memorable. Whether viewers agree with the ending or bash it, there’s no doubt that it will stick with them, and that’s what I feel Schwedak wanted.

    • I totally agree BillAtWork, I think that’s my problem too.

      I wanted the real Chuck and Sarah on that beach, not the “broken” Chuck and Sarah. I just felt like it was still up in the air whether they would make it or not. I wanted that finality, that YES they got up from that beach, went home and lived together forever. I don’t want to think that Sarah still “needed time to find herself,” wondering if she would.

      I don’t know, like I said in another comment, I keep rewatching the finale, trying to make myself feel better, trying to convince myself they make it. I just wanted like a 1 minute epilogue that showed them a year, two years, or more later being happy and still in love.

      • Glad I’m not alone in feeling the great disappointment with that final scene. If I wanted to use my imagination for story line and character development then why tune in in the first place!

    • Quoting BillAtWork: “Chris Fedak is the absolute authority, right?”
      Answer: Yes.

      When it comes to all things Chuck. It’s his vision and if this is what he sees from the ending, one must accept it as truth and fact. That’s what I took away from it after watching it again and a third time over the weekend. Sarah & Chuck are together and they get the happy ever after. I know others didn’t see it work out that way but I’m reminded of a Gene Roddenberry quote in which he said he wrote the stories in his own vision and not writing to the fan base. I think as a writer you have to do that. Tell the story that’s in your head. I think Chris Fedak did that well. But perhaps some fans wish he’d pictured it differently for them on screen with less ambiguity. I didn’t see it that way. Just my 2 cents.

    • so right!!! i totally agree with you!

  2. It’s a shame that a show that did so much to bring fans together because of their common interest ended in a way that’s left them divided.

    • True story. Wiser words haven’t been spoken in hours…

    • This surprises you? Were you around here in season 3? 😉

      • I was around for Season Three and this is the same funk that I felt when the season started and the build up from Season 2 was lost.

        At the end of season 2 you had the motel scene and then later that post wedding party scene where Chuck asked Sarah whether she would…go away with him on vacation. Then season 3 began and they were on the outs for no reason other than the writers wanted it that way.

        Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their efforts and the five years of their lives that they gave to the show. (Parenthetically, I probably appreciate the staff even more for giving me a chance to voice my thoughts and the staff does this for free!)

        Wouldn’t it have been nice to see some “ten years later” ending scene and they are living in the house with the red door and the white picket fence, even if we are not treated to how they got there? The writers did not let on the proposal language but you knew that she accepted. At least give the viewers some closure…

      • Yeah but they didnt have to leave us divided thats the thing. This wasnt some season finale where they knew they were coming back next year. This was the series finale. And they had to have known their decision would be very polarizing or if they didnt expect it, that comes across to me as them being extremely naive and stupid. There seem to be many more who did not enjoy the way they left the two main characters than did…its just, it frustrates me they thought it would be good to do it this way. And Id agree with Bill…we didnt get to say goodbye to at least the Sarah we’d come to know and love. That wasnt Sarah on the beach but really a past version of her who was at the most circa S3 (by your feelings Mel from our other discussion) but for me, was S1 Sarah. And thats really disappointing.

      • I am sorry that their vision for the ending didn’t satisfy you. Given how happy I was with how the series wrapped up, knowing that other fans are so unhappy puts a damper on my own enjoyment.

      • I was disappointed by the ending as well because of the ambiguity. What’s worse is that I really can’t believe that Fedak and Shwartz decided to wipe Sarah’s mind in the finale. That was a horrible idea. I understand what they were trying to do, bring the show full circle and all, but at what cost? All but erasing season 5? Erasing 5 years of Sarah’s development? In addition, a storyline like that has long term effects and they didn’t have a long time to fix it. They had 2 hours. As soon as I had finished watching the Bullet Train, I was worried that they might have taken away/undone more than they could put back/redo in 2 hours. I actually watching the finale in fear that that worry would be accurate (I hated feeling that way while watching it), and when the beach scene started it quickly became blatantly clear that they had run out of time. This wasn’t a season finale. It was a series finale. You want closure. And I don’t mean implied closure. You want to see it. The most disappointing part of all for me is that because they chose the memory loss story for the finale, there was no house with a picket fence, no “I’m pregnant” announcement from Sarah, etc. I agree with the other comment that we didn’t get to say goodbye to the Sarah that we love. The way it ended, it’s almost as if they know a movie is already a sure thing, but from what I understand right now it’s only an idea. Either that or they wanted to disappoint the fans so that we would push for one. Mel, do you know what exactly the status of the movie idea is? I really hope they make a movie because now they need one to finish it. I’ve also heard that there’s a petition out to keep Chuck going but I haven’t found it yet.

        Since you mention season 3, that was another thought I had. This mistake with the memory loss thing hauntingly reminded me of the mistakes in the Pink Slip and in early season 3: both involved the handling of Sarah’s character and both involved undoing/taking away progress that should never have been undone (undoing the progress of the Colonel was the season 3 mistake).

        I liked everyone’s part in the finale except Chuck and Sarah’s. The memory loss idea would’ve worked much better in an earlier season, when there was more time. But it was a terrible idea for the finale because they didn’t have time to come back from it. Chuck was going to go down as my favorite show of all time, and now I don’t know what it’s going to go down as. I know the DVD is going to have some extended material on it and I’m really hoping that some of that is an extended ending.

  3. But here’s the deal. Not to be repetitive, but my expectations for the finale were pretty simple. I was going to say goodbye to my good friends of five years who I would never see again.

    By making me wonder how it was going to turn out going into the final credits they didn’t give me that chance.

    I have zero doubt that C/S had a happy ending. You can even argue that their relationship was made stronger by this experience. Chuck never has to ever wonder if Sarah falling for him was a fluke. It happened again. In that way it was a most romantic ending.

    But if Chris Fedak wanted to write a love letter for me, he would have given me that chance to say goodbye. And I really didn’t need to see the dream house and a pregnant Sarah. But I would have preferred a quiet moment at the end where the drama of the story was over and I could mentally say goodbye. A moment like the end of Ring II where Sarah is attending to Chuck’s injuries and assuring him that she would love him even if he wasn’t a spy.

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t get that. And if I had a chance to talk to Chris Fedak, that’s what I would like to tell him.

    • BILL AT WORK- I would certainly like to be there with you. I want to get this resolved so that I can go on enjoying “Chuck” as I had been. Thanks.

    • Bill & IIama have both made some great points. We, as fans came into these final two episodes wanting to say goodbye to our friends of 5yrs.

      Myself, personally, I knew that everyone was going to live. All that I wanted from the finale was to see the TV couple that I loved, together, happy, in love, safe & ready to start their family.

      Chris Fedak robbed me of that with his ambiguous ending. Yes, everyone believes Chuck & Sarah make it. If you love the couple like we all do, we know that.

      But, I wanted to see or at least hear from Sarah’s own mouth that she remembered Chuck & loved him. Like others have said, it would only have taken an extra minute or two to make everyone happy.

      These writers have had nearly 5 yrs to toy with this relationship & they have, with the various stops & starts for Chuck & Sarah. The series finale to me, should have been about making the fans happy & letting us leave this show, knowing, Chuck & Sarah were happy & in love.

      I did not wish to see Sarah, not remembering & trying to kill Chuck & then, not remembering that she had 5yrs with him & truly loved him in the end.

      To many times, these writers try to elude to feelings or imply feelings in regards to Chuck & Sarah. The series finale was not a time for that. We wanted to know, that they would be together & happy together forever.

      Every other character got that ending. Why not Chuck & Sarah?

      I took it as the writers taking one last chance, to mess with the relationship that people loved. To me, that was wrong & the ending hurt the overall series for me.

      I did not enjoy this bit of “Ambiguity” from Chris Fedak.

      I think it was very wrong & a bit of a slap at the fans that fought for this show.

      Just my opinion.


    • Well said, but I wish I could feel as confident as you do about the way Chuck and Sarah’s future will go. Unfortunately, I do have some doubts that they won’t end up together.

      I know they have potential, and I know they make a great couple, but here’s ONE possibility (of post final-scene) that I see: Chuck and Sarah had some laughs and she starts trusting him as a friend, maybe even as a boyfriend by the way they kissed. She understands that they had a great bond and she might be willing to try it again with him after that night. However, she is still in the frame of mind from 5 years ago: all she knows is how to be a spy. So what is she going to do next? She is going to be a spy, because she hasn’t yet realized that she wants to settle down, grow a family, etc. However, since Chuck has been there and done that, he may be done with the spy life. and THAT is where they go their separate ways.

      OR maybe not. Maybe she sees something in their future and stays in town with Chuck to work it out. So, Chuck and Sarah start dating. They group date with Alex and Morgan. It’s all fun and games, But then what? there’s no missions! No chances for them to bond. I think the missions are when Chuck and Sarah bonded the most because it’s when they both had something in common. Pre-intersect Chuck had nothing in common with old Sarah, so them bonding over a movie was unlikely. However, in their missions, where they both have something in common, it was possible. And now that they aren’t doing missions anymore, there isn’t a chance for them to bond.

      Does anyone know what I’m saying or am I alone here? Please, someone prove me wrong, and put my mind at ease.

  4. I totally have to agree with BillatWork.
    I’m an INTL fan, sorry for my language.

    When I saw the final I couldn’t think for about 2 hours.
    It was such an epic episode with a lot of information, that I wasn’t satisfied with the ending.
    Now I rewatched it, I’m much calmer, but the fact that they knew this was the last season and the last episode.. It would have made me very happy if I had seen the full closure, and of course I believe and think that they end up together, but the fact that my neighbours can believe they don’t, brings me back to zero. It’s just this: They end up together absolutely, hello.. It’s Chuck people. But other people can say they don’t and they can say that she never gets her memories back and they have to start over. That’s the thing that bothers me.

    And I think I can speak for a lot Chuck fans when I say this.

    I want to thank you Mel, for making this site and for everything.

    I’ll always love Chuck.

  5. Another interview about the finale. From TV Guide.

  6. I agree with some of these comments, and others are just stupid.

    In my opinion, when Chuck kissed Sarah, his Intersect connecting with hers (remember, she never lost it, she just doesn’t remember having it) caused her memories to return and they lived happily ever after. I also see them saving the world again because as Chuck said, someone will always want the Intersect! I see Shaw returning in their future and more villains either being created or returning, but most of all, I see Chuck and Sarah together all the way. Here’s what my ending would have looked like, and I’m sure most of you will agree:–Ses&list=UUvpE_iwoqjH13zMMMUpR9zg&index=1&feature=plcp

    • Ok seriously, I think that’s what I needed at the end, can we swap out the actual ending and put that in. So simple, but it makes me feel better.

    • Maybe I’m a sap but yes, even something as simple as that would have left me feeling better! Thanks.

    • What did Sarah say in your ending? I couldnt make it out over the music! Thanks!

    • Dude…

      Congrats! That’s exactly what they should have done. No need to show a house with white fences and toddlers running around 10 years from now or whatever. I think this clarifies the REAL issue: the Sarah at the end is not the Sarah from the series. She shows no emotions for Chuck, not a glimpse of love or remembrance. The simple, subtle adding of the sound of the intersect working and the “chuck, I love you” would mean she’s back, and that is SUCH a different feel from the original ending!

      It’s funny that on every interview Yvone Strahovski gave since she knew how the ending was going to be she seems disappointed, and you could notice it even before watching the finale.

      Hopefully they’ll give us an alternate ending at the DVD, or who knows, maybe a few alternate endings. We all know it’s fiction, but isn’t that what good fiction is all about, engaging us emotionally to the point we care about the characters as if they existed and were dear friends of ours?

    • Dude…

      Congrats! That’s exactly what they should have done. No need to show a house with white fences and toddlers running around 10 years from now or whatever. I think this clarifies the REAL issue: the Sarah at the end is not the Sarah from the series. She shows no emotions for Chuck, not a glimpse of love or remembrance. The simple, subtle adding of the sound of the intersect working and the “chuck, I love you” would mean she’s back, and that is SUCH a different feel from the original ending!

      It’s funny that on every interview Yvone Strahovski gave since she knew how the ending was going to be she seems disappointed, and you could notice it even before watching the finale.

      Hopefully they’ll give us an alternate ending at the DVD, or who knows, maybe a few alternate endings. We all know it’s fiction, but isn’t that what good fiction is all about, engaging us emotionally to the point we care about the characters as if they existed and were dear friends of ours?

  7. Umm,

    Which ones do you agree with? And which ones are just stupid?

    Just for my own peace of mind, lol.

  8. Thankyou Michael J Petty for the youtube video.
    Just Sarah saying I love you is enough.

    I truly get what you mean.

    Can’t wait for the movie where we dive in the story of Chuck’s mum and dad and Sarah’s mum and dad, Why did Sarah lived with here dad? And how did Mary and Steven met?! I really hope they do that because the children of Sarah and Chuck deserve to know there grandparents.

    Why don’t we all give one euro/dollar/pound to a save bank account from fans all over the world and than they have enough money for a movie!

  9. First of all, Mel, I’m sorry that we’re bringing you down. That’s sad. So here’s the hug back at you that you gave me Friday. 🙂

    It brings up an interesting point. Do we really want to see a Chuck movie?

    Nobody is going to invest $50,000,000 to make a movie about Chuck and Sarah Bartowski living in peaceful bliss. CF would have to, as he put it, get them in a little trouble.

    And that movie would have an ending as well. We’d eventually be back to this same point. So as much as I would like to see my friends again, isn’t it better to remember them healthy and happy?

    • Yes, Mel, I am truly sorry we are bring you down a bit. I have tried to like the ending, really I have, but yea, it just hasnt worked. Part of me wants a movie (which is something I never expected myself to say…I was really at peace with the show ending up until those last 5 minutes) so that we could get closure. Id be fine with them having some “Trouble” but I would only really want a movie if I knew F and S were NOT going to do something like they did with the series finale, leaving Chuck and Sarah on an ambiguous note with another will they/wont they ending. And I dont think I trust them enough to do that.

    • Don’t worry about me, Bill. I’m used to it at this point in the game. But thanks for the hug! 🙂

      • Hi Mel its Ali here dont take any notice the main thing is that you loved it as so did i . the main thing is that Chuck & Sarah was together in the end. Heres a big HUG from me . 🙂 🙂

        Alison ( Ali )


      • Mel…… CHUCK isn’t really dead and buried until the S-5 DVD comes
        out. Could there be any tweaking to 5-13 possible ? An alternate
        ending ? A flash forward montage ? Fedak has the power to make this
        happen. Could a little begging help ?

      • Fedak has already said in a couple of interviews that the DVD cut of 5.13 will have about 8 extra minutes, mostly with more of the family stuff. I believe the episodes are locked (i.e. completely done) for the DVDs and now they’re just finishing up some of the extras.

  10. Not a scientific sampling here. I feel like the unhappy are expressing and the happy are quiet. Great ending! My wife and I couldn’t think of a better one. And we have watched every episode of this show, multiple times, over the last five years. No disappointment here.

    On the beach, perfect place to end, everything is going to be alright. Happy ending! That is the real Chuck and Sarah as we fade out. We don’t need a “And they lived happily ever after” spelled out. This is Chuck after all, and this was a beautiful Chuck ending. Stay happy Mel!

    • What Larry said is true! I really loved the finale, I thought it was just perfect!

      And it’s quite clear that Chuck and Sarah satyed together and lived happily ever after… I mean, come on, it’s Chuck and Sarah.We don’t need it spelled out, beacuse, again, it’s Chuck and Sarah, and we know that their love is strong and that they are going to end up happy with each other, and madly in love!

      Also, it’s obvious that Sarah did get her memories back… Maybe not with the kiss, maybe in a week, maybe in a month, maybe in a year… Who knows? But she definetly got them back!

      So, yeah, just like Larry said, stay happy Mel!

  11. It was a awsome show, its funny now, everytime i see a Subway Shop or eat a Subway Sandwich, I think of CHUCK.

  12. Well I did like the ending a lot, only gripe was it felt like it could have used an extra hour (that final thirty minutes was so packed) but keep the ending the same and I would have really loved it.

    But hearing this makes me doubly happy, but even if he never came out and said this I would have still thought the same thing as he did.

  13. i was torn in two on the final as i loved it until the very last momment .However i understand what the writers tried to achieve i just feel as this season was “meant” to be for the fans then surely a happy cheesy ending would have been better then one which the audience decides there future,

    dont get me wrong it was filmed and acted brilliantly , it even had a poetic theme to it in that sarah had to now trust chuck just as he did 5 years ago. But Overall i just feel the writers left it open like this to try and get another series or tv movie made, afterall when this season aired in october they were already filming the 9th episode so most of the plot was already planned and couldnt really be changed.

  14. I for one, was thoroughly enthralled with the finale. Zac and Yvonne gave Emmy worth performances. I would be so sad if the unhappiness that so many of you felt at the end of the finale, would end up taking away the spotlight that should go too them for what I think was an award winning performance. I felt like Chris Fedak did write a love letter to us fans and I am so sorry that many of you didn’t feel it.
    Mel, thanks once again for sharing your insight into what goes into the making of Chuck. It means a lot to many people.

  15. Wow! I have to start by saying that I quite liked the end, for me Sarah was clearly falling for Chuck again and they were heading off into the sunset for a happy life together. I can however see why other people have a problem with this.
    The whole point of season five was supposed to be a great opportunity to give fans closure, so even though some of us were happy enough with the ending I think it was pretty obvious that the absolute last thing you should do is have an ending that even though it very heavily points you in one direction, ultimately leaves it to fans imagination to decide what happens next. I think Chris Fedak really dropped the ball on that front.
    For me the final two episodes were 99% awesome. The action, emotion and fun were just brilliant and lived up to my very high expectations for this fabulous series, so it makes me even more sad that so many have felt let down at the end when it was so so close to being a sad but fulfilling farewell.
    I read as part of a review on another site that:
    ‘finales are a great time to take a risk.’
    I couldn’t agree a statement much less than this one. Unlike films, people have invested literally years in story and character development when it comes to tv series and I’ve never seen such an emotional attachment to a show as I’ve seen with the Chuck fan base. Taking risks that will only alienate a large chunk of your fans can only have one effect and that is to kill DVD sales.
    Anyway, with such a large number of people so upset with the ending I guess we have to admit that Chris either got the the ending wrong or just failed to sell the story properly that Sarah had fallen for Chuck again. Chris said he couldn’t imagine a better ending, sadly it seems most fans did 🙁
    Finally, I’ve seen some pretty bad things said about Chris Fedak on other sites after this finale so I’d like to end by saying a huge thank you. Thank you for my favourite show ever, thank you for the laughs, and the (almost) tears and thank you for the characters we all love so much, they’ll be sadly missed.
    A massive thank you to Mel too for you huge amount of work and devotion on this web site, if Devon is Captain Awesome then you’re Admiral Awesome.

  16. Okay. Count me in with the happy people.

    At first, I felt a bit disappointed by the last 5 minutes, because I was expecting to see them in their dream house and all that.

    But after I rewatched it yesterday, I simply love it!

    It’s obvious that Chuck and Sarah are in love all over again, and that they’re going to be together (and now Fedak confirmed it). Just how Sarah opened herself to her Chuck again, trusting him and showing him her love with that kiss, plus the clues shown all throughout the Finale points that way.

    Of course I would’ve loved to see more, and Sarah getting her memories back immediately, but I agree with Fedak’s assumption, because it’s clear Chuck and Sarah are in a happy place, once again together, and in love with each other. And that’s what I wanted.

  17. I have been hesitant to share this with you all but I can honestly say that I loved how it ended. My wife thought it was ambiguous but I thought it was great. My reasons for thinking it was great is becuase of personal reasons, which I will share with you now.
    I hope you all can appreciate this. My wife had an severe accident shortly after we were married that caused her lose her memories, a form of amnesia. To this day, almost 5 years later she hasn’t recovered all of them. However we are still married and though she can’t remember our wedding or the proposal she can still say I love you and mean it.
    My wife and I have had some similar conversations that Chuck and Sarah had during the last two episodes. My wife didn’t have the feelings of love for me initially. I never gave up on her and we eventually got back to the place we were before the accident. Going through that taught me to hear what my wife is saying when she talks. In real life memories don’t just magically come back when you loss them. They take time and a trigger.
    I encourage everyone to go back and rewatch the final two episodes and HEAR what Sarah IS telling Chuck. Don’t just listen to the dialog but hear it, and watch her face, her breathing, read her eyes, and other signs of body language. I have watched it 3 times and every time I do it is difficult to watch becuase for me it brings back emotions of our story. But when I get to final 5 minutes I tear up and love to see Sarah ask her Chuck tell me our story. Watch her reactions, her smile, laugh, her tears. That should tell you all you need to know.
    One last though from me: For me it doesn’t matter if she gets all or just some of her memories back. They will create new ones and thier relationship, like the one I have with my wife, will be just as strong as it ever was.

    I hope this helps some of you that are having problems with the end.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your tragic but beautiful story with us. I wish you many more happy years together.

  18. There have been lots of posts here from people who love the ending. And God bless you. Seriously. You’re lucky. I really wish that I could love it too. And I’ll admit that I am not as down as I was when it first happened. I was like throwing stuff accross the room.

    But I think the posts also miss a lot of the point. Yes, Chuck and Sarah left use together, happy, and planning their future. There is zero question about that. The man who created them and wrote the final episode tolds us very plainly.

    But these characters, and especially Chuck and Sarah were our friends for 5 years. We rooted for them. We were protective of them. Maybe some of us a little too much. 🙂 And we sat down to watch knowing that this was the last time (barring a movie) that we would ever see them.

    And I feel that I never got the chance to say goodbye. The story was edge of your seat tense right up to the closing credits.

    And even assuming the romantic ending, there was still a lot of sadness. Sarah lost the extended family she had worked so hard for. Ellie was her only girlfriend. Who is she going to talk to now when Chuck annoys her? Casey had become, in many ways, her best friend. Now, even if she remembers him, he’s gone.

    So I didn’t need an affimation of Sarah’s love or memories. I didn’t need to see them in the future pushing a baby stroller or painting a room in the dream house.

    I needed a calm minute where I could come off the edge of my seat and say goodbye to them.

    And I feel cheated out of that.

    • I think i get what your saying man we really never got that sense of completeness. You know tell me if im wrong or right about that.And also thats why i would like a Chuck movie with a definite ending nothing ambiguous so we could get that feeling.

    • BILLATWORK- I really appreciate your postings and agree with what you are saying. My anger is also dissapating because I think I have found the answer to why I feel the way I do. That is in my posting two below yours here. Maybe it will help. Thanks.

    • Truer words couldn’t have been said. Totally, completely agree. Somehow I’m not sure if people understand that though 🙁

    • I agree with you. I feel cheated. We were all cheated out of the Chuck and Sarah couple over the last 2 episodes that we had grown to love over the last 5 years. All of the interviews leading up to the finale talked about how Zach and Yvonne were amazing together. That is what we saw and loved over the past 5 years. I did not want to see them fall in love again. They were already there.

      I mean what was the whole point, during the whole season, of making the “dream house” and the “dream to be normal” a theme throughout the season, if you dont show us that the dream was achieved. The Quinn story could have been resolved in the first half hour of 5.13 then have Chuck and the rest of her family, i.e. Ellie, Devon, Morgan, Casey, get her memory back.

      Or even a simpler idea, flash 2 years later, show the dream house with them inside or even show “Bartowski” on a mail box and I would have felt better.

      I actually kind of feel bad for Yvonne too. She developed this character for 5 years and didnt really get to portray that developed character over the final 2 episodes.

  19. That´s exactly my point that with saying love letter to the fans everyone expect a real happy ending and it was now cut short.

    It´s intresting to read that many observed that Sarah falls for him again because I have now come to conclusion that her feelings (same as before) came back with seeing names and video log. And with that notion I´m much more happier and calmer with ending than before.

  20. For me–when the TV screen goes to black on the final show in its history, that is it. Done, over. The characters end up right where I last saw them on their last take. I have no idea what is going to happen in their lives after that. If I want to guess, well I could be right and I could be wrong. That is why it is callled the FINALE. There is nothing else other than what we just saw.

    Make sense?

  21. MEL- About 35 minutes ago I posted a comment which I feel finally sorts out, in my mind, why the ending has caused me to be so disappointed. It has really helped me. As have you.

    IF you have any time at all would you be able to tell me if this comment makes sense to you. I do understand if you can’t. Thanks.

  22. I have posted a lot of my thoughts in the forum discussion so I am not sure if you have been there to ready them but I have read many feedback/opinion about the finale, love it or not, that is what makes us all different.

    Mel, I know what you mean – it does put a little dampener for those liked the ending. But I have come to realize something.

    I don’t think any amount of dissection of the final scene or final two episodes (which I have done a lot of in the last couple of days) will make those who didn’t like the ending, love it like I do and see it how I see it. Some even going on to say those who like the ending, are grasping for straws to make the ending feel satisfactory which may or may not be true.

    But rather the discussions have help me get over and come to terms with the end Chuck. I guess it was my way of grieving for the show.

    It also cemented the fact, how invested I was in the show, the characters and stories, and to the point that I feel like they were real. And of course the love for the actors and actresses that play each of the characters. I will miss them being together.

    Just one final point/comment I would like to make, imagine in real life, you were Sarah and you have woken up from amnesia and can’t remember the last 5 years but you have someone who loves you and is telling you stories of how you met etc etc. And family and friends that you remember, who tells you the same stories of your love for this person. Do you start a new totally new life and forget about this person? Or do you try to remember and reconnect? For me I know what my answer is.

    So a BIG THANK YOU to you all because I am ready to rewatch the entire series of Chuck and relive these 5 years all over again! I hope those who loved the show but not how it ended will be able to do that one day.

  23. Ok so after watching the last 5 minutes again of the finale I can see the glimmer of hope there. But would it have really killed The writers to end on a “higher” note than they did. There is no question that Chuck and Sarah stay together. That’s not even the point. The writers wanted to do something different or daring not cliche. Ok , so how about this idea- instead of the whole Sarah/no memories plotline why not see what Chuck would do if he had to do his first kill? He should have been the one to kill Quinn or at least make it seem like he did. Reboot the episode-Sarah returns from Quinn with her memories intact and Team Bartowski must hunt him down before he completes the key. They get the glasses back but Quinn escapes. Flash to the beach, Chuck and Sarah contemplating their future when Quinn shows up. He is about to shoot Sarah when Chuck pulls out a REAL gun (sorry no tranqs this time,buddy), We see him pull the trigger and we hear the shot but the scene goes black and we are left wondering if Chuck finally killed someone. That to me would have been far more fitting of an ending considering that Chuck was so anti-gun throughout the whole series. What do you think?!?

  24. my wife and i just finished watching the last two episodes and boy are we drained………but, we are also happy to know that even though sarah doesn’t remember much about the last five years, their love story starts again at the beach with the two words that mean so much. TRUST ME. two simple little words that have so much meaning behind them for chuck and sarah. it is nice to see that with every curve ball thrown at them, it comes back to trust me and that they do very well. even with sarah’s memory gone, she can still look into chuck’s eyes and know she can trust him to tell her the truth and to take care of her and to be there for her no matter what. that my friends is true love and that is what chuck and sarah will always have…….now mel, let’s hope we get us a tv movie somewhere down the road to check in on our favorite show . this cast was just so awesome at making the characters come to life and be so real. just amazing………

  25. Honestly, the ending is not what I would have liked, but it is clear that when Chuck and Sarah rise from the sand both goes home and started his new life together.
    Why? Because when Sarah asks him to explain “his” story, his voice is already before losing the memory (then normal Sara). and she asked this to Chuck to made a quick reload of their relationship because she wants to clarify this urgently. When Chuck tells her, his story together she laughs and cries of joy because she hear what she wanted to hear.
    Whe Chuck explains her the Morgan Kiss theory, she immediately tells him “Kiss me”. It is absolutely clear that she is doing a new upload of her relationship with Chuck because he loves him.
    If, as Sarah said above tha t she need time to be alone to think, she had not asked Chuck to explain his history, much less would have asked for a kiss. He simply had risen and gone.

  26. I was entirely disappointed with the final 3 episodes. They spent 5 years developing the relationships of the cast, only to tear that foundation to shreds at the end. Instead of seeing Chuck and Sarah working together, we spent the final hours watching them work against each other. Instead of getting to see the culmination of Casey’s development from a cold-hearted thug to a human being, we get to watch him regress back into an emotionless dolt.

    The best wrap-up of a relationship in the finale was Jeffster. They really came together and did things as a team. I only wish the main team from the show got to work together once and for all, in an epic conclusion of what has been an amazing partnership.

    This wasn’t fun to watch at all.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I liked the Bullet Train a lot, until the last sequence. I get that they were trying to bring Chuck and Sarah full circle and all, but at what cost? That is exactly how I feel. 5 years of Sarah’s development is gone. Season 5 pretty much never happened. Like I said in my other comment, the memory loss storyline was a terrible one to use in the finale because they didn’t have time to recover from the long term effects, and it showed. I really hope we get a TV movie because now they need to do one to finish it.

  27. Rob from Manitoba

    Now that I watched the ending a few more times I feel a little better about it, still could of been done better. The thing I hate about the last 2 episodes being a Sarah Walker fan is that the basically erased her growth from the first 89 episodes. I know they will end up together in the end.

  28. Rob, exactly my thoughts….but saying this, I´m still amazed how a TV show can leave me so emotionally charged….never happened before, will probably never happen again…
    so thanks to all the people involved for making my life richer. And because I can see no way to comment on the survey, thank you Mel and all the others for this wonderful page. And one little, really tiny criticism: I would have liked the survey to include both episodes, they are a unit for me..

    My most favorite scene would then have been Sarah telling Sarah via Video, “I love Chuck Bartowsky”, my least favorite scene would have been: Sarah telling Chuck “ I believe you…. but I don´t feel it” hate it, despise it , never want to hear it again…. And the scene that never came and was missed the most by me: Sarah seeing the drawing of her with Chuck and the baby standing in front of the dream house…. In my eyes a nearly unforgivable red herring…

    Greetings from the country of Jeffster and David Hasselhoff 🙂

  29. Rob, exactly my thoughts….but saying this, I´m still amazed how a TV show can leave me so emotionally charged….never happened before, will probably never happen again…
    so thanks to all the people involved for making my life richer.
    And because I can see no way to comment on the survey, thank you Mel and all the others for this wonderful page.
    And one little, really tiny criticism: I would have liked the survey to include both episodes, they are a unit for me..
    My most favorite scene would then have been Sarah telling Sarah via Video, “I love Chuck Bartowsky”, my least favorite scene would have been: Sarah telling Chuck “ I believe you…. but I don´t feel it” hate it, despise it , never want to hear it again….
    And the scene that never came and was missed the most by me…Sarah seeing the drawing of her with Chuck and the baby standing in front of the dream house…. In my eyes a nearly unforgivable red herring…

    Greetings from the land of jeffster and David Hasselhoff 🙂

  30. Farscape ANYONE… This show ended the same way empty but with a Kiss. Until you get the Farscape Movie you do not have closure. This looks like the same ending. Everyone seems to feel a little cheated and Empty.

  31. OMG

    Is there anything else you want to say about the finale?

    One of the things we’re working on for the DVD is a longer version of the finale. The episode was rather big, so you’ll get a longer cut on the DVD.

    Yes, maybe the ending will have more closure! Although, the open-ending was intended, so maybe not.

    • I will miss the Show Chuck but will always have the DVDs. Hope to add a Chuck Movie down the road. I can wait for MY CLOSURE. Just want more.

  32. Yes, We all loved the series and wanted it to go on for ever. Eventually we may get that view back from Chuck and the crew a few years down the Road. Until then some of us will feel like there is unfinished business with the Shows main characters. All we are saying is if that time comes and someone invests we will watch it on TV and buy the DVD like we always have.

  33. I have to agree with the fans that were greatly disapointed in the ending, there was no closure. As such I can’t imagine there is a chance in the world that I would buy season 5 on DVD unless I knew there was a happier ending. I refuse to spend any money only to be repeatedly disappointed, just too hard to watch, and I would be supprised if a fair number of others didn’t feel the same way.

  34. I don’t want anyone to feel bad.
    Especially the ones who where happy with the ending.
    But it’s this.:

    1. Sarah and Chuck’s relationship is the heart of the show. They’ve built it up for 5 years now.
    2. The wedding, Sarah’s mum, her dad, Bryce being dad, loving Chuck instead of al the other man in her live, willing to start a family, having friends, her wedding and her best friend casey.
    3. This is all gone and yes, all of the Chuck fans are willing to believe they do come back together, BUT Sarah has lost al of the season memories! All of it, and to remember all of them is just impossible. You can’t, that’s just fairytailish.
    4. So everything they built, evrything we’ve watched is gone, and we haven’t got a chance to say goodbye to all those memories and the things they shared. Sarah’s caracter was like the Sarah in the beginning and we haven’t got a chance to say goodbye to a happy Chuck and Sarah.
    5. They have to start all over AGAIN! And I’m happy for them, but to let us all there sitting in front of the TV, seeing Chuck and Sarah kiss, and know they will end up together, but never know if she’s really recovered and have babies and all of her memories, is the worst ending ever!
    6. Will she ever remember the day that she saw Chuck on a USB stick saying she loves him. She didn’t felt it anymore she said, dammit! Omg, I’m so frustrated.


    I’m sorry for this.

    thankyou Chris for writing an awesome show!
    But why.. this ending. You knew it was the end.

    It’s just sad i want a movie just to see how it ends..
    Cause in the back of my head i know, but my heart didn’t felt it..

  35. I have the perfect ending:

    CHUCK grabs on the beach out of his pocket the drawing of him, sarah, the baby and the fence and he says: do you remember this? And she says: Ofcourse, how could I forget. The same way she says that in 5×11.

    That’s it.

    • Yeah but it’s really been drummed well into us now that that would have been the sap’s way out. What we got was much more intellectually stimulating, allegedly.

  36. Cant believe what Cris Fedak is saying here, this is exactly how they should ended the show , what was they thinking ?
    This feels more that a bad excuse for ending it in the way they did after all the bad feelings from the fans around the world how bad it was.

    He decided to completly destroy everthing they built up under 5 years to the character Sarah “all Creed do to Yvonne to play ice cold no feelings att all superspy”
    regardless of what Chuck did.
    All these small signs about that she remember things like the Wienershop or the pornstar feels just stupid , what about the greatest feeling of them all love?

    I used to watch old episodes all the time just becouse of the great chemistry and the lovestory and i really planned to show my kids when they are old enough ,
    what a great tvshow should be like

    I have watched the last 2 episodes more than once and i cant se anything att all that really shows any emotions from Sarah at all , not anything not in her face,
    no sparkling in her eyes nothing,
    not even at the beach just sadness she dont show or do anything at all i will call emotions “love” .Chuck is doing everything and even more and it really sucks.
    she is just sitting there under the kiss stonecold not moving at all. Leave it to your fantasy , yeah right if i want to imagine my own happy ending they should have given us season 5 at all

    I wish the newer got aproval for the 5 th season , I can live with the ending of the 4th and all the promising episodes before the bullet train and the last ones.
    What Chris says here now could been the greatest ending of them all now its to late , show cancelled and they ruined it for some reason i cant understand.

    An epilogue with a house kids and one actually happy and loving Sarah is the only thing that can make me to see this again i dont really care what format it is in a webisode
    youtube clip alternative ending on bluray or DVD whould make this show the greatest on earth ,and worth watching over and over again.

    ” If i had a blog”
    I watched the greatest tvshow
    ever over a 5 years period and loved it , check

    Got a poison pill in the last episodes
    and now im dying knowing its ruined check
    Im really trying but “the feelings are not really there” check

    Writing this stupid post to express my feelings
    about what was great but not anymore check

    Final post listening to Gotyes
    somebody i used to know


  37. For those of you still upset or disappointed with the end, I hear you, and after the finale I was one of you. I kind of just sat there in shock, I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the episode or ending again (even though it was a beautiful scene). I went on the boards and let out my frustration. I read the comments by those of you that liked it, and tried to see your side. I read interviews by tptb, and tried to understand their creative process.

    When I finally allowed myself to I watch the finale again. I had a knew perspective and I went in prepared for what was to come. And you know what? For what the finale was and the message it was trying to convey, it was actually very, very good.

    Yes, I understand the lack of closure. That is why I was initially so dissatisfied. But there is enough hints throughout the episode that Sarah will regain her memories overtime. And if that’s not good enough, there is Morgan’s magical kiss theory; that with that one kiss the memories would return (it was not an accident, that the magical kiss theory was very prevalent throughout the last hour).

    So in conclusion I get it, I understand, and in a perfect world I want closure, I want assurances. But tptb chose to go in a different direction with the ending. They chose to give the viewer enough breadcrumbs to come to our own conclusion, and whatever that conclusion may be will have to be closure enough. Cuz as they say, there is no 2morrow.

  38. Hee Everyone!

    See my posts here above you. I was very disappointed first.
    BUT NOT ANYMORE! The ending after rewatching it is GREAT!
    1. Sarah remembers threw the episode a couple of things!
    2. She wants to be kissed by CHUCK and MORGAN said that after the kiss she
    will remember. And Morgan has always been right when it comes to SARAH.
    3. Sarah took the INTERSECT cause she knew CHUCK would help her remember
    and there love is so strong. She knew Chuck would help her.
    4. If it’s one thing they know, it’s CHUCK and SARAH are ment to be together.
    CHUCK kisses her and she remembers everything. That’s what is told during the episode. And i first thought where is the SARAH we have seen growing the last few years. But she’s there on the beach knowing that place was important and kissing CHUCK! And they’re quiting spying because Sarah said: I need time to find myself and she will find herself on the beach and Chuck helps here by kissing her. So no spies, hello babies and memories!
    5. AND THE SHOW CAME FULL CIRCLE! And nowif you’re going to watch CHUCK and chuck says: Hey I am Chuck and this is going on in my life lately. Then you know it’s the story he tells Sarah on the beach and there children en how he and Sarah where ment to be together.


  39. I keep hoping that with the S5 DVD release, we will get a wonderful surprise -those extra few minutes will have a flash forward …. A “flash” on exactly what like will be like for them.
    Wishing hoping praying…. 😉

  40. Well i see that people really trying to find a happy ending bythemself , but again there is nothing really in Sarahs face that makes me believe in that, wish i had an bad intersect to wipe out season 5 , i also wish that Yvonne´s acting skills playing Dont remember no feelings at all wasént soo good,
    and i have a last wish that Chris Fedak did a prolouge showing the things he mention in this inteview

    Just for the record if thats ever happens i want help to get the intersect out of my head before it wipes out the good episodes to…. 🙂

  41. First, let me say thanks for allowing me to bleed on your site. Being able to whine about my disappointment amongst other Chucksters has been therapeutic! Also thanks to the many fans who while they were happy with the ending are still able to empathize with those of us who were not. It is greatly appreciated.
    For me, I just felt as though the finale was like being beaten down for two hours and then being tossed a band aid and told “there, you’re all better!” We watched two hours of their relationship in shambles, a relationship that was five years in the making and arguably the strongest part of the show, but we were hardly given any time to take part in repairing it… for me, that was tough. But, I guess I’m a big wuss! LOL

  42. I am hoping that those of you that can’t bring yourselves to watch the finale or the just the beach scene again, please give it one more chance and watch how affected Sarah and Chuck are when he is telling her of his proposal to her and their wedding. After we see the flashback of Chuck proposing and then the wedding, they show both Chuck and Sarah with tears streaming down their faces. This proved to me that Sarah, at the very least, had feelings coming back for Chuck. She either started remembering or she realized how in love they are.
    Once again, even if you didn’t like the ending, please don’t take away from all the wonderful acting in these last two episodes. I think Zac’s performance was right up there with Yvonne’s from Chuck vs. Phase Three.

  43. For me from now on, Chuck will always have ended at Season 5, episode 8, vrs. the baby.

    I told my wife when we first watched it that the episode’s ending with the entire family together FELT like a series ending, and it was full of the joy that has always brought ME joy as a Chuck fan.

    After watching episodes 9-13, I want to purge my memory of what was done to my favorite TV show of all time in those last 5 hours.

    Chuck, 86 episodes. 🙂 I’ll miss you.

  44. When i wrote Prolouge it should have been Epilogue my bad , as crystal clear as the ending right ? Everyone got that, and lived happliy ever after

  45. It has been helpful for me to come here and read with others who had the same sentiment as I did. I didn’t post here to change my mind on the finale, but to grieve over what I had hoped to see but sadly, didn’t. And while some are trying to change my mind about how I feel, I appreciate more the ones that understand or at least are trying to understand how I feel. That to me, is what Chuck fans do. They support no matter how you feel, and no matter the differences, and don’t try to change your mind. I thank them for listening and letting me vent.

  46. I would love for sarah to have her memory back by a kiss, but if they were to do a movie, i would love for her not to get her memory back (straight away) but the kiss gives her enough to stay with chuck, they get the dream house and sarah slowly regains her memory and falls in love with him all over again at the same time. On the business side i would love chuck to open his computer company and be making good on it.

    And yes i would love this to shown in a movie.

  47. I must have watched the final scene at least 30 times. I’ve never been so emotional about a TV show. Ive also watched the whole 2 hours a few times, with many more to come.
    Originally, I was disturbed by not only the ending, but the whole transformation of Sarah to a ruthless, cold hearted person. However, the more I watch it, the more I notice that things aren’t quite so clear. The real Sarah we have come to love is in there, as Fedak said.
    A few examples:
    1) In listening to Chuck and Elle from the top of the stairs, she seems bewildered T their apparent concern for her.
    2) In the intersect room, when Chuck talks to her and approaches her, she actually let’s him lower her her arm holding the gun and put his other arm around her. It’s only when Quinn talks in her ear that she is snapped back into spy mode.
    3) She doesn’t want to kill them, but is bypassed by Quinn.
    4) When she returns to Quinn with the glasses, she punches him for blowing up a “government facility”. I suspect it had more to do with Chuck being killed, as far as she knew. she only changed her tune when she realized Chuck had tricked her. I think she now believed that Chuck played her feelings, and she felt betrayed.
    5) in “their” house, when Chuck told her their history and his feelings, and then released her, she was clearly very affected. “This is real? You really love me?”
    I think she was really shaken at that moment, but then she snapped back again and we see her expression and tone of voice change.
    6) Towards the beginning of the fight, she screams at Chuck: “Why won’t you fight back?” She felt guilt for hurting someone who obviously cared for her. She wanted him to act like her enemy so she wouldn’t have to deal with her confused feelings. When she remembered carving their names, she was visibly shaken.
    7) When he took a bullet for just as she found out Quinn had lied to her, she wanted to stay with him until he insisted she leave.
    8) After saying goodbye in the courtyard, she returns to ask for his help on the computer. If she didn’t have mixed feelings, there’s no way she would have gotten any where near him. She could have figured out another way to get the intel. He offers to help on the mission. Against what appears to be her better judgement, she agrees. She knows he wants to be with her and she’s not totally discouraging him.
    9) She says she’s disappearing for good because she can’t be the woman he remembers, she’s just a spy. She’s afraid to stay and deal with her conflicted feelings.
    10) When they confront Quinn on the roof and Chuck tells her about Elle’s plan to restore her memory, she asks hopefully if it will work. When Chuck tells he has to use them instead to save everyone else, she nods in agreement.
    11) After Beckmann leaves Castle, she no longer says she is leaving forever or that she won’t return to him. Just that she needs time alone to think.
    12) on the beach, she engages Chuck and asks him it’s significance. She realizes when he finds her there that it must be important for them, and that she remembered something important to them both.
    13) When Chuck tells her he needs her to know he’ll always be there for her, she clearly nods her head yes. At that moment she has accepted him back into her life.
    14) He tells her to trust him, and she asks him for their story. She is ready to try to move towards him again. She does trust him.
    15) As he tells her about them, we se her laughing and crying. I believe she is reliving those moments through Chuck. She feels comfortable and close to him again.
    16) When he tells her Morgan’s idea, they both laugh, but as Chuck starts to make light of it, she tells him to kiss her. Not necessarily because she believes it will work, but because she is ready to come back to him. The memories, if they return, now or later, will be the icing on the cake. The most important thing to her now is that she trusts Chuck and wants to be with him again. She doesn’t need her memory back to know that. She just knows. She has fallen in love with him again without even knowing him.

    This is my very long-winded take on everything. I hope this makes some of you feel better. I know I do now.

    • Rob: You rwally see it now a lot of like me. I have also thought that it´s pretty much like that. And some of her real self is there all the time.

  48. I loved the finale right up until the ending, but not because Sarah and Chuck’s love was ambiguous. What bothered me was that I never got to see Sarah. Sarah as the character I’ve grown to love over the last five years. She was my favorite character and she wasn’t allowed to come back at all. I lost her, permanently, when her memory got erased.

    The show wasn’t just about Chuck’s development. It was about Sarah too, and (as dramatic as it sounds) I mourned the loss of her character. Season1 Sarah was a good template, but she’s not our Sarah.

    • Sarah changed more than any other character during the show, even more than Chuck did. Unfortunately that Sarah disappeared in “Bullet Train” and never came back.

      Sure, Fedak says Sarah regained her memories and I believe that because other options are too painful to consider, but we actually needed to see that.

      • I agree. I´m perfectly happy now with ending and believe that she is back in the end. But it´s sad we couldn´t see the real Sarah in the end properly. She definitively has the biggest character growth after all.

  49. I have to agree with the sentiment someone else expressed — that if you have to explain a joke, perhaps it was not that funny to begin with or it is not that good of a joke. The same applies to the aspects of storytelling. if you have to explain the ending of a story, then something was wrong with the storytelling in the first place. I am referring, for clarity, to the Sarah memory-wipe aspects of this story.

    What makes me even more disappointed is that these show-runners knew well in advance that this was the final season, and that they had 13 episodes to tell a series-wrapping set of episodes, and decided that this was what they would do. At the least, they could have put the Sarah-wipe story to the front half and dealt with it in a more comprehensive, sensible manner (sans Morgan-sect — sorry, that was a lousy idea, too, imho) or flipped the order to save Morgan after saving Sarah — or even ultimately saved them both and used the final episode as a full wrap-up. That would have allowed more time to make the story work and not leave this empty, incomplete, disappointing ending on the beach. Yes, hindsight is 20-20 and all that, but putting a significant change this late in the game on a show that is not coming back just was not smart, especially on a show that won’t be back in any video medium form (the ratings just don’t justify it, movie or television — sorry, but true).

    I guess the season finale of season 4 is where the show ended for me, sans the Morgan-sect bit at the end of it. I probably won’t bother with getting the season 5 episodes even with the good moments for some of the other cast members.

    Farewell, Chuck. I wish the parting had been more enjoyable.

    Signing off


    • Well said! Season 4 definitely had way more closure and much better storytelling. The pacing was just all wrong for Season 5. Frankly, I would have loved to explore the Sarah intersect wipe for the entire season. It would have been way more interesting and gotten the development it deserved. RIP Chuck.